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Trials Manager’s report

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow – and sleet -  and gales - and rain  - and hail - summed up our trial this year.  Never have I been so glad that I had the indoor jobs as I was this Easter.  Saturday brought gales, heavy rain, sleet and hail stones, with temperatures around freezing.  Sunday was slightly better with several hours of blizzards.  My most heartfelt thanks to my tracklayers Mark Lewindon, Chris Theobald, Gary Martin and Nick Brunner, stewards Phil Davenport, Marion King (Saturday), Ruth Murchie (Sunday), Margo Brothwell (Saturday) and Colin Ball (Sunday) and judges Les Theobald and Barry and Paula Harvey.  I hope that you have all thawed and dried out now!  What an initiation for those who were ‘first timers’.  Brian Martin, Eric Nichols, Alan Wright and Jane Clarke complemented the above by running errands and escorting competitors and Sandra Lewindon completed my team with a tremendous amount of help at the base.

To those competitors who braved the elements thank you for coming and I hope that you enjoyed our trial in spite of the weather.

Frances Ball


Stakes:  CD and UD, WD, TD Control and Agility


Stewards:  Margo Brothwell and Colin Ball

Thank you to the club for the invitation to judge and Frances Ball for running such an efficient trial.  Everyone looked after us and provided good company for the two days, despite the weather.  Saturday, winds were gale force with rain and hail.  Sunday was not so windy but we had snow!  What happened to global warming? Margo stewarded for me on Saturday and was very efficient.  It was her first time stewarding at trials, although she has a lot of experience stewarding in obedience.  Anyway, I hope the weather didn’t put her off and that she helps at Iceni again.  Colin Ball stewarded on Sunday and did a good impression of a snow plough, keeping the jumps and the areas around them clear of snow.  Thank you both very much.


I was very impressed with the high standard of the competitors in this stake.  All dogs got 3 articles out of the square and qualified on the jumps.

1st Mrs Ann Trodd, BAILLIE OF CHELSEA, XB, D, Q, 92.5.  Well done Ann, Bailey worked well for you today.

2nd Miss Ruth Murchie, KENMILFORE BLACK DIAMOND, Lab, D, Q, 92.  What a lovely dog Archie is.  Congratulations.

3rd D and J Self, TREGONHAY THORN, ESS, D, handled by Dave Self, Q, 90.  Thorn did the long jump for the first time at a trial.  Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?


1st Ms June Raymond, CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, D, Q, 195.  Kodie did a nice control round.  Well done.

2nd Mrs Carole Burgess, SPYCE IS NYCE AT CAROBILLS, WSD, B, Q, 177.      Spyce did a lovely round, with a full mark sendaway.

3rd Mr Doug Tungatt, BOZETA EYES WIDE OPEN, GSD, D, NQ, 189.  Hard luck, Doug, the scale was costly.

4th Mrs Jackie Loughran, MULLOCH BELLA NEGRA, Lab, B, NQ, 166.5.    Pippa only just missed qualifying, so better luck next time.


1st Mrs Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, D, Q, 178.      Quincey worked in the snow and did a good control round.

2nd Mrs Betty Briley, JETRIL MUSTANG, CDEx, GSD, D, NQ, 167.      Bronco tried hard for you.


1st Mrs Joyce Tibbetts, OAKENHEART PHANTOM, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, D, NQ, 160.5.  Hard luck, Joyce.

2nd Mr Ron Jaques, JAQ IN A BOX, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, NQ, 90.  This dog did a lovely control round.


Stake UD & WD Nosework

Judge  Les Theobald 

Tracklayers  -  Gary Martin & Nick Brummer (UD)  -  Chris Theobald & Gary Martin (WD)

Steward  -  Marion King (Sat),  Ruth Murchie (Sun)

I would like to thank Iceni Committee for the invitation to judge the UD & WD nosework stakes and thanks to Frances Ball for running the trial with her usual unflappable efficiency.

My thanks also to the Sandra  in the kitchen.

Thanks to Gary, Nick and Chris who laid all the tracks just as I required.

My thanks to Marion and Ruth who laid the squares..

The tracking was on crop about 4" high.

The weather was absolutely atrocious, I think it was the worst conditions I have ever judged under .

We had high winds and horizontal  hail and ice rain most of the day on Saturday and a snow storm blowing across the field for most of the Sunday morning.  At one stage we watched a tracklayer disappear into a near blizzard, we just hoped he would find his way back !

My thanks to all the people who helped out on the field, with the wind it was extremely cold, wet and unpleasant. 

Most dogs coped very well with the conditions, they affected the handlers more than the dogs

There were 16 dogs entered in UD of which 11 ran.

There were 11 dogs entered in WD of which 6 ran.

With the weather conditions  it was not surprising to get people scratching, but they did all let us know.  My thanks to the brave (determined) handlers who did attend to work their dogs.

UD – Nosework

10 dogs completed the track, with 4 of them also recovering all of the articles from the square.

1st  Ms J Raymond with CANDLEWOOD ROMULUS  (B/C) C of  M with a total of 195.  A dog and handler to watch for the future, full mark nosework and gun test. A pleasure to watch. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd  Mrs Carole Burgess with SPYCE IS NYCE AT CAROBILLS CDEX  (WSD) C of  M with a total of 177. 82 for the track plus 2 articles and 27 for the square.

3rd  Mr Doug Tungatt with BOZETA EYES WIDE OPEN  (GSD)  Not Qualifying with a total of 187 Full mark track just losing one mark in the square for a dropped article. 

4th  Mrs Jackie Loughran  with MULLOCK BELLA NEGRA  (Lab)  Not Qualifying with a total of 166. 81 for the track, but only one article recovered.  Full mark square.

WD – Nosework

2 dogs completed the track, both of them recovering the articles.

1st  Mrs Ann Clark with STYPERSON QUINCY CDex UDex  (Lab) C of  M with a total of 178.  84 for the track recovering both articles and 3 from the square

Well done, the track was laid in the snow which had mostly melted when it was run.

2nd  Mrs Betty Briley with JETRIL MUSTANG  CDEX  (GSD) Not Qualifying with a total of 167 83 for the track plus 2 articles and 29 for the square.

Well done to the qualifiers you really deserved it in those conditions, unfortunately the weather  was too much for several dogs in the C & A

Once again many thanks to you all for two enjoyable days (I think !).


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayer: Mark Lewindon

Search Steward: Phil Davenport

Many thanks to Iceni committee for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at their Open trial.  Frances Ball managed the trial in her usual efficient manner but was unable to control the weather. We only had 10 dogs entered so Mark agreed to lay all the tracks, 5 each day, but as the trial approached the numbers diminished and with gale force winds on Saturday and a snow blizzard on Sunday we were down to 4 competitors, 2 each day.  In fact conditions were so bad that nobody wanted to run their dog on the spare track.  Needless to say we had no qualifiers but saw some very creditable performances. The two dogs that tracked on Saturday worked in winds gusting up to 60mph and found conditions too difficult for them at this stage. The two Sunday dogs had a 3" fall of snow after their tracks had been laid and it was great to see them "working out" how to do it. Both dogs got round but unfortunately Joyce Tibbetts’ GSD did not find any articles, but went on to do an excellent square with four articles found. The other "snowy" competitor, Diane Turner, completed the track with two articles but was unable to recover any articles from the square.

Many thanks to Mark Lewingdon for tracklaying and Phil Davenport for laying the squares.

1st Joyce Tibbetts with GSD, OAKENHEART  PHANTOM, CDEx, UDEx, NQ, 160.5

2nd Ron Jacques with BC, JAQ IN A BOX, CDEx, UDEx, NQ  90

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