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Steward: Colin Ball


Thank you to Iceni Committee for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at their Championship Trial. Alan Wright, Trials Manager, ensured everything ran smoothly and many thanks to everyone involved in organising this trial. Thanks to Frances and Alan in the Base and also to Jackie and Graham in the kitchen.

Many thanks to Colin Ball, my search square and C/A Steward, for being extremely good company, as well as giving clear instructions to the competitors, which enabled me to just stand back and judge.

We were lucky with the weather; it started raining very slightly at one point during the nosework and again during the sit stay, but on the whole stayed dry.

8 dogs entered and all 8 ran. We started with the nosework and retrieve; the search articles were 3" green hosepipe, 3.5" diameter orange rubber Kilner jar seal and 2" x 3" brown fur fabric, which were placed diagonally across the square, with the seal in the centre. The square was worked first, followed by the dumb-bell retrieve. We had 5 qualifiers on this section, with 6 teams recovering all 3 articles.

The control section began with group sit stays (handlers out of sight), followed by recall, heel on lead, sendaway (75 paces to crossed white poles in the hedge) and heel free. Down stays were carried out after the agility section. We had 3 qualifiers on this section. The majority of marks lost were due to extra commands and dogs lagging.

There was just 1 qualifier on the agility section. Full marks were achieved by 4 dogs on the clear jump, 2 on the long jump and 1 on the scale.

Out of the 8 teams that ran, 3 teams qualified on 2 of the 3 sections (2 on nosework and control, 1 on nosework and agility). We ended up with no qualifiers overall.


1st Caroline Martin and GWYNION SOLL, Border Collie, D, 81, NQ. Ty was the only dog to get full marks on the jumps. I can understand that, for a lively youngster, keeping still for ten whole minutes must seem like a long, long, long, long time!! Congratulations on 1st place in his first trial.

2nd Anita de Klerk and LITTLE ISABELLA, Crossbreed, B, 72.5, NQ. Bella and Anita achieved 29.5 marks out of 30 for heelwork, recall and sendaway but, unfortunately, were defeated by the jumps this time.

3rd (after run off) Katherine Herbert and BARRAN CALTUMS MACMCQ, Border Collie, B, 69, NQ. A good nosework round from McQ.

4th (after run off) Elaine Mills and WILLOWRISE HONEY, CDEx, Labrador, B, 69, NQ. Poppy was another dog that searched well and was the only dog to achieve full marks for the retrieve.


Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work. I hope you enjoyed my test and good luck at your future Trials.





Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Sandra Lewindon, Alan Sword, Jane Clarke, Nick Brunner

Search Steward: Sandra Wright

Control Steward: Sandra Lewindon


Thank you to Iceni for the invitation to judge the TD Championship. I would also like to thank the new trials manager, Alan Wright, and all his helpers for running a fabulous trial

The weather was really kind to us all week; you would have thought it was September not November, and I was very thankful for the mild conditions.

Thank you to my tracklayers. Mark did the earlies, Sandra the middle set, with Alan, Jane and Nick picking up the remainder; you did a fabulous job. My search steward, Sandra, was brilliant, laying all the squares just as I wanted them. On Sunday, for the control, I had had the very experienced Sandra Lewindon, who did a fabulous job - thank you, Sandra.


1st Mike Williams, TADMARTON ELEANOR, CDEx-TDEx, Lab, 201.5, Q. Tracked on the first day. Tara did very nice nosework and then went on to do a fabulous control round and was a very worthy winner. Good luck at the KCC’s 2015.

2nd Mike Williams, MARINA BENS PAL, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, 199.5, Q. Marina did a lovely track and was in the lead going into the control round, but unfortunately the sendaway caused her problems today. Congratulations on the Reserve Ticket.

3rd Wendy Beasley, WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, BC, 198, Q. Well done, Wendy and Lunar, you always produce a good all-round performance.

4th Julie Skipp, ZAC OF SKIPWAY, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, 197, Q. Zac worked really hard on the track; such a shame he fell off the scale, but very well done on your qualification.


Also qualified TDEx:

Kate Peyton, JEDI KNIGHT, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 196.5



Graham Blake, TOBIAS COLLIER, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, 181

Qualified TD:

Jane Wood, LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 174.5


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