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Steward: Colin Ball

Thank you to Iceni for the invitation to judge the CD at this trial, again competently and efficiently run by Les Theobald. Thanks also to Colin for doing his best to ensure that all the competitors got the best from their dogs and to Jane Clarke for allowing me to escape from the kitchen.

The standard overall was quite good but the two dogs that qualified had a much more positive attitude to their work than the others.  The test commenced with the search followed by the retrieve.  The control and agility followed, starting near the clear jump, with heel on lead which took us to the sendaway - 80 paces to a hedge.  Next was the recall and heel free back to the jumps.

1st Pat McMaster’s GWP, BRYANTSCROFT MASHAM, 86.5, Q CDEx.  Lovely search. Only lost bits and pieces here and there on the C/A, but a lovely happy little pointer.  Well done.

2nd Mike Williams’ X-Breed, MARINA BEN’S PAL, 81.5, Q CDEx.  What a little cracker - keen to work and fast. Most marks lost by lying down in the sit stay and not returning over the scale.  Well done.

3rd Sandra Greenwood’s WSD, WHISPER IN THE NIGHT, 82.5, NQ.  What a costly scale!!!  Otherwise nice marks all round.

4th Katherine Herbert’s BC, TAIHAPE KIWI, 70.5, NQ.  Good control marks but went to pieces at the jumps.  I know she can do them so it has to be lots of confidence building.  Keep persevering and keep it happy!!

Thanks to a nice bunch of competitors with some very capable dogs - keep up the training and most of you will get your CDEx.




Tracklayers: UD - Sandra Lewindon and Nick Brummer, WD - Sandra Lewindon, Nick Brummer and Chris Theobald

Steward: Caren McLure

Many thanks to Iceni DTC for the invitation to judge both UD and WD stakes at their Championship Trial in October.

Great company, great weather and great competitors - what more could a judge ask for?  My steward and tracklayers

all did a brilliant job, as did everyone working at base - thanks.  My thanks also to all the competitors who turned up on time for their tracks and control and just made the days fly by.

Tracking was on freshly drilled land with not a blade of greenery in sight.  This did not bother most of the dogs one iota,

noses down and away they went.  To all those who qualified - congratulations.  To those who did not, better luck next time (it does help if the dogs don’t eat the search square articles)

UD STAKE:        

9 entries, 9 ran, 4 qualified

1st Glenys Page and LITTLETHORN MORGAN, BC, Q, 196.  What a super dog to watch, the marks say it all.  Well done.

2nd Jackie Lloyd and LITTLETHORN ROLLS ROYCE AT BROOKSBID, BC, Q, 194.5.  Rollo worked beautifully for you today, going home with Best Nosework as well as 2nd place.  Well done.

3rd Sue Hough and STARDELL ALYA, BC, Q, 190.  Hattie did not like the shooting going on nearby, but with very appropriate supportive handling from Sue she did a full mark search square and full mark gun test.  Went on to do almost faultless C/A.  Well done.

4th Jean Howells and GLENALPINE ARCHIE, BC, Q, 185.5.  Another lovely track, but mouthing the articles in the square was costly today.  Well done.


20 entries, 17 ran, 8 qualified

1st Liz de Unger and STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, Q, 198.  Sohrab was a pleasure to watch.  He certainly enjoys his work and gained a well deserved Best Nosework.  Congratulations.

2nd John Reynolds and STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, Q, 194.5.  Another super track from Tommy, he just gets on with the job.   Well done.

3rd Wendy Beasley and STARDELL LUNAR, BC, Q, 193.5.  A lovely search square with all articles delivered safely to hand.  Track not quite so steady.  C/A great.   Congrats.

4th Diane Turner and STARDELL SUBRA, BC, Q, 189.  Jessie has a very distinctive tracking style and it was very obvious when she found the articles - lying on her back with legs in the air!!  Another full mark square - well done

Also Qualifying WDEx:


Paul Beasley and STARDELL SPICA, BC

Ken Coleman and SHERINGEM MAC, BC


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