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UD Stake

Judge: Sara Burroughs

It was a pleasure to judge the UD competitors and dogs at Crich for Hucknall and District W T society. I was pleased to fulfill this judging invitation which I was unable to do last year due at the time to my impending hip replacement. One year down the line and I'm almost skipping round the fields! ( I did say “almost”!!) The spring weather was fine and sunny although mornings were rather chilly and windy especially on the Friday so clothing layers were the order of the day which were gradually peeled off for a warm sunny afternoon ( not all layers!!!)
The landscape scenery from the hills across Derbyshire looked beautiful from the vantage point of Mooredge Farm and the tracking land of lush grass was promising some good tracking and indeed it did. Thank you to the land owners for allowing the Trial to take place it is appreciated. I would also like to thank the track layers over the two days, Malcolm and Joan Snowden and Chris Trevor. As usual tracks were laid with care and thought giving all competitors a fair chance of success. Special thanks also go to my steward Beryl Gunmow . Beryl laid the search squares and stewarded the control round. Whilst Beryl doesn't compete her enthusiasm and commitment to Working Trials and training her dog is second to none and I appreciated her company, help and support over the two days.
Thirteen dogs were entered with a range of breeds which was good to see. Hopefully we also welcomed some new faces to Trials who clearly had been working hard wth their canine partners. 12 dogs competed of which 10 completed all or most of the track to qualify in the nosework. The two track articles were a dolly peg & piece of carpet. The search articles consisted of rubber backed carpet, a piece of artificial grass, a knotted piece of red ribbon and a square of lino. The dogs tracked really well although not all were successful on finding both articles. The search square proved challenging for some of the teams with further work needed for these young dogs on the” hold”to avoid mouthing/dropping.
After the good scores on the nose work I was anticipating and hopeful for lots of qualifiers but unfortunately this didn't happen. The control field was rather small on an area being developed for a future caravan site (CL) and adjacent to a stone wall and quite a busy lane. The ground was short grass/bare earth. Because space was limited I took the opportunity to do the send away in an adjacent paddock where the grass was quite a bit longer and required the dog to drive out. The send away was across the field to crossed poles in front of a large bush. Most dogs completed this exercise really well . Returning to the CL ground competitors completed the rest of the control and agility. As is the case with young dogs the agility section took out several excellent contenders. Changing the environment where dogs train and do things for “the human” is difficult. So It's not surprising that things don't go to plan! Many distractions that we may not notice can interfere with the dogs performance not to mention how “the human” is behaving. There were lots of distractions for these young dogs, new exciting smells, fields to explore, cyclists racing by chatting, spectators chatting ,horse and rider, cars whizzing by quite close too, so it's not surprising really that things got a bit much for some teams.
After two days of competition there were 2 qualifiers.
1st Laura Bardwell with Basel.( Labrador ) 192. Fabulous boy. An enthusiastic dog who happily completed all sections to a really competent standard. 2 articles off the track & 4 out the square. I'm sure he has a bright future and will keep Laura on her toes! Super happy attitude, a big lad who was sensitive & obedient to Laura even when she slipped over on the track! A team to watch out for in the future. Congratulations! Q 192
2nd Sue Thompson with Oscar(Dutch shepherd) 177.5 Oscar worked hard on the track finding the first article but unfortunately went over the last one. He was one of a few dogs to get four articles out of the square.Starting off the Control with a full point sendaway Oscar did a solid round with just a few marks lost on the heel work for extra commands (which couldn't be avoided.) Oscar appeared to be a dog that really needed a job to do and with Sues perseverance and determination I'm sure he will be a successful Trials dog. Well Done! Q 177.5

3rd Aslan handled by Jo Mc D. A lovely young shepherd who did a supper track finding both articles. Aslan didn't quite make the jumps today but I'm sure will soon be qualifying! Well Done! NQ

4th Kev Bryan with his dog Renko ( Labrador).Super track finding both articles but only one article out of the square meant there was no qualification today! Great sendaway and neat retrieve. Well Done! I'm sure it won't be long before you qualify close! NQ

Congratulations to all teams who entered. Great dogs and handlers with bags of potential. I really enjoyed watching you all.Lots of achievements today and hopefully qualifications are just round the corner. I will watch with interest as to how these dogs progress. Best of luck for your future trialling careers and happy training!



Stake: WD

Judge Anne Bussey
Tracklayers: June Hines and Nigel Hines
Steward: Shelagh Page
Many thanks to Hucknall for the invitation to judge the WD this year, especially Cyril Barke and Gill Williams who worked hard ensuring everything went according to plan. Thank you for feeding us looking after us so well.
Big thanks to my super tracklayers, June and Niger Hines, who expertly fitted my pattern into the fields. Great job, thank you both. To Shelagh, many thanks for laying all the squares (and recovering articles missed by the dogs) and for stewarding C&A especially the heelwork, up and down the hill! You were your usual cheery self and great company. Many thanks to all who made my job easy.
Tracking was on good pasture and the sun shone on us all day! What more could you ask for? Track articles were: Black Gun Cartridge, Green Rubber 5cm x 3cm x 1.5cm
Search square: wire wall tie 20cm, black inner tube 4cm, yellow jumbo straw 13cm, blue lolly stick.

Hucknall WD Track

7 entries – 6 ran

1st J. Millar and MY LANIE JAYNE (GSD) after a dubious start, Lanie got into the track and recovered both articles. Three out of the square and a tidy C&A round produced this win. Many congratulations Jeni. I seem to be your lucky judge! 167.5 Q.
2nd G. Gwesyn- Pryce and ZAVI JAVA CONCENN CDx UDEx (GSD) RAV did a lovely track and got three out of the square. He did a creditable control round, his main fault being enthusiasm – but then came unstuck on the jumps. So sorry Gail. 160.5 NQ
3rd T. J. Mills and ALLMARK EDUARDEO AT TOMSZILL CDEx UDEx (Aussie) Eddie struggled on the track today but had super attitude in the C&A being the only dog to gain full point jumps. 147.5 NQ
4th R. Smythe and FINN MY COOL COLLIE (BC) FINN looked really keen and accurate at the start of the track but unfortunately, he was too fast to take the second turn! Four out of the square and the best control mark of the day. Super dog, well done. 96 NQ


TD Stake

JUDGE Alison Pollard
Search Square and C&A Steward Alison Beal
Track Layers Brian and Jim

Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge. First time at this Trial. It was great fun and everyone was very understanding as I did not know the area very well, thank you for your patience.
Thank you to Trials Manager Cyril, who was very gracious when I gave him the search square pattern and articles instead of the track pattern and articles. We laughed about it but poor track layers had been waiting for a few hours, thank you for being so patient, although I doubt if I will ever be allowed to forget. A huge thank you to my two track layers Brian and Jim. Good track layers are invaluable and they kept me right over the 2 days.
Thank you to all of the base staff who worked so hard and pointed me in the right direction. To the owners of the Butchers Arms, thank you for the lovely food.
A huge thank you to Alison who was my steward. It was Alison first appointment and she coped so well. Great fun to be with and I hope she continues in the sport.
A big thank you goes to the competitors who accepted my decisions.

The weather was fabulous all weekend which was a great bonus.

We had 14 entries over the 2 days and 4 qualifiers.

1st RHYNSTON RHYS Jayne Lewis 213 Q
What a great round this team produced. Track was amazing to watch and only dropped 7 marks in the Search square. Full marks for C&A which was absolutely faultless. Great teamwork and well done to you both. No doubt this team will be seen again .
Pleasure to judge, and qualification well deserved.

2nd SPICEY LITTLE MAN Karen Bexon 201 Q
Another lovely team. Dog and handler worked so well. Just dropping a few marks here and there but overall great to watch and deserved your qualification. Well done and no doubt we will be seeing more of this team on the circuit.

3rd BEELAHOLT BRIAR Jenny Holt 193 Q
This team worked so well and Briar was determined to pull Jenny around the track. Well done. Pleasure to watch and again this pair will hopefully continue to compete.

4th CODIE CANNY JACK Mark Craven 180 Q
Lovely team work and we were willing this young dog round the track. Unfortunately he faltered on the last two legs. Lovely to watch and great determination. Lovely C&A round, and hopefully will continue to compete,

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