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Square and Control Steward: Sandra Lewindon

Sandra and I always enjoy helping at Iceni. The atmosphere is friendly with the club’s members all mucking in. The trial runs like clockwork under Les, and he, Chris, Colin and Frances are always good company. I had no hesitation in accepting the committee’s invitation to judge.

There were 20 entries, with 15 teams taking the test. The standard was very high and it was good to see Iceni club members, particularly up and coming new-comers, supporting the club and entering, with three qualifying.

We started with squares. The field was grass covered, about two inches long and thick. The articles were a small wooden spoon, a length of power cable and a piece of camouflage cloth, all placed in the grass so that they were not immediately obvious. All of the competitors, bar two, recovered three articles. The control started with heel-work on lead, followed by the recall and heel-work off lead. Off lead heel-work moved competitors to the start of the sendaway, which was 75 yards to two crossed poles in a hedge. Eight teams achieved between 9 and 10 for the sendaway exercise. The round finished with the jumps. Typically, the stays and jumps took their toll. Fourteen teams attempted the stays with 12 completing the sit stay and 6 the down stay. Nine teams achieved sufficient marks to qualify in the agility section. Overall, seven teams were left qualifying CDEx.

Thanks to Sandra for putting all the competitors at ease, laying the squares diligently (avoiding dead animals and other distractions that could have put the dogs off) and giving clear and concise instruction. Colin Ball expertly organised the competitors on Saturday and I was grateful and encouraged to have such an experienced and trusted friend on the field available to help in any way. Thanks also to the Iceni Committee for the invitation to judge, to Frances in the kitchen who made sure that I was well fed and watered (no mean feat), and most importantly, to the competitors for entering and taking the test.

1st Chris Theobold with Abbie, BC, B, XANDOA ABBYLON AT TYTRI, 97, CDEx. The nerves held together today, Chris. Well done and a deserved win

2nd Nick Brunner with Ruben, Cocker Spaniel, D, EASTER PRINCE, 88, CDEx. Another well handled round with only the down stay costing this team 1st place.

3rd Marie Dixon with Tui, XB, B, THE GODWIT, also 88, CDEx. Completed both stay exercises and just lost a few points in different places in the control. Well done Marie.

4th Gary Haim with Archie, GSD, D, LAWNICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, 87.5, CDEx. A good weekend for Gary, with him also earning the reserve ticket with his other dog.

Also Qualifying CDEx:

Linda Hughes with Gadget, BC, D, DELLEKO ROCKAFELLA, 87. Excellent heel-work and close control.

Andy Wooster with Saffy, Mali, B, SUPER SAFFY, 82. Well done Andy, I know that you were delighted.

Graham Blake with Kerry, Rott, B, PERFECT KERRY, 81.5




Thanks to Iceni for inviting me to judge the UD and WD stakes at their ChampionshipTrial. I had a very enjoyable few days in good company.

My thanks to Les for running a good trial, the farmers for allowing us to use their land and all my tracklayers and stewards.

Also my thanks to Frances and her helpers for the lovely food bags especially the cakes which were delicious.



Tracklayers: Chris Theobald and Sandra Lewindon

Square Steward: Caron McLure

C/A Steward: Chris Theobald

UD was run on Thursday; there were 6 entries and 6 ran. My thanks to Chris and Sandra for laying all the tracks and to Caron for laying all the squares and again to Chris for stewarding the C/A. It was a lovely day. The tracking was on a good covering of crop and 4 out of the 6 completed the track. The squares were well done with 5 getting 4 articles out.

1st Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, B. A lovely track. Nosework 140.5 and a good control round gave you a well deserved win. 191, Q. Well done.

2nd Chris Stewart with ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, St. Poodle. A good track. Nosework 135.5. The retrieve was a little costly but otherwise a good control round. 181.5, Q. Well done.

3rd Sue Ashby with THE TITAN, WSD, D. Another lovely track. Nosework 140. A good control round until it came to the stays. Titan decided to sit up at 9 minutes 20 seconds look at the ground and go down again. That’s dogs for you! 181, NQ

4th Nick Brunner with EASTER PRINCE, Cocker Spaniel, D. After a cracking start and doing 3 legs without losing a mark you unfortunately went the wrong way. A good control round with full marks on the jumps. NQ.



Tracklayers: Nick Brunner, Arthur Jeal and Chris Theobald

Square Stewards: Caron McLure and Sandra Greenwood

C/A Stewards: Frances Ball and Chris Theobald

WD was run on Friday and Saturday. There were 16 entries and 14 ran. My thanks to Nick, Arthur and Chris for laying all the tracks, to Caron and Sandra for the squares and to Frances and Chris for stewarding the C/A.

Friday was windy and cold, Saturday was wet in the morning, then windy and cold.

The tracking was on the same ground as UD but for some reason the dogs found the tracking really hard, in fact at least 6 dogs didn’t get beyond the first leg. On Friday nobody got round, and on Saturday one team managed the track.

1st Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B. This young dog worked so hard on the track and was the only dog to complete the track. Nosework 139. This was followed by a full mark search square. A lovely control round, and then sadly went out on the jumps. 184.5, NQ

2nd Kate Wykes with KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BC, B. Another dog that tried really hard on the track and managed to get halfway round. She didn’t give up and she didn’t take you wrong, she just ran out of time. NQ




Steward: Paula Jaques

Tracklayers: Gary Martin, Colin Diggins, Derek, Alan Sword.

Thanks to Iceni for the invitation to judge the TD champ, and thanks to Les Theobald and his very capable team for a very smoothly run trial and for looking after us so well.

Thank you to all my tracklayers for a truly superb job, making my job very easy. Thank you to Paula for laying all the squares and for stewarding the C/A in the awful weather on Sunday. Bril job, as always.

The tracking land was good. The weather varied from thick fog, blue skies and sun, and rain. On the Sunday C/A was in torrential rain from start to finish.

43 entered, of which 22 returned for the C/A on Sunday, and 13 qualified altogether.

1st Anne Thorpe with WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, 209, Q and CC. Congratulations, very well done. Lovely full mark square.

2nd Gary Haim with WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, 204.5, Q and Res CC. Congratulations and well done.

3rd June Raymond with CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, 202.5. Very well done.

4th Nick Boyce with SARAMAK DANCING DIVA, 201.5. Well Done.

Also qualifying TDEx in the awful weather. Well done to you all.

Anne Shepherd with LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, 199.5

Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 199

Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, 198

Margot Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, 197.5



Janette Sayer with VILLAGE KING, 194.5

Sheila Tannert with Styperson EBONY, 192


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