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Square and C/A Steward: Paul Beasley

Thanks to Iceni for the invitation to judge and to Paul for stewarding.  Although it was a very small entry, and not all worked, I really enjoyed the appointment and hope that the handlers and dogs did as well.  One or two were having their first attempt and unfortunately most were not quite ready to qualify, but all gave it a good try and I saw some great enthusiasm from both dogs and handlers.

1st Ann Wright and CARISHILL ROSE, G. Ret, B,  Q, 84.  A full point sendaway and retrieve but a bit tight on the agility.  Nicely handled by this experienced handler.

2nd Jan Rex and IVYMOOR EASTERN BREEZE, Wei, B, NQ, 64.5. A lovely, lively dog with lots of potential, but couldn’t keep still for stays.

3rd Sylvia Cook and WESTMIDS ABI OF GOLDOAK, GSD, B, NQ, 61.  This dog has had a problem with the gun, which has affected the rest of her work, and Sylvia is struggling to get her confidence back.

4t Reg Saker and VONGRAF LOD, Lab, D, NQ, 59.5.  Lovely square and retrieve, but not quite ready for the Control and Agility.




Tracklayers: Alan Sword and Nick Brummer (UD and WD); Chris Theobald (WD)

Search Stewards: Phil Davenport (UD); Sandra Greenwood (WD)

Control Steward: Frances Ball (UD and WD)

Thanks to Iceni’s Committee for the invitation to judge the UD and WD stakes at this Trial, and to Trials Manager Les and his excellent team of helpers at the base.  My tracklayers and stewards were a mix of "old stagers" ably assisted by some newcomers.  All were very efficient and very good company – thank you all. 

Tracking for both stakes was on sparse winter wheat, control was in the usual base field, with the UD sendaway straight across, and the WD sendaway straight down the field, to hedges in both cases.


1st Bob Cook and VIVAX D’RUH FROM STEINMETZ, CDEx, Holland Herder, D.  Best overall nosework, and one of the very few dogs this weekend to retrieve square articles without first mangling or dropping them!  A very tidy control round and impressive full mark agility – a really fit dog made the jumps look so easy.  A worthy winner, well done.  Qualified UDEx, 188.5.

2nd Richard Cornwell and LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD, D.  Very steady track, but mouthing and dropping square articles was costly.  General unfortunately decided that agility wasn’t for him today.  170.5, NQ

3rd Doug Tungatt and NOVEM SUNBIRD, GSD, B.  Nice track, with both articles, but only three from the square, and another who wasn’t interested in agility today, and saw no reason to stay.  No doubt Doug’s experience will soon sort these problems.  143, NQ

4th Penny Bann and JENNALINE QUACKINUP WISUKY, GSP, D.  A tidy track, let down by the rest of the work.  LS rather "did his own thing" in the C/A.  he’s obviously challenging, but could be well worth the effort in the long run.  141.5, NQ


1st June Raymond and CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, CDEx, BC, D.  Didn’t find the conditions easy on Friday, but with both track articles and all the square articles retrieved cleanly made a good start.  Stumbled a bit with the sendaway and clear jump, but will no doubt sort these problems soon.  Well done.  Qual WDEx, 174.5

2nd Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON EBONY, CDEx, WDEx, Lab, B.  Tracked on the same patch as the winner, but Saturday was colder, wetter and windier, so did well under the circumstances, with both track articles and a clean square.  Sendaway proved costly, however, but I am sure Sheila will be sort out Ebony’s "deafness" very soon. 168, NQ

3rd Keith Gillett and STARNIAS SPECKLED WOOD, BC, D.  Tracked on Friday and found the conditions hard.  Unfortunately ran out of time towards the end of the track, but the first article counted, and he got all four from the square.  145.5, NQ

Thanks to all the competitors for allowing me to judge their dogs.  Well done to the qualifiers; if you didn’t  qualify, don’t give up, we’ve all been there – there are more non-qualifiers than qualifiers at all Trials.  Keep training and make it fun for the dog.  That way, you will also have fun.  And remember – if a qualification was that easy, it wouldn’t be worth having.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon and Gary Martin

Control/Square/Stay Steward: Gary Atkins

Thanks to Iceni for the invitation and to Les Theobald and his fantastic team for running a super trial, where the efficiency and organisation mean nothing is left to chance. We were made so welcome and the hospitality and good company ensured that we had a great time.

Sandra Lewindon and Frances Ball looked after us so well - you work very hard, thanks very much.

Derek Chaplin drove miles escorting and even bribed road workers to let us through, thanks Derek.

Out on the field, I was so lucky as were the competitors to have three extremely hard working and conscientious helpers in Mark, Gary and Gary. Thanks doesn’t seem enough but I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did, you were all brilliant.

The conditions were hard at times but we ended up with 8 worthy nosework qualifiers for the C/A.  I am pleased to say that the standard of the work was excellent and we only lost one of them.

1st Margaret Robinson, WTCh TYTRI LACE AT TRENTVALLEY, BC, B, 213.5.  Well done Margaret and Lace, a really super round.  Made the tracking look easy, and a good round on the Sunday with a lovely sendaway that I know you were pleased with.  Brilliant!

2nd Tony Lockyer, WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 203.5.  Tony and Gyp have become such a fantastic team, and after super nosework on the Saturday afternoon did a great C/A round, doing a perfect send away just how I like to see it done, keen but controlled.  Well done.

3rd John Wykes, WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 200.5.  John and Jaff were first on and made me a happy judge with 3 and 4 and a tidy track. Sendaway didn’t go well, but the rest of the control work was super and gave them a well deserved qualification.

4th Dave Marchant, WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, 198.  We had a terrible morning on Saturday with horrible cold conditions and the first 6 teams not qualifying.  It then started raining heavily and I thought the afternoon might be the same.  Then Dave and Murphy came on and were the first of 4 teams that breezed round the track.  Really good C/A, apart from one thing - don’t mention the heelwork!  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Colin Ball, CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX, Lab, D, 197.5


Roger Shrimpton, CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, BC, D, 188

Well done, all 3 teams worked well, and for Linda and Roger, first TDEx’s with their young dogs.

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