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Stewards: Mike Williams and Sue Ashby

A huge thank you to Iceni for the invitation to judge their CD stake.  That applies not only to Les and the committee, but to everybody involved in any way for giving up their time and helping at the trial.  Without the willing helpers, there would be no trials.  Very special thanks to Mike Williams and Sue Ashby for stewarding so expertly for me and of course, all the competitors who made the decision to enter under me.  I hope you all had an enjoyable day, regardless of the outcome.  After all, this is supposed to be fun. 

We were very fortunate with the weather on the Saturday, and we managed to complete the stake in one day.  The following day it was persistently raining, so we had a lucky escape.  We had 19 entrants, with only one scratch.  It was a pleasure watching the 18 teams working, and thank you for accepting my decisions so graciously.  Some weren’t quite ready, but with a little more work, they will qualify soon.  We finished up with 6 qualifying CDEx and 2 qualifying CD.

1st Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER (Toby), WSD, 94.5, Q CDEx.  An excellent round in every section.  3 from the square, full marks agility.  A well deserved win, and well handled.  Watch these two in the future. 

2nd Angela Clarke with CHACKMORETON SAFFRON (Saffy), Golden Retriever, 94, Q CDEx.  I know Angela was quite nervous on the day, but there was no need.  Saffy is a happy little beauty, and as a team they took this test in their stride.  An almost faultless control round, losing just one mark, and full marks for agility.  Well deserved. 

3rd  Gavin Thomson with TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK (Jetta), GSD, 91.5, Q CDEx.  I’ve never seen Gavin and Jetta before, but again they went through this test with absolute ease.  Full marks on the square, retrieve, sendaway and stays.  Another fine performance and good luck at future trials. 

4th   Helen Brown with MANPOL SAPPHIRE (Freya), GSD, 85.5, Q CDEx.  The sit stay was the costly exercise here, but even without it, it was easy to spot the quality.  If you can conquer the nerves, Helen, the sky’s the limit. 

Also qualified CDEx:

Chris Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK MAID (Meg) BC, 82.5

Hilary Mercer with STARDELL RANA (Rana), BC, 82.5

Qualified CD:

Lee Lampert with HUXTABLE IZZY (Izzy), BC, 79

Sandra Greenwood with WHISPER IN THE NIGHT (Glen), BC, 78.5




Track Layers: UD - Sandra Lewindon and Chris Theobald; WD - Mike Williams and Nick Brunner (both days)

Search Steward and C/A Scribe: UD - Nick Brunner; WD - Saaan  Draaa Greenwood (or if you’re from Birmingham, San Dra)

I would like to thank Les Theobald and the committee of Iceni for the invitation to judge the UD and WD stakes at their Championship Trial.  Thank you to Frances and Elaine in the kitchen and a big thank you to Sandra Lewindon for the meal on Thursday night - it was great.

The weather was not nice and on Thursday and Friday it was very cold and the ground was very wet, which didn’t help the tracking.  On Saturday it was a dry day but very cold, with a very strong wind, which again made the going tough. 


In UD I was very lucky to have 2 experienced tracklayers in Sandra and Chris, and so I wasn’t picked on too much; I had Nick to back me up, so thanks to all three.   Generally the control in both stakes was OK - not brilliant but not too bad; my main concern was the attitude of the dogs to the jumps as there were some dogs that didn’t really try, so although you need control at the jumps you also need it to be fun and the dog wanting to do them.

8 entries, 5 worked, 3 completed the track, 1 with no articles, 1 with 1 article and 1 with both articles.  2 failed the track before reaching the first article.  Search squares were all good with all articles recovered.  The search articles were a blue top, a straw, a peg and a plastic rod.

1st Richard Cornwell with VOMKYNA EAGLE, CDEx, GSD, D, 179/200, Q UDEx.  Full mark track and square but with only 1 article of the track.  Control was ok but the sendaway needs work.  Well done, Richard.

2nd Lynn Bricknell with SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, B, 187/200, NQ.  Super nosework, with 2 off the track and 4 from the square, gave Lynn the best nosework award.  Only lost 0.5 on control but 6.5 on the scale.  It was a pleasure to judge such a nice team.  Well done, Lynn.

3rd Colin Rees with HEELAKEARY FLAME, GSD, D, 161/200, NQ.  Did a brilliant track in what must have been the worst of the wind, but unfortunately no articles.  Control and jumps were good but you need to stop all the noise from Rio.  Well done, Colin.

4th Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER, WSD, D, 100/200, NQ.  Nice control but unlucky today with the tracking.  Well done in the CD stake.


I had Mike and Nick laying tracks and they really worked hard in the conditions, and to lay squares and scribe and talk me to death I had posh Saaan Draaa (Sandy).  Thanks, guys.

11 entries, 8 worked.  Only Penny Bellis completed the entire track but unfortunately with no articles.  All the squares were worked well.  The articles were a cable tie, black cable, carpet and a cartridge.

I think that conditions beat the dogs in this stake; it was very wet, with heavy soil and very difficult to even stand up on.

1st Sandra Lewindon with QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELI, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, B, 179/200, Q WDEx.  The only qualifier, worked really hard on the track but missed a box out, missed the first article and when she got to the end and Kyte was trying to pick up the end article Sandra was telling her to track on (poor dog) - had us sweating then, Sandra.  Kyte did a really good C/A round, only losing 1 mark on heelwork and also full mark jumps.  A pleasure to judge.  Well done, Sandra.

2nd Chris Theobald with XANDOA ABBYLON AT TYTRI, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, B, NQ.  Tried very hard on the track, but beaten by conditions.

3rd Dave Self with LAURINCO RED KITE, CDEx, UDEx, Lab Ret, D, NQ,  Again tried hard but Dave wouldn’t believe his dog.

4th Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, D, NQ.  Good control but struggled on the track.

I enjoyed my three days judging at Iceni; it’s just a pity there was only 1 qualifier  in each stake.  Thank you for letting me judge your dogs and to those who qualified - well done, you must be really pleased.  To those who didn’t - keep trying, you will do it soon.



Judge: Jean Howells 

Tracklayers: Gary Martin and Mark Lewindon

Steward: Caron McLure

Thanks to Iceni for inviting me to judge their Ticket.  The company was great and I had a really enjoyable time, in spite of the weather!  Thanks to Les and all his helpers for running a good trial.  My thanks to Frances, Sandra, Elaine and all the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered. 

Mark and Gary my tracklayers did all the tracks between them; they worked very hard, the going being very difficult at times as the mud clogged their boots and made walking very hard.  The tracks were very well laid and every competitor was given a fair chance.  Thank you both for your hard work and for giving up your time.  My steward, Caron, was an excellent steward and every square was beautifully laid exactly as I had asked her to do them.  She was also a very good C/A steward.  Many thanks, Caron.

Thanks to Derek for sorting out the land and for escorting competitors and thanks to everyone else who helped in any way at the trial.  My thanks to Arthur, who looked after my dogs during the trial, as well as keeping my boots washed inside and out!!

Many thanks to the farmers for letting us use their land, especially in such wet conditions.  Last but not least, thanks to Sandra for writing out the certificates.

There were 38 entries, 32 dogs worked; 17 dogs were qualifying after the nosework, and 5 dogs qualified TDEx and one TD.

The tracking was heavy going most of the time and several competitors had to stop to unclog their dogs’ feet.  At times the wind was extremely strong, and together with driving rain really hampered some dogs but they all tried their best.  The squares were mostly well done, with a high proportion getting four articles.

It started raining early in the morning on control day and didn’t stop until after we had finished.  I started with the stays - the field was very wet so it was very difficult to find a spot that wasn’t in a puddle and unfortunately four dogs on good marks sat up.  The speak was the next exercise.  The dogs were tied up and the handler then walked with the steward, getting their dog to speak at the same time until they reached me.  I took their details; they then turned and faced their dog, and asked the dog to speak again.  This was followed by heelwork and then the sendaway.  I set a straight forward sendaway, slightly diagonal to a corner gate and a right redirect along a fence to a corner by a large oak tree.  For some reason most of the dogs decided to make their own sendaway up.  Considering the weather only two dogs didn’t qualify on the jumps.

1st Gary Haim with WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, D, 201.5, Q.  Congratulations Gary and Flynn on winning the Ticket.  A few marks lost on your track and you found one of the track articles.  This was followed by a full mark square.  You lost 4.5 on your control round finishing with full marks on the jumps.  Very well done, Gary.    

2nd Tony Lockyer with WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, 200.5, Q.  Congratulations Tony and Isla on winning the Reserve Ticket.  The best track mark; unfortunately missing the first article on the track was costly.  A full mark search square.  You lost 7 on your control round with full marks on the jumps.  Well done, Tony.

3rd Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross, D, 198.5, Q.  A good track with you finding the first article.  Four articles out of the square.  A good control round losing 4.  One of the best sendaways of the day.  Well done, Diane.   

4th Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, B, 185.5, Q.  Marina struggled on parts of the track and missed the last article.  Four articles out of the square.  Not a bad control round, full marks on the jumps.  Well done, Mike.

5th Gary Haim with LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, D, 182, Q.  Archie worked hard on the track and had the 2nd best track mark.  Unfortunately, he missed an article.  Your square with only two articles was very costly.  A good control round losing 5 marks, full marks on the jumps.  Well done, Gary.

Qualifying TD:

Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, D, 174.  Lennie really struggled on the track and found two articles, the last article with seconds to spare.  Three articles out of the square.  Lost 6.5 on your control round, but did the best sendaway of the day.  Well done, Jane.

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