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Tracklayers: UD, Les Theobald and Mark Lewindon; WD, Dave Self

Search steward: Alan Sword

 I would like to thank Iceni for the invitation to judge the nosework at their trial and Frances Ball for all her hard work managing the trial. Also thanks to her and hop-a-long Colin, who managed the base, for organising the flow of competitors and snacks to the field. We had a lovely pub supper at the end of the day with wonderful company - thank you so much.



 11 entered, 10 ran

Tracking was on winter wheat varying from 4-10 inches, articles were red underlay 2" x 2" and carpet 4" x 1.5"; square articles were 4" red webbing, a 3" piece of green netting, a white plant marker and 3" piece black plastic sheet. On a sunny day with a brisk wind and one hail storm the track proved hard for some of the younger dogs, with only four completing the track with both articles and one with no articles. The deep crop made the square more difficult, with noses needing to be used more than sight; only two dogs managed all four.

I had the company of two experienced tracklayers in Les and Mark, though it took them a couple of tracks to perfect the art of retrieving articles in the high wheat; thanks to both of them. Thanks also to Alan for laying all the squares and again retrieving those not found by the dogs.

 1st KAEFFER KAL, CDEx, WSD, B, 194.5, Q, handled by Sheren Perez. Kali only dropped one on the track and one on the square, which was worked in a hailstorm. A pleasure to watch this very enthusiastic bitch working. You should enjoy the ride, Sheren. T 89, A 20, S 34.

2nd BUMBLERIDGE’S NIGHT STAR, CDEx, Bearded Collie, D, 181.5, Q, handled by Jill Kevis. Dexter is another happy enthusiastic dog who tracked beautifully and was well handled by Jill. A little tidying of the search square is all that is needed. T 89.5, A 20, S 24.

3rd HAUSBAILEY LOKI, GSD, D, 184.5, NQ, handled by Di Assheton-Bowtle. Finn is a lovely shepherd who tracked well and found all four articles in the square. Will be sure to qualify soon. T 89, A 20, S 33.

4th MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, GSD, D, NQ, owned by Mrs Pam Davies, handled by Pete Ross. Jack tracked well with both articles but unfortunately not so keen to find articles in the square. T 87, A 20, S 10.



 3 entered, 1 ran

Tracking was on the same winter wheat as UD. Track articles were 3" rope and a red cartridge case, and square articles were

3" red webbing, a plastic spoon, a wooden peg and 3" grey plastic pipe. Thank you, Dave, for laying the track. Unfortunately, we only had one dog to judge and he failed to complete the track.


1st NORDIC SPRUCE, Lab, D, 106.5, NQ, handled by Nick Brunner. Gunner was too enthusiastic and only managed three legs of the track, before getting three articles out of the square. T 24, A 0, S 28.




Tracklayers: Les Theobald, Mark Lewindon

Search Steward: Sandra Wright

 Thank you to Iceni for the invitation to judge TD nosework, though it took me an extra year to do so due to the snow in 2013. Thank you to Frances and her team for running the trial - everything ran like clockwork. Thank you to my tracklayers, Les and Mark; all the tracks were laid just as I wanted. My search steward was Sandra Wright - you did a fabulous job; thank you, Sandra.

The land was just fabulous; well grown crop, with all the tracks in one large field, and there was little variation in the growth so all the dogs had a great chance of getting the track. This does make the search harder but all the dogs found enough articles to qualify.

Congratulations to those who qualified.

 1st Mr G. Blake, TOBIAS COLLIER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, 195.5, Q. Congratulations, Graham and Toby. This team tracked first and set a very high standard; a super dog and handler. Well done and good luck in Ticket; I understand this is your second qualification.

2nd Mr B James, LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 193.5, Q. Well done, Barrie and Gus, another lovely track; the weather wasn’t kind to you while you worked your square but Gus worked hard and recovered all 4 articles.

3rd Dr M Loughran, GARRETHALL QUADRILLE, Lab, 187.5, Q. Well done, Michael and Meri, on your qualification. A touch untidy on the track but a very nice search. Congratulations

4th Mrs E Mestraud, WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, 179, Q. Well done, Eleanor and Purdy, on your qualification. Purdy tracked with her head up quite a lot; this caused her to miss the first article, but she got the other two nicely. Congratulations.


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