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Steward: Chrissie Theobald

 My thanks to Iceni for extending me the privilege of judging their CD stake at the Championship trial. Mark and I always enjoy the Iceni trials, friendly, well run and with a large team of committed helpers. Iceni encourage all their members to become involved and it was delightful to see such a large number of club members entered in the CD stake. Well done, Iceni DTC.

At this trial I was looked after very thoughtfully; I wasn’t allowed to do too much but still felt very involved. Really lifted my spirits and was good for my soul to be amongst such a cheery bunch of helpers. I spent quite a bit of time at the base and it was good to see so many trialists - thank you all for your kind wishes. Trialists really are a wonderful bunch.

No trial runs without a lot of work before, during and after, and this trial was no exception; my thanks to all who were involved. My personal thanks to Les Theobald for managing the trial, Frances Ball for running the kitchen, assisted on the day by Elaine Mills and Julie Saunders, Colin Ball for putting up the jumps, Eric Nichols for stay stewarding, Neil Connor for organising the competitors on both nosework and control fields and assisting with the stays. Huge, huge thanks to Chrissie Theobald for being both square and control steward. She made me laugh, she made me smile and was great company on the field. On top of that she laid squares with diligence and thought, giving competitors the best chance of recovering the articles. Thanks must also go to the farmers for the use of their land - where would we be without them?

My final thanks are to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with good grace. I saw some really lovely teams working to a high standard and some teams that were not quite ready. I would urge those to consider, if they are not doing it in training, they are really unlikely to do it at a trial.

13 entries and 13 dogs worked.

Search squares were laid on a grass field, approximately ankle deep with little wind to assist the dogs. Articles were a strip of rubber backed astro-turf, approx 1" x 4" (thanks, John), a flat wooden teaspoon and half a sponge scourer. Eleven dogs recovered all the articles, although the wooden spoon didn’t always make it back intact.

The control round was deliberately spread out which meant quite a bit of walking and made for a longer day, but, I feel, gave the competitors the best chance possible. Sendaway was to a small traffic cone against a hedge boundary at a distance of 45 yards. The bad weather which had been forecast arrived during stays. I considered postponing the stays, but, with a forecast for heavy showers there was no guarantee that the situation would improve. At the end of the day two dogs achieved CDEx and one CD. To those that didn’t qualify this time - keep training and better luck next time. My best wishes to you all for all your future competitions.

 1st MEADOWDALE SPIDER, "Ollie", ESS, D, 97, Q CDEx. A very impressive round from Jill Kevis and Ollie. One of the few to achieve a full mark retrieve. All exercises conducted in a precise and happy manner and Ollie’s tail wagged so much in the search square I thought he might get airborne. A pleasure to watch, well done Jill and Ollie.

2nd GARRETHALL REBUS, "Rebus", Lab Ret, D, 96.5, Q CDEx. It was a privilege to judge Rebus at his first trial with his very experienced handler, Colin Ball. All exercises were conducted to a high standard and very smartly executed. Colin and Frances are partially responsible that I have become so involved in trials, Colin teaching me how to tracklay, so to have been part of this qualification was for me very special indeed.

3rd WILLOW RISE HONEY, "Poppy", Lab Ret, B, 78, Q CD. It was lovely to see Elaine Mills and Poppy achieving CD. Elaine, you should be very proud. Poppy has come on leaps and bounds with your kind handling. My very best wishes to you for future competitions.

4th NOSE TO TAIL JAX, "Gismo", X-Breed, D, 89, NQ. I’ve seen Sue Cunningham and Gismo before in the Intro Stake at Benfleet. I was impressed with them then and I’m impressed with them now. Really looking like a team on the field and I’m sure it won’t be long before this team achieve CDEx.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Nick Brunner and Pete

Square Steward: Caron McLure.

C and A Scribe: Pete

Trials Manager: Les Theobald

 When ICENI Dog Training Club asked me to judge this Ticket, I had no hesitation in accepting. I have judged the lower stakes here and entered my dogs in the past and have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

Conditions at this time of the year can sometimes prove hard at Iceni and not being sure what growth is on the winter wheat, it can be difficult to set a test suitable for the various state of the fields; from the tracking results we had it seems that I may have got it right. I had 47 enter and 26 qualified the nosework with 16 going on to qualify. The standard of tracking was very high with the odd article being missed in the square.

With 26 returning on the Sunday I set a straightforward flowing test with, mainly, the agility failing a number of dogs from a qualification. It was a clear sunny day with a very strong blowing wind but I managed to complete everything within four hours, thanks to Colin Ball keeping the competitors flowing.

Thanks to Francis Ball and the catering team for the refreshments especially the Halloween meal in the club house. Thanks to my 3 tracklayers for all their hard work - it was heavy going on those mud clinging fields. A special thanks to Caron who laid squares and was very good company. Derek and Colin did a great job in escorting the competitors to the tracking fields. Pete did the scribing on the C/A and also looked after the dogs for me during the trial.

I enjoyed my 5 days watching dogs work; the standard nowadays is very high. I hope that competitors enjoyed the experience.

A special thanks to Les for another great trial.

 1st Tony Lockyer, WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, 215, Q TDEx. Isla is on a roll - after winning the KCC’s she comes out again and wins in brilliant style, and also Best Nosework Trophy

2nd Margaret Robinson, JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, D, 211.5, Q TDEx. The best square of the trial, Frankie made it look so easy where others had struggled. The redirect was costly today.

3rd Andy Baker, WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 211, Q TDEx. Another team on a roll after the KCC’s. A corner of the track proved costly for Sid and Andy, but they did well to recover. It’s called team work.

4th Diane Ling, WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, X-Breed, D, 209. An all-round performance, also after success at the KCC’s - well done.

 Also qualified TDEx:

Diane Turner, STARDELL SUBRA, 207.5

Barry Gilbert, GLENALPINE COSWORTH, 205.5


Sue Ashby, WTCh THE TITAN, 202

Julia Skipp, ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, 201

Wendy Beasley, STARDELL LUNAR, 199.5


Sue Russell, GLENALPINE DANNY, 198.5

Ken Coleman, SHERINGEM MAC, 195.5


Jill Carruthers, WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, 194.5



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