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Stake: CD


Steward: Caroline Martin

Thank you to the committee of Iceni GSD Club for the invitation to judge to CD stake at this trial. Thanks also to Les Theobald for his usual good job in managing the trial and Caroline for an efficient job stewarding.

The field for CD was nice, level, short grass and I kept the test straightforward, with heel on lead up to the sendaway which was eighty paces to a hedge. Heel free took us back to the beginning and the recall took us to the jumps.

1st     Betty Briley’s GSD, JETRIL MUSTANG. A very nice round from a very nervous competitor, with only the clear jump spoiling it. Well done. 92/100, Qual CDEx

2nd   Jean Dunsdon’s GSD, BOSIE BOY. Another really nice round only marred this time by the long jump.87.5/100, Qual CDEx

3rd   Pam Wadsworth’s Cocker Spaniel, BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE. What a super wee dog, just bits and pieces here and there to tidy up. 83.5/100, Qual CDEx

4th    Ann Handley’s Min Schnauzer, ASHENCRUZ AMDASSADOR FOR NESSPOIN. Another great little dog – what a shame he threw away marks by not staying at the end of the sendaway, otherwise, like the above dog, there were only bits and pieces to tidy up. 81.5/100, Qual CDEx.

There seemed to be a lovely atmosphere amongst the competitors. Thank you for being such a nice crowd and best of luck in the future.


Stakes: UD and WD


Tracklayers: Colin Diggins and Caroline Martin (UD), Colin Diggins and Alan Sword (WD)

Stewards: Nick Brunner (UD), Sandra Lewindon (WD)

My thanks to the committee of the Iceni GSD Club for the invitation to judge the UD and WD at this trial. The tracks were all on sparse winter wheat with UD running on Thursday and WD on Friday and Saturday.

My thanks to Colin Diggins and Caroline Martin for laying all the UD tracks and Colin Diggins and Alan Sword for the WD. All the tracks were well laid – as to be expected, really! Also thank you to Nick Brunner (UD searches) and Sandra Lewindon (WD Searches). Again, a good job well done. Sandra also wrote the certificates really nicely!

Thanks to Les, a good trials manager, who has a reliable bunch of helpers that get competitors to tracks on time, along with all the other little jobs that need doing.

UD Stake:

1st     Ann Clarke’s Labrador, STYPERSON QUINCEY. A good track and full mark square, and nice C/A – just a hiccup on the return over the scale. Well done, Quincey. 183.5/200, Q UDEx

2nd   Wendy Sigger’s WSD, HEATHGATE ISLA. Another good track and 4 from the square. I am sure Isla can do better heelwork! Well done.     178/200, Q UDEx

3rd   Sheila Tannert’s Labrador, STYPERSON EBONY. Again another good track, search and jumps but a bit tight on the C&A! Will be better next time. 169.5/200, Q UDEx

4th    Ron Jaques BC, JAQ IN A BOX. Inch perfect track until the last two legs. Good square and control but no long jump. 162/200, Q UDEx

Qual UD:

Bob Cook’s Holland Herder, VAXAX D’RUH FROM STEINMETZ.

Look out trials, there were some good young dogs here which will competing in TD soon

WD Stake:

1st     Jackie Weaver’s Labrador, LENWORTHY BRYONY. Daisy did a lovely track except for the last two legs, then dropped one mark in the square. Half marks for the sendaway but full marks for the rest. The only qualifier – well done. 165.5/200, Q WDEx

2nd   Liz Edmunds GSD, BECKENBERRY BUD. Bud did the Best Track and got three from the square. Lost marks for the gun test. Bud then had other ideas when it came to the control round. 167/200, NQ

3rd   Diane Turner’s BC, LUCY GREENGAGE. Lucy lost her way half way round the track – full mark square and nice C/A, except for the scale. 148/200, NQ

4th    Rita Banfather’s GSD, STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY. Finn took a wrong turn on the track and didn’t like the sendaway today. Will all come together soon. 102.5/200, NQ

Thank you all for competing. I hope you enjoyed the tests. I saw some good dogs and I am sure they will all qualify soon.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Gary Martin

Stewards: Searches, Phil Davenport; C/A, Brian Martin

Thanks to Iceni for the invitation to judge the TD stake at their Championship trial. Trials manager Les Theobald organised a very well run and enjoyable trial, as we have come to expect at Iceni. Les is always very laid back and things just seem to happen right on cue. His team of very experienced helpers made me feel very welcome and their hospitality was second to none; I had a most enjoyable five days judging. Thanks to escorts Derick Chaplin and Eric Nichols and to Sandra Lewindon for the sausage sandwiches.

For my search steward, Phil Davenport, it was his first time as search steward, but you would never have known it. Very conscientious, putting all the search squares down right to the letter all through the week. You did a great job, Phil, and I enjoyed your company. Good luck when you start competing with your own dog.

My tracklayers for the whole week, Marl Lewindon and Gary Martin, were really great, worked very hard and walked very far to make sure that all competitors has as clean a piece of land as possible. You were a great team. Iceni is very lucky to have people like yourselves to call on. My control and agility steward, Brian Martin, needs no introduction, and carried out his duties perfectly. On behalf of the competitors and myself, thank you all once again for your time and efforts.

I have been going down to Iceni now for many years it seems, and seen so many different tracking conditions, so it’s quite a challenge to know what sort of nosework test to set. This year the weather was almost perfect, with sunshine on most days, with just a light breeze. Tracking was as usual on winter wheat and as good as I have seen it. We were very lucky; it could have been so very different. I tried to set a test that would have been acceptable for most conditions, and I was generally pleased with the results.

Forty four of the fifty one entries took part in the nosework, finishing up with thirty one qualifiers, which says a lot for the conditions and the high standard of competitors. I was treated to some very fine tracking performances, to my pleasure and the relief of the tracklayers. As expected in the conditions, the search squares were very well done, with five teams getting full marks.

The track articles were a 1” x 2” piece of old Barbour jacket, a 4” piece of green cord and 1” x 1.5” brown carpet, and were designed to blend in with the crops with little growth. The search articles were a 0.75” x 1.25” piece of underfelt, a 2.5” narrow piece of wood, a Yale type door key and 0.25” x 2” green plastic.

Thirty competitors turned up on Sunday for the control and agility, which started with the speak. The competitor handed their dog over to the steward, Brian, walked fifteen paces over to me, commanding their dog to speak as they left, gave me their details, then commanded the dog to speak on return to their dog. This took some dogs by surprise, but was generally well done. Heelwork followed, finishing close to the sendaway point.

The sendaway was straight out 180 of my paces to a fence at the top of the field, then diagonally left to a gate in the hedge, but I did not want the dog to be sent around the boundary. I was very pleased with the standard of this part of the test, with most dogs making a good job of it. Agility followed, and again was of a good standard. After losing one dog in the stays, I was very pleased to end up with eighteen qualifiers.

1st     Anne Thorpe and GLENAPLINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, BC, Qual Ex with 215 marks. Track 99, arts 30, search 35, control 31, agility 20. Anne and Izzie worked on Thursday on what was the start of the good tracking days, and took full advantage of it. Their performance has got to be one of the best I have ever seen; Izzie never lifted her head or cast, just tracked at a very fast pace, then went on to clear the search square in just over two minutes. As we know, Anne and Izzie have been in very good positions after the nosework before, then stalled at the control round. Not this time. They came on to the control field with an almost aggressive confidence and worked a very positive round to maintain their lead and take the Ticket. After all her heartache I’m sure her fellow competitors were as pleased as I was at her success. A well deserved win and congratulations on the WTCh title. Her dad would have been very proud of her.

2nd   Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, Qual Ex with 210 marks. 92, 30, 35, 33, 20. Another Thursday track, but Briar found the conditions later in the day a little more testing, but still made a very good job of it, followed by a full mark search square. Sheila and Briar made the control round look easy one of the best of the trial, losing just 2 marks. It was easy to see why they are so successful. But you can’t win them all, Sheila! Well done.

3rd   John Wykes and FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF, BC, Qual Ex with 206.5 marks. 96, 30, 34, 26.5, 20. John and Jaff took third place after a run-off. I was very impressed by Jaff’s track; he works at a very steady pace, which is deceptive, as he completed the track in plenty of time. He is very accurate and wastes little time. A pleasure to judge. Followed by another very good search square. Jaff did not like my sendaway today, but apart from that, a very good all round performance. Well done.

4th    Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON MILLIE, Lab, Qual Ex with 206.5 marks. 96.5, 30, 35, 25, 20. Tracked late on Friday afternoon and did very well indeed, lovely to watch, and another full point search square. Maeve and Purdey were in a very strong position after the nosework, but Sunday was not one of Purdey’s best days, but still an overall performance to be proud of. Well done.

Also qualified TDEx:

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, 204.5

Barry Gilbert and WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, BC, 200.5

Sue Ashby and THE ECHO, WSD, 197.5

Gary Atkins and WTCh CAFCOLL RON, BC, 197

Nigel Hines and TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD, BC, 196

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON TAY, Lab, 196

Jean Howells and GLENALPINE JED, BC, 195.5

Anne Fowler and WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, BC, 195

Margaret Robinson and WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENT VALLEY, BC, 192.5


Pat Herbert and WTCh JOLLY JILL, WSD, 192

Barry Harvey and FITZERS HAZEL, Lab, 191


Allyson Tohme and FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO. Weim, 176

The trophy for the best track by a GSD went to Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUALTUM

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