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Stewards: Paul Beasley and Colin Ball

Thank you to Iceni for the invitation to judge, and to Paul and Colin who both made my job easy.  We had no CD qualifiers but this was down to jumps with not much else wrong, so quite a lot of good work.  In the other stakes some handlers were thrown by the freestyle heelwork while others took advantage of it, and the spontaneous speak in TD took some by surprise.  I saw some good work and some lovely sendaways but unfortunately the redirect in TD was disappointing in spite of the target being a house, which is hard to miss and allows lots of room for error.  Those who qualified in all stakes deserved to and most of the others were not far out and will do it on another day.


1st Christine Clements with BC, MANDERIAN SOLSTICE BELLE OF MOUNTLOCHAN, 73, NQ.  Unfortunately Corrie did not manage any of the jumps but the rest of her work was very good.

2nd Christine Clements with BC, MOUNTLOCHAN QUEVA DIVA, 73, NQ.  Although Queeva did manage to go over the scale she did not do the other jumps so did not qualify despite her other good work.

3rd Julie Saunders with Weimaraner, JEOID RUBY ROYALE, 73, NQ.  Molly is not an easy dog and Julie worked very hard for this well deserved result.  Molly’s jumps were very good and if she had returned over the scale she would have won.

4th Christine Brooksby with BC, RAVENSBROOK CHRIS, 66.5, NQ.  Once again jumps were a problem but the sendaway was lovely.


1st Mrs P Royle’s Labrador, TESTRIO CINNAMON, handled by Nick Brenner, 180.5, Q.  A lovely round with only 1 mark dropped, well handled by Nick..

2nd Betty Briley with WSD, WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, 178.5, Q.  Good jumps with just a wait required and only 1 mark dropped on the rest.

3rd Les Theobald with BC, TYTRI ROMAN JACK, 174. Q.  A lovely young dog in experienced hands, but a second attempt at the long jump was costly

4th Alan Wright with WSD, WHISPER IN THE GLEN, 170.5, NQ.  Once again jumps were costly for this dog.


1st Penny Bellis with X-Breed, SHILLINGTON JASMINE, 180, Q.  This youngster has lots of potential but unfortunately has a lot to say for herself, so most marks were lost for unnecessary barking, which I am sure Penny will soon sort out.

2nd Sylvia Cooke with WSD, MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, 176, Q.  Not much wrong here, just a blip on the clear jump.  A well deserved qualification..

3rd Dave Self with Labrador, LAURINCO RED KITE, 175.5, Q.  With a bit more work on heelwork this dog will be regularly qualifying.

4th Eleanor Mestraud with GSD, WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, 170.5, NQ.  C/A very impressive so must have lost marks on nosework.


1st Ian Brown with WSD, TRI ONE JETRIL, 207.5, Q.  An experienced handler with a very keen collie, a pleasure to judge.

2nd Paul Merritt with GSD, VONGRAF MELCHI, 206.5, Q.  Only problem here was the sendaway, very impressive jumps from this big dog.

3rd Marie Dixon with X-Breed, HYPERBOLIC ORBIT, 199, Q.  Not much wrong here, good jumps and a determined effort at the sendaway and redirect.

4th Jim Sewell with BC, STARDELL TYL, 199, Q.  Good work from this dog and a lovely sendaway but sadly no redirect

Also qualifying:

Lé Newman with BC, STARDELL LEDA, 192.  Another one who had no redirect, but other than that a lovely round..




Tracklayers: Jane Smith and Steve Banfather (UD), Chris Theobald and Steve Banfather (WD)

Steward: Kathy Herbert (UD), Caron McLure (WD)

I would like to thank Iceni for asking me to judge UD and WD nosework at their very well run trial.  Frances and Colin Ball did so much before, during and after the trial, to make my judging appointment easy to arrange.  I never thought for a minute when asked to judge in March that I would be in a T-shirt, sun hat and plastered in sun block.  Although it did make it easy for me to cover up the black eye I had with sun glasses on!

We had 12 entered in UD, but only 10 ran.  For some it was their first ever trial and they needed putting at ease. The question all the newcomers seem to ask is, "Where do I put my harness on???"  Then we had some not so new to trials, bringing out their new young dogs.  It was a pleasure to watch how they handled their up and coming stars.

The very important job of manning the kitchen was done by Elaine, Julie, Marion and Jane.  Thank you all so much.  It’s the one job in trials I loathe doing, but I am so glad there are some prepared to do it and keep everyone fed and watered.

My UD tracklayers on the Saturday were Jane Smith and my husband Steve.  Great job both, not too much walking about for us the way you laid out the fields.  Kathy Herbert was a great companion for the day, laying the search square just as I asked.  Five WD competitors ran on the Sunday; the weather was a bit kinder, not so hot.  My track layers were Chris Theobald  and Steve, and search square steward was Caron McLure.  Thank you all for the help out on the field, it was fun.

Tracking was on very lush wheat.


1st TESTRIO CINNAMON owned by Paulette Royle, handled by Nick Brunner, 186.5, Q.  What a team, a real bond could be seen between these two.  A near perfect track and square.  Missing the first article on the track did not stop your well deserved 1st place

2nd Betty Briley and WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, 178.5, Q. Very tidy square.  I hope, Betty, you have learnt to believe your dog.

3rd Les Theobald and TYTRI ROMAN JACK, 174, Q.  Keen young dog well handled by Les.  A dog that will make it to the top, I am sure.

4th Alan Wright and Whisper in the Glen, 170.5, NQ.  Lovely track and square with nosework like that it will not be long before you get your UD.


1st  Penny Bellis and SHILLINGTON JASMINE, 180, Q.  Well done, Penny, it was a pleasure to watch and judge you. Keep it up, Jazz is a cracking dog.

2nd Sylvia Cook and MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, 176, Q.  Moss has his own way of tracking, holding his head up high.  This did not stop him doing a very nice job of it.  Well done.

3rd Dave Self and LAURINCO RED KITE, 175.5, Q.  Ki is a very difficult dog to read.  Dave kept his cool and worked very hard.  Well done, it paid off.

4th Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, 158.5, NQ.  Something went wrong with Purdy and it was not her day.  I am sure it was just a hiccup and Eleanor will get it sorted.

Thank you all for entering under me and letting me judge you.  Good luck and health to every one of you.  Enjoy working your dogs.




Tracklayers: Chris Theobald, Les Theobald, Sandra Lewindon, Nick Brunner

Steward: Sandra Greenwood

Thank you to Iceni for the invitation to judge, and to my tracklayers and square steward who all did a great job. The weather was beautiful on the Saturday but a little chilly and dull on the Sunday. Tracking was on corn and conditions were very good with most dogs finding it very easy.

1st Ian Brown with WSD, TRI ONE JETRIL.  A very keen little dog and a worthy winner.

2nd Paul Merritt with GSD, VONGRAF MELCHI.  Good nosework from a committed shepherd

3rd  Marie Dixon with X-Breed, HYPERBOLIC ORBIT.  After a run off – very neat and determined nosework.

4th  Jim Sewell with BC, STARDELL TYL.  Nice nosework and made my test look easy

Also qualifying:

Lé Newman with BC, STARDELL LEDA.   A very strong tracking dog.

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