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Stake: CD & UD

Judge: Lauren Marlow

Steward both stakes: Eric Nicholls

Escort: Derek Chaplain

CD helpers: Nick Brunner & Sandra Greenwood (Squares), Chris Theobald, Alan Wright.

Kitchen/Base: Sandra Lewindon, Frances Ball, Les Theobald (trial manager)

UD Tracklayers: Alan Sword, Chris Theobald

My thanks to Iceni GSD Club for the invitation to judge, and to all the helpers listed above- what a great team.  We had 14 dogs in CD, and it was a relief to have so many willing helpers to keep things moving along, now that the days are shorter.

I must say a special ‘thank you’ to the indefatigable Eric Nicholls, for stewarding for me throughout, & being such fun to be with.

Mick and I were made to feel at home from the moment we arrived, being shown our fields by Derek, and our lodgings by Les, and we had a super couple of days.

The weather was cold & bright, just right!

CD Results:

We had a grass field that lent itself well; all the competitors could park along the bottom, & from the periodic bursts of laughter I think they enjoyed themselves while waiting to work their dogs. The standard of work was generally good; I was particularly impressed with the sendaways.

16 entered, 14 ran, 3 qualified. 10 dogs qualified the square, with 3 finding all 3 articles, but the agility and stays caused the usual problems for these young dogs.

1st            Mike Woods with VONGRAF IRON Mal (D) 92/100. Very attentive work throughout, with full marks on control. Congratulations on a well deserved win.

2nd           (After a run-off) S Zackheim with MISH MASH MISHKA  Cross (B) handled by Sue Drake 89.5 Generally nice work, sympathetically handled. Just dropped a few marks here and there on control.

3rd           Alan Sword with OAKENHEART LORD OF THE RINGS GSD (D)  89.5 Another creditable round from a young dog making his debut, finding all 3 square articles.

4th           Heather Morris with CARISHILL PARSLEY GR (D) 87.5 NQ. After a full mark square, retrieve, heelwork & recall, you were unlucky to be short on agility marks. Love the way he prances!

UD Results

6 entered, 4 ran. Tracking was on recently seeded plough, which was quite firm. Only one team qualified the track, the others all performed well in the search and C&A, but were beaten by tracking conditions.

1st                  Pat McMaster with KRISTAL MIGHTY Cross (B) 191.5 Q UD Ex. You could have heard a pin drop as this dog completed the track- she so deserved her round of applause! Then 4 from the square! I’m sure you will remember this as a special qualification. Congratulations.

2nd                 Cathy Dench with DANCING IN THE SHADOW  GSD (B) 147 NQ

3rd                 Heather Mercer with STARDELL INDI CD Ex. BC (B) 128 NQ

4th                 George Harding with THERE’S A KINDA HUSH CD Ex.  Rott (B) 90.5  NQ


Stake WD

Judge: Mick Tustain

Kitchen/Base: Sandra Lewindon, Frances Ball, Les Theobald.

Tracklayers: Colin Ball, Colin Diggins, Alan Wright

Search and C&A Steward: Elaine Ford

Many thanks to you all for helping- without you there would be no sport.

To Trial manager Les Theobald and all your team- thanks for a very well organised trial, and enjoyable nights in the pub.

13 entered. The weather was glorious, the ground was the same for every competitor- about 4’’ growth, all in one big field. Good tracking conditions, I thought- unfortunately, the dogs didn’t.

1st                  Sue Jones with Durstone Melody  WSD.  179  Q.  What a fantastic tracking dog, and very well handled.

2nd                 Norma Ansell with Gefni  Yet Again GSD.  161.5 Q.  Norma, your dog didn’t find the tracking easy but you worked hard and handled your dog well, and got him round.

3rd                 Steve Liney with Gemstone East Wish X  177.5  NQ.  What can I say- a lovely little girl, worked and handled well- it was just the set-up at the scale.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon and Garry

Steward: Brian

Thank you to the Society for the invitation to judge the TD stake, and to everybody who helped organise this well run trial, especially Les Theobald.  A special thank you to Mark Lewindon and Garry, my tracklayers, and to Brian, my search and control steward, who all did an excellent job, not forgetting Derek, who made sure people got to their tracks on time.  I had a great few days.  We were all well fed and watered, thanks to Sandra and Frances in the kitchen.

I thought the tracking would be difficult, since the ground was so dry, but I was pleasantly surprised when dog after dog tracked so well, and no dog got less than three articles from the search square.  Heelwork and speak on the whole were very good.  I am sorry the sendaway caused problems for quite a few people.  There were also a few casualties on the jumps.  Well done to all who qualified.

1st           and yet another Ticket, Margaret Robinson and BC bitch WTCh TYTRI LACE AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx – TDEx, 207.5 marks.  An excellent all round performance, Lacey rarely lets you down.  Well done.

2nd         and Res Ticket     , Barry Gilbert and WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, CDEx – TDEx, BC dog, 207 marks.  So close…  I was pleased to hear you won the ticket at Dundee.  He’s certainly on form.

3rd          Stevi Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND, CDEx – TDEx, Lab dog, 204 marks.  Lacking in confidence on the sendaway today, but I’m sure his second ticket won’t be far away.

4th          Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, CDEx – TDEx, Lab bitch, 203.5 marks.  Usually in the cards when I judge.  Excellent teamwork, yet again.

Also qualifying:

Ann Clarke’s Lab dog, TRANEDGE SOLAR, CDEx – TDEx, 200.5.

Gary Atkins’ BC dog, WTCh CAFCOLL RON, CDEx – TDEx, 199.5.

Anne Fowler’s BC bitch, WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, CDEx – TDEx, 198.

Anne Bussey’s WSD dog, WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE, CDEx – TDEx, 197.5.

Jean Howells’ BC dog, GLENALPINE JED, CDEx – TDEx, 197.

Paul Beasley’s BC dog, GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL, CDEx – TDEx, 195.5.

Julie Atkins’ BC dog, OUR DUG, CDEx – TDEx, 191.

Pete Jones WSD dog, DURSTONE MOSS, CDEx – TDEx, 190.5.

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