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Trial Managers Report

I must say a really big 'thank you' to a fantastic bunch of helpers without whom I couldn't run this trial. They are as follows:

Tracklayers Les Theobald and Mark Lewindon (TD), father and son team Brian and Gary Martin (WD), and the two Janes, Jane Clarke and Jane Bartlett (UD), their initiation to trials track laying and a super job they did too!

Stewards Marion Shields ( C&A), Mary Gentile and Angela Porter (TD), Mick Gentile and Alan Wright (WD) and Colin Ball (UD)

Escorts  Clare, Mark Lewindon, Eric Nicholls and Pam Stare

General duties: Pam Stare, Sandra Lewindon and Derek Chaplin.

Many of the above were multi-talented and were also there to help with the setting up and clearing away - for which I am extremely grateful.

Another thank you must go to all our judges with whom it was a pleasure to work - Sheila Tannert (CD & C&A), Jane Gray (TD nosework), Chris Theobald (WD nosework) and Barrie James (UD nosework).

Lastly the competitors - thanks for being such a nice bunch of people and helping to make Iceni such a nice trial to run.





Steward: Marion

I would like to thank the Working Trials Committee for the invitation to Judge CD and the Control and Agility.

A very big thank you to Francis for running the trial and to all her helpers, the club members are such a friendly bunch and nothing is to much trouble for anyone.

A big thank you also to Marion my Steward for the CD and also for the control you did a super job putting all the competitors at ease and such lovely clear calling .


We had 4 entries but only 2 compeated

1st           MS M Bouchard    FILO Z BREZINY VOM BESTMATE (GSD ) NQ 60pts.Well done Micheal your first trial and you did very well don't give up you'll soon get there.

2nd         Mrs D W White   FAIRLEA DAZ (BC)  NQ 40pts.Daz really tried hard for you.  Keep trying


1st           Mrs L Newman  BAYRIVER ANTICS  (GSD) 192.5.Well done Le Ruby's a credit to all your hard work,she is so confident now .Congratulations and good luck.

2nd         Mrs S Berg Roose TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY (GSD) 191.5.Well done Sally your dogs always work nicley for you.

3rd          Mrs P Wright  FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL (WSD) 182.5.Full point control round I am sure you will go far.

4th          Mr& Mrs M Lewindon SORUMOUR JUST JASMIN AT BRACKELI (GSD) 172. Well done Sandra i know just how hard you have worked for this qualification.


1st           Mrs R Hoddett   DRUMMAJOR GOOD LUCK CHARM (Rott) 190.5. This dog should work in PR for the breed such a lovely natured dog and worked a good control round as well. Well done.

2nd         Mr E Nicholls TYTRI NIKKI (BC) 184.5. Very well handled by Eric. Good luck for the future.

3rd          Mrs V Cotterill DETANIA MORGAN (BC)175pts.Well done on your qualification

4th          Mrs L Davies KANE SYRUS (FDU) 172. Well done Lynne.

Also qualifying


Mrs Y Filleui  RUSTIC FOX (WSD) 161


1st           Miiss S Boyall  STYPERSON LOMOND  (Lab) 213.5. Well done Stevi you really did well and deserves this qualification.

2nd         Mr R Jaques DETANIA GOAN GET'EM  (BC)  211. Well done Ron

3rd          Lesley Olden WAGGERLAND WOW OF NEDLO (BC) 197.5. A very nice tidy control round.  Well Done.

4th          MS J Cooke DUNNSLAYNE MAC  (WSD) 189.5. Well done Jean. very well handled Good luck for the future.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Jane Clarke and Jane Bartlett

Steward: Colin Ball

Thanks to Iceni GSD Club for the invitation to judge the UD Nosework.  Francis and her team had everything organized and it all went like clockwork.  Tracking was on well grown winter wheat with the going soft! It picked-up well on the feet.  The weather was kind to us, being overcast with occasional light drizzle and a stiff breeze on Saturday. Sunday was bright with some sun, and just a light breeze. Thanks to the two Janes for doing all the track laying on both days. I was told they were only novice track layers but they both did a superb job. Thanks to Colin for competently laying the squares and for his company over the weekend. With lots of room at Iceni I set a track pattern 150 paces deep x 200 paces wide and nine legs. All twelve dogs competed with ten within qualifying marks in the nosework group. All dogs completed the square with five getting three articles and seven getting all four. I had three dogs completely fail the gun. The twelve dogs were made up of  7 GSD's, 2 BC's, 1 WSD, 1 Lab, and 1 G/Ret. One thing I particularly noticed was that some handlers were  working awfully close to the square and I saw a real danger of arms going into the square !  Thanks to all, I had a super weekend and thanks to the sporting competitors.

1st           Le Newman and BAYRIVER ANTICS - GSD. Nice competent track and search by Ruby. Just one glitch on the track cost a couple of marks with a couple of other moments of minor inattention. Two drops in the square spoiled an otherwise text book performance. Obtained 4 articles from the square. Over-all this team performed well on the day and deserved the win - Well Done ! COM               

2nd         Sally Berg Roose and TOILERS TIMO AT  SARSWAY - GSD. Another very good round with only minor problems on the track. First corner was costly and two drops in the square. Obtained all four square articles. Was neck and neck with the above dog in the nosework group.    COM

3rd          Paula Wright and FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL - WSD. James (see full name above) tracked very well with only three moments of inattention to the task in hand. Only obtaining three square articles cost dearly on the day. Well handled by Paula in her first W/T competition, coming from obedience experience.   COM

4th          Sandra Lewindon and HEATHERBANK REINER OF BURNAWAY - GSD.  Just a little bit untidy on the track today with some indecision on corners, but other than that quite a competent round. Obtained three square articles.  COM

Best Track: Angela Porter with CARIS TYLER WOOD - G/RET. Impressive team to watch working. The only dog to get a full point square.


W D Nosework


Tracklayers: Brian and Gary Martin

Stewards: Michael and Alan

Thank you Iceni for the invitation to judge your W D nosework open trial, perfectly run by Frances and Colin Ball. Thank you to Pam Stare and Sandra Lewindon for the lovely grub, also my search steward for Saturday was Michael and Sunday was Alan, well done. All tracks laid by father and son team Brian and Gary and boy what a team, great, thank-you.


1st           Mrs R Hodnett and Drummajor Good Luck Charm. Rott B. 190 5 CoM

2nd         Mr E Nicholls and Tytri Nikki B C D 184.5 CoM

3rd          Mrs V Cotterill and Detania Morgan B C D 175 CoM

4th          Mrs L Davis and Kane Syrus XB B 172 CoM


Ms N Greville and kaliden Great Reaction B C D 162 CoM

Mrs Y Filleul and Rustic Fix WSD D 161 CoM

13 teams ran 6 qualified

W D Best track trophy was won by Colin Harrison and BC Shinehill Nina  very well deserved

Thank you to everyone who gave their time up to help at this Easter trial. I had a wonderful time.


T.D. Nosework. 


Track Layers (both days) Les Theobald and Mark Lewindon

Search Stewards (Sat) Mary Gentile, (Sun) Angela Porter

My thanks to Iceni for the invite to judge. This is not my first appointment here, and as usual had a great time and was very well looked after, but I did miss my drinking and singing partner !!!

Iceni have a small dedicated band of helpers, who all work very hard to make the whole event (seem!) to run smoothly. My thanks to Frances, Mark Lewindon, Les Theobald, Mary Gentile, Angela Porter, Eric Nichols, and in the kitchen Pam Stare and Sandra Lewindon (congrates on getting your UD open)

The conditions were good, quite long spring corn, and my articles were not small, knowing what the growth would be like. I saw some very good tracks and searches, and have mentioned everyone below who completed the track. Some of the dogs did not appear very fit when it came to the search, something I have often noticed, people seem to forget the concentration and stamina needed by dogs to do a good track AND search. If they are mentally and physically tired no matter how well trained they are, it's going to be hard work for them. This was not the case with all the dogs this weekend, and I admire the handlers who really worked and PRAISED their dogs, even if it was for only 1 article.

1st           Stevi boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND CDX,UDX,WDX. Harley did an excellent track and search, very steady.Track 98/30, Search 35. I've seen this team work before, a pleasure to watch, Good Luck in ticket.Qualifed 213.5

2nd         Ron Jacques and DETANIA GOAN GET'EM CDX,UDX,WDX. . Ron and Tilly  also did an excellent track and search, well handled by Ron, who got the best out of Tilly in the search, lovely to watch. Well Done Ron. Track 97.5/30 Search 35. Qualified 211

3rd          Lesley Oldham and WAGGERLAND WOW OF NEDLO. Good round by these two, shame that Beanie dropped and lost last article.Track 89/30 Search 27.Qualified 197.5.

4th          Jean Cooke and DUNNSLAYNE MAC CDX,UDX. Another good team, another Champion in the making !!  Track 91/25 Search 26. Qualified 189.5

The rest did not qualify but did their tracks.

Paula Bridges and KINGSLODGE JEZABELLE CDX,UDX,WDX Track 97/30 Search 9

Pam Stare and KASSIEGER SHEROCCO. Track 97/20 search 31

Stella Smyth and MORROW RED CHAKOLA. Track 94/30 search 19


Stella Smyth and WARRIGAL BLUE KOOKYNIE AT MORROW. Track 86/30 Search 18

Gill McGregor and TYTRI TEG, CDX,UDX. Track 86/20 search 10

Well done and Good Luck for the future.

I would also like to thank Ruth Payton for staying at home and looking after my husband Dolly, so letting me have a weekend without worrying. Also to all those who ask and show concern about his health, Thanks to everyone. He is doing well and learning to walk on his leg

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