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Last year we had weather as bad as it could be but this year we had warmth and sunshine.  What a contrast!  The entry was disappointingly low which meant we only worked dogs Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

My grateful thanks to judges Mark Lewindon (UD and WD nosework), Pete Jones (TD nosework) and Sue Jones (CD and C/A). Each of them set a nice test and was great company.

My thanks also to Team Iceni who rallied round with lots of help: to Mark and Sandra Lewindon for coming over on Friday afternoon to help set things up, to Sandra and Pete for stewarding for their other halves on Saturday afternoon, Les and Chris Theobald, Nick Brunner and Colin Ball for tracklaying, Clare Hinsley, Katherine Herbert and Eric Nichols for stewarding and to Colin Ball, Jane Clarke Sandra Greenwood and Alan Wright for their help at the base and for escorting competitors to their tracks.

Lastly, thank you to the competitors for entering and being such a nice crowd of people.





Stewards: Pete Jones (Sat), Clare Hinsley (Sun)

Phil Davenport (Stay Steward (Sun)


1st Pete Ross, BARNSTORMER BOY, Lab, D.  Pete had to work hard with Harley, his rescued dog, but all credit to you, Pete, your experience got the best out of him.  NQ

2nd Colin Rees, HEELKEARY FLAME, GSD, D.  A handsome dog whose handler is new to trials, just bits and pieces to work on.  Keep trying, you will get there.  NQ

Only two of the three entries worked, both very young dogs just starting out on their Trials careers.


1st Ian Brown, TRI ONE JETRIL, WSD, B. Very nice round, a super send-away and full mark jumps. A worthy winner and the only qualifier.  Q, 194

2nd Nick Brunner, EASTER PRINCE, Cocker Spaniel, D.  Only had lost half a mark up to the down stay and then decided to get up.  It was a pleasure to watch this little dog work. NQ.

3rd Chris Stewart, ANGEL WISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Std.Poodle, D.  Nice round from this young dog, but decided to pay more interest in the sendaway pole rather than jump the scale. NQ

4th Mr R Sager, VONGRAF LOD (AG2),  Lab, D.  Once again a very good round, but no scale. NQ


1st Wendy Siggers, HEATHGATE ISLA, WSD, B.  Isla tried very hard, good send-away but the agility took its toll today - but she is only just getting over an injury. NQ

2nd Val King, LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, GSD, B.  The stay let you down today, the rest was very good.

3rd Ann Wright, CARISHILL ROSE, G Ret, B.   Mabel decided that it was much better to go hunting pheasants than do the send-away. Ann was not at all happy but took it all in the spirit of the game.  NQ   


1st Vana Moody, GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, D.  A very nice round, with full mark jumps and good speak. A worthy qualification, good luck in Championship. Q, 203.5

2nd June Raymond, CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, D.  Was unable to get it all together today, but already qualified for Championship.  NQ

3rd Sandra Lewindon, BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, GSD, B.  Little confused with send-away today, otherwise a very good round.  NQ

4th Diane Turner, LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, B.  Best send-away and a qualifying round but lost it on the nose work.  NQ

Thanks to Iceni for the invitation to judge at this trial.  I had a very enjoyable two days with pleasant company and brilliant weather compared to what they had last year.  A very good band of helpers, it is a pity that entries were so small but there were two other Open Trials on this weekend.  Thanks to the competitors who accepted their defeats with grace.




Tracklayers: Les Theobald, Chris Theobald and Colin Ball

Square Stewards: Sandra Lewindon (Saturday) and Katherine Herbert (Sunday)

I would like to thank Frances Ball and the Iceni committee for the invitation to judge UD and WD nosework at their spring Open Trial.  The weekend started with a shock when Frances told me that I was God for the weekend.  What a responsibility!  But I recognised that she was trying to bring out my helpful and benevolent side.  This I rose to with my search stewards, particularly Sandra on the Saturday when she let me be in charge, just for one day.  I always enjoy helping at Iceni.  Frances and Les have a really good team, the atmosphere is friendly, and it is good to see new members of the club encouraging each other on the field.  I set the tests with the view that it could be the handlers’ first and second outings.  The tracking land was winter wheat with a fairly generous covering.  The weather was fine for the time of year with a bit of wind (as usual coming off the estuary).  You really never know with this trial as I remember it snowing last year.  I was lucky to have three very experienced tracklayers who laid all of the tracks perfectly.  The square stewards, although fairly new out on the field, also did sterling jobs, laying the squares perfectly, being very helpful and good company.    Thanks to all of you.

The entries were quite low and, after scratches, only four dogs ran in WD and seven in UD.  Two dogs qualified on the WD nose-work, the other two finding angles at the top of the track difficult.  Unfortunately both qualifiers went out in the control.  All but one dog qualified in the UD nose-work with only one, Ian with Brecon, qualifying overall. 

Many thanks also to Jane and Sandra in the kitchen who kept the team on the field well fed and watered, and everyone else who worked to make this trial a success.


1st Ian Brown with TRI ONE JETRIL, Brecon, WSD, B, Q, 194.  Almost perfect track and square losing half a mark and making the test look really easy.  Ian also won the trophy for the best nosework.  He achieved the same marks as Nick Brunner, but stronger wind on the second day made conditions a bit more difficult, meriting the award of the trophy. Well done, Ian, I’m sure that you will do well in championship.  

2nd Nick Brunner with Easter Prince, Rubin, Cocker Spaniel, D, NQ, 189.  Also only lost half a mark on the nosework, but the down stay was your downfall again.  Nick handles this little dog really well and makes the nosework look easy.  I know that when you sort the stay out, you will have lots of success. 

3rd Chris Stewart with ANGEL WISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Casey, Std Poodle, NQ, 186.5.  A really steady track and square.  I know that you will take this dog to the top of the sport, Chris.  Good luck in future trials.

4th Reg Sager with VONGRAF LOD, Zac, Lab, D, NQ, 159.5.  Another good track, only finding one corner in the middle a bit difficult, and a dog who will soon qualify in UD..


1st Wendy Siggers with HEATHGATE ISLA, Isla, WSD, B, NQ, 166.5.  Nice nose-work, Wendy.  This little bitch can really track well when she settles down.  Best wishes for the future.

2nd Valerie King with LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, CDEx, UDEx, Tikki, GSD, B, 158.5, NQ.  A good handler who knows her dog well.  The start was agonising and I was really pleased when you got her going, Valerie!  Once she got underway, she also made the track look easy.

3rd Ann Wright with CARISHILL ROSE, CDEx, Mabel, Golden Retriever, B.  Found the angled leg at the top a little difficult, but I am sure that Mabel will sort it out in future.  Good luck and best wishes, Ann. 




Tracklayers: Les Theobald and Nick Brunner

Square Steward: Eric Nicholls

Thanks to Iceni Dog Training Club for the invitation to judge the TD nosework.  Special thanks to Francis for her input into making this a well run Trials.  Weather was great, digs were great, and a great team of helpers made this a very pleasant two days; also thanks from Sue and myself for the gifts of wine.

My team of helpers were good company and I would like to thank them for giving their time and ensuring that handlers and dogs had the opportunity to do their best with the test I had set.  We had 8 dogs turn up to work, but unfortunately, although the weather was ideal, I only had one qualifier with 3 and 4.  Two dogs ran out of time and the rest only managed up to 6 legs of the 18 legs.  Tracking was on winter wheat, which like most fields this year did not have a great growth, due to a wet winter last year and late sowing.  I think that most dogs have not had enough experience to cope with these conditions but showed ability to do better when conditions improve.

Squares were very well done with 4 gaining full marks.

1st Vana Moody, GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, D. Well done Vana, after this effort you should be able to hold your own now that you are amongst the big guys. Good luck with Zig. 3 and 4, 155, Q

2nd June Raymond, CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, D.  Codi was sorting it out, but ran out of time 4 legs from home; bad luck.  1.5 and 4,  111, NQ

3rd Sandra Lewindon, BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, GSD, B.  You handled Banjo very well in these conditions, but time ran out with only 2 legs to go. 1 and 4, 113, NQ.

4th Diane Turner,  LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, B.    Lucy looked like she was going to shoot round, but overshot the 6th corner and never recovered, having only lost 1 mark up to that point.  1 and 4, 74, NQ.

Thanks to competitors for taking their defeat and accepting that conditions beat them today. Good luck in the future.

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