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Trials Manager’s Report

My sincere thanks to all these people who helped to make this trial run as smoothly as it did.  I was very fortunate to have lots of offers of help from club members – so much that one of my biggest problems was sharing out the work!  There were one or two minor hiccups over the weekend but nothing that wasn’t sorted with the help of these other members.

Margaret Robinson judged the CD and all stakes Control and Agility with Les Theobald keeping things running smoothly on the field.  My other half, Colin, judged the UD and WD nosework with Chris Theobald, Mark Lewindon, Colin Diggins and Brian Martin tracklaying.  Nick Brunner and Sandra Greenwood completed the team as stewards.  Anne Thorpe judged the TD nosework – or at least what was left after the scratches.  Brian Martin and Colin Diggins tracklaid and Jane Clarke stewarded.  Estelle Hook, Eric Nichols, Alan Wright, Katherine Herbert and Sandra Lewindon completed my team of helpers with general help around the base, kitchen, jumps etc.

The competitors were a lovely bunch of people and, all in all, there was a lovely atmosphere at the base.

My grateful thanks to all of you.

Frances Ball

CD Stake and Control and Agility, all stakes


CD and C/A Steward:    Les Theobald

Trials Manager and Base Steward ; Frances Ball

Thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge, and my sincere apologies to Iceni, especially Frances and all the competitors for the lateness of this report.  I was quite ill for some time, but thankfully I have now fully recovered, and at last I am beginning to catch up on everything.  Many thanks to all who supported this trial, helpers and competitors alike.  It surprises me that it is not better attended, as it is a particularly nice trial, well organized, friendly with some brilliant dog walking areas, as well as convenient working land.  What a lovely surprise to go to the base the first morning to find cereal and toast for breakfast (even if Frances forgot the butter).  Not being a bacon buttie type, this was so much nicer for me - so thank you very much.

Many thanks Les for stewarding for me.  Everything was just right.  I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and saw some excellent control rounds.  Well done to those who qualified and good luck to those that stumbled on just one or two exercises on the day.  I’m sure your qualification is not far away.

CD Stake

1st               Diane Ling with DEBEN MOSS, Cocker Spaniel.  Unfortunately Moss failed the sit stay otherwise he would have qualified with flying colours.  A joy to watch, even if he was a little bit naughty on the heelwork now and then.  Everything else was excellent, especially the agility.  Good luck.  His COM/CDEx  is just around the corner.  78.5

2nd        Sandra Greenwood with WHISPER IN THE NIGHT, BC.  Control and nosework very good indeed, but had a bad day on the jumps today.  I’m sure  Whisper will put it all together soon.  Good Luck.  68.5

3rd         Ann Hamdley with ASHENCRUZ AMBASSADOR FOR NESSPOINT, Min. Schnauzer.  Wow! What a character this little guy was. Obviously very capable of doing everything well, but decided today that he couldn’t possible manage the scale, at least not until his round was over, then of course he jumped it perfectly.  I think he was just teasing today - he’s sure to do it next time.               62.5

4th          Margo Brothwell with LAKATAMIA BLUE DELTA, GSD.  Full points for superb heelwork and recall, but really needs to gain confidence in sendaway and jumps.  Good Luck.  58

UD Stake

1st          Ron Jaques with JAQ IN A BOX, BC.  A very competent performance from this young dog.  Sharp as a nail with the drive and attitude to match, obviously destined for greater things.  Quietly and efficiently handled by Ron. An excellent team. 189, COM

2nd        Bob Cooke with  VIXAXD RUH FROM STEINMETZ, Hollands Herder, IMP.  What a brilliant attitude.  Lovely dog.  Needs to develop a little more self control.  Competently handled by Bob who just managed to contain Spock enough to complete all the exercises.  Well done.  187.5, COM

3rd         Roger Shrimpton with CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, BC.  Taff completed a very good control round only to come unstuck on the jumps today.  Ably handled by Roger who was somewhat surprised, as Taff’s agility is usually so reliable.   Never mind, I’m sure it’s just a one off.  179

4th          Carol Burgess with SPYCE IS NICE, WSD.  Competent C/A, but unfortunately Spyce failed the down stay.  However she did win the trophy for the best UD track - excellent.  161.5


WD Stake

1st          Diane Turner with LUCY GREENGAGE, CDEx, BC.  A worthy winner on the control round.  Full point heelwork and retrieve, with 9 for the S/A.  An excellent round.  Just a little blip on the scale but still obtained qualifying points. Well done.             177.5, COM

2nd        Sally Baker with IVYMOOR HESTER, Weim.  A very capable girl, if only she would stop on the S/A.  Keep working at it.  Good luck. Won the best WD Track Trophy.  183

3rd         Wendy Siggers with HEATHGATE ISLA, WSD.  A bit naughty on the agility today but I’m sure you will soon sort it.  Good Luck.  150.5

4th          Sandra Lewindon with BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, GSD.  She has a lovely attitude, Sandra, just needs a bit more training on the S/A.  She is so young yet and needs a little more time to gain confidence on the jumps.  Good Luck.  139

TD Stake

1st          Mike Robinson with FLINT OF GLENMEL, BC.  A competent C/A round and with a little bit more confidence and experience he should be ready for ticket. Good Luck.  Also won the trophy for best TD Track.  Well done.  184.5, COM

2nd        Yvonne Filleul with SODEN JAY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx.  WSD.  Jay really did not co-operate at all today.  I think it may be back to the drawing board for some more training.  Good Luck.  168

3rd         Ann Wright with CARISBROOKE CHESTNUT, CDEx, UDEx WDEx.  G. Ret.  Wilbur, like all Ann’s dogs, is full of attitude and character.  Following his recovery just needs a little more time to get back into the swing of working.  Good Luck.  120.5

4th          Joan Watkins with DURSTONE O’RILEY, WSD.  One of the very few dogs over all the stakes with full point agility.  It was a pleasure to watch.  An unusual hiccup on the S/A today, but with his sensible and happy attitude he is sure to get his qualifications soon.   Good Luck.  119

Thank you all for competing under me. It was a lovely weekend and I enjoyed watching all of your dogs work.


Stake: UD and WD nosework


Tracklayers: UD – Chris Theobald, Mark Lewindon; WD – Brian Martin, Colin Diggins.

Stewards: Nick Brunner (Saturday), Sandra Greenwood (Sunday)

Thank you to the committee of the Iceni GSD Club for inviting me to judge the nosework of the UD and WD stakes at this trial.  My thanks to Frances for all her work before, during and after the trial, resulting in a smoothly run trial even if Alice decided to taste (well, eat most of…) the home baked fruit cake first!  I had four first class tracklayers, Chris and Mark both days for UD and Colin and Brian for WD.  I also had two very good stewards – Nick on Saturday and Sandra on Sunday. Thank you all for doing a good job.

Tracking was on good growth of corn for both stakes and I saw some very good tracks and searches.  Unfortunately, on the other hand, some dogs were still not quite ready for the stake in which they were entered and others found the corn irresistibly tasty!


1st     Ron Jaques’ BC, JAQ IN A BOX.  A very good track and search. Will climb the stakes fast!  Well done. (88.5, 20, 34), Cert of Merit.

2nd   Bob Cook’s Hollands Herder, VIXAX D.RUH FROM STEINMETZ.  Also a very good track and search and should keep Ron company through the stakes.  (87, 20, 32), Cert of Merit.

3rd   Roger Shrimpton’s BC, CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA.  Good nosework, shame about the jumps. (85, 20, 31.5), NQ

4th    Carol Burgess’ WSD, SPYCE IS NYCE AT CAROBILLS.  Full mark track.  Well done.  Only two from the square, but with a down stay you would have qualified. (90, 20, 17), NQ

Best track – Carol Burgess


1st     Diane Turner’s BC, LUCY GREENGAGE.  Lucky 13 today!  One hiccup on the track but managed to recover and a good search.  (74, 20, 3405), Cert of Merit.

2nd   Sally Baker’s Weim, IVYMOOR HESTER.  A good track and search. Did OK on my bit!  (88, 20, 34.5), NQ

3rd   Wendy Siggers’ WSD, HEATHGATE ISLA.  A good track today and two from the square. Must have been that other judge!  (86, 20, 17.5), NQ

4th    Sandra and Mark Lewindon’s GSD, BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, handler Sandra Lewindon.  Just two more legs of the track and two more articles from the square.  Obviously Banjo wants to go to another trial!  (72, 10, 18), NQ  

Best track Sally Baker

Thank you all for an enjoyable weekend, even if it was cold on the Saturday. But at least it stayed dry!

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