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Trials Managers Report

My thanks to all the people who helped to make this trial run smoothly. A special thanks to the judges Frances, Julie, Sue and Pete for setting good tests and also a very special thanks to Lil Diggins and Sandra Lewindon for all their help at the base.

We managed to get green fields for the tracking and that resulted in a good percentage of qualifiers in the nosework and the weather also behaved giving us five dry days!

Thank you all for coming and I hope that you enjoyed our Iceni trial



CD Stake


Steward:Pam Spare

This is the first time that I have attended this trial, due mainly to being involved with the BAGSD trial at Banbury on the same weekend, but I was grateful for the invite to judge the CD Stake and will look forward I hope to compete here within the near future. I believe that Les Theobald did most of the groundwork and Cohn Ball stepped in at the last minute to be Trials Manager and as far as I was concerned everything worked like clockwork with a great band of helpers.

I was given superb accommodation and was kept well fed, which didn't help with my dieting campaign.

Pam was my steward & chauffeur for the day, great company and ensured that all competitors had the same test and also gave them plenty of time to relax and compose themselves. Thanks Pam for giving your time.

I think, as I believe like most people, that CD is the most difficult stake to get a qualification. It remains to be seen if the new rules that come into force next July will make any difference and encourage more people into our sport.

I hope that the competitors found my test straightforward, as I consider it right to set a test to see what these young dogs can do and not to crucify them because a good percentage will fail themselves on one of the exercises, but I hope they go home with some positives.

1st           George Harding THERE'S A K1NDA HUSH (B) ROTT Q 93'/2/100 It was nice to see George competing again; Sofie worked all exercises very well and a well-deserved win.

2nd         John Lambert UNION JACK (D) GSD Q 84/100 Jack is an ex-police dog, I think he's landed on his feet with John who is a nice handler new to trials, so keep flying the flag! Well done.

3rd          Joyce Cashmore DASHING HANSOME JAKE (D) LAB/RET NQ Jake was unlucky today, just a little mix up on the scale or would have qualified, everything else was solid.

4th          Jane Clarke CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX (D) BC NQ Jane knew Flynn was not quite ready, a little more work on the jumps required. Did a very good sendaway.


UD Stake


Track Layers: Angela Porter & Pete Jones

Control Steward: Angela Porter

Square Steward: Pam Spare

Many thanks to Iceni for the invite to judge at their Championship Trial. When I was asked to judge this stake, I thought that my dog Moss would not be able to compete again due to cruciate ligament rupture so I was willing to accept. I'm please to say that he has qualified twice TDx in the last six months since his injury and hopefully with careful training will continue on the right track!

My first time at Iceni and very glad I accepted the appointment as it is a great trial with a fantastic group of helpers, great accommodation, plenty of good food, brilliant tracking fields and what about the weather? Could not have wished for better for this time of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, thanks to all concerned especially to Cohn who did a super job as Trials Manager.

My tracklayers and stewards did a first class job and I enjoyed your company, thanks for all your help and for giving dogs and handlers every chance to do the test that I had set.

1st           Richard Cornwell KAUFEN BERG GRUBER (D) GSD Q 190 Nice young GSD, well handled by Richard very steady track 88, full mark square and super sendaway.

2nd         Barry James TYTRJ KAY (B) BC Q 182 A good all round performance, the only dog to get full marks jumps. Well done.

3rd          Margaret Richardson ELECAMPANE ELKI (B) GSD Q 180 Awarded Best Track trophy 89, had no problems with ground conditions, went round as if on tramlines.

4th          Ruth Payton GOYTRE'S ACES HIGH WITH KALIAZAR (D) BC UD only Went astray with two legs to go on track, 33 square. Just missed qualification.

Tracking was on sparse winter wheat, which some dogs coped with very well and some didn't.

I was surprised as to the standard of the agility, you could not have asked for better ground it was like a snooker table, yet we only had one dog that gained full marks. Room for some thought here.

Thank you all for entering and I hope you enjoyed the test that I set; it was my pleasure to watch you and your dogs.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Chris, Colin & Alan

Stewards: Jane

My thanks to ICENI for the invitation to judge the WD Stake. We were looked after by Francis and Colin. My tracklayers did a super job and my steward was excellent, many thanks. The fields were super, lots of growth which for ICENI is unusual and the weather was good. Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me.

1st           Sally Bergh-Roose and TOILERS TRINO AT SARCWAY GSD 188. This dog came on with real attitude, super to watch, well done Sally.

2nd         Pat McGrane and LITTLETHORN CLASSIC B/C 181.5. Well done super square.

3rd          Sharon Carter and IVYMOOR KALYPSO KATIE Weimaraner 181. Well done.

4th          Alan Wright and CAMPBELL BLACK 180.5

Also qualifying;

Colin Harrison with SHINEHILL NINA BC 175.5



TD Stake


Tracklayers: Gary Martin And Mark Lewindon.

Steward:Brian Martin

Thank you very much to the committee of Iceni for inviting me to judge the TD Stake at their 2004 Championship trial and to Les Theobald and my other half, Colin, for all the hard work involved organising and running this extremely successful  event.

Gary and Mark laid all the tracks between them, with Gary taking the early stint each day. Both were new to championship TD track laying and they made a superb job of it. You would be hard pushed to find two more conscientious tracklayers. Gary's dad, Brian, stewarded both the nosework and control for me, as well as chauffeuring, carrying my bags and even my coat (when it got too hot on Saturday!!!!!), fetching and carrying the lunch and making the coffee. Nothing was too much trouble for him so I was able to concentrate solely on judging. What a great team they all made and I am extremely grateful for all their help and great company. Lil Diggins kindly made breakfast for Colin and me to allow me an extra half hour in bed and Lil and Sandra Lewindon did a great job at the base getting the food bags ready, scores and other admin work.

The tracking ground at Iceni has a reputation for being a bit on the difficult side and has been known to rather bare, dry and brown in the past, but this year the wheat came through just in time for the trial - the Friday prior to the trial it was still brown with only the very faintest green haze but had grown to 3 - 4 inches by the end of the trial! The farm that we used is down by the sea wall and is notoriously windy (which it was on the first two days, pretty breezy on the third and like a summer's day on the fourth) so it was with this in mind that I devised the track pattern with no legs shorter or closer than 30 yards. 39 dogs worked and a fantastic 25 qualified in the nose work section. Only one dog and handler team that completed the track failed to recover sufficient articles and all the dogs recovered at least three articles from the search square.

The control work, after three non-qualifiers, commenced with the down stay and that claimed five casualties - four dogs sitting up at various times and another getting up to greet its handler. For the speak the dog was positioned behind a car. The handler went out of sight round the car after coming to me to confirm his number and tell me which position his dog would take over the scale. A further speak (for one mark) followed with the handler and steward standing either side of the dog. The owner of the field - which was longish grass - had mown an area of about 35 - 40 yards square for his grandchildren to play football on, so that made an excellent area on which to put the jumps. I also decided to put most of the heelwork on this area, and the shovel in the middle was just to see if the dogs were aware of where they were going! Most of the dogs either stepped over or side stepped it - but one handler managed to trip over it! The sendaway was to a large tree in the hedge on the right (about 140 yards) with a redirect at right angles to a tree in the left hand corner (about 140 yards again). If the dogs went a bit too far or didn't stop when told to, they disappeared out of sight where the field dropped away!

After that the results were as follows:

1st           and CC Maeve Weselby's Labrador STYPERSON TAY The second dog (first of Maeve's) to work on the first day when the wind was at its strongest, Tay dragged Maeve round in just 10 minutes, followed by an excellent search and good control and agility. A very real pleasure to watch this team work. Well done and best of luck at the KCCs next year. (98.5 +30+34+31+20= 213 .5 ) Qu Ex

2nd         and Reserve CC Sheila Tannert's Labrador W.T. Ch STYPERSON BRIAR Sheila and Briar followed Maeve and took a lengthy 12 minutes!! (The average was 15- 16 minutes). Unfortunately Briar, to her cost, missed the first track article otherwise another superb round. (97.5 +25+35+32.5+20=210) Qu Ex

3rd          Maeve Weselby's Labrador STYPERSON MILLIE What more can I say - yet another Labrador and yet Maeve again! Took 11 minutes to complete the track, despite Maeve making Purdy wait while she ran across the field chasing her handkerchief that had blown off in the wind! Unfortunately missed the end article but, apart from the gun, yet another impressive round. (99+25+35+28 .5+20=207.5 ) Qu Ex.

4th          After a run off  Gary Atkins' Border Collie CAFROLL RON Tracking on Saturday in glorious sunshine and very little wind, Ron and Gary had to work hard on the track - appeared to be better conditions for tracking than the previous three dogs but lots of footprints to contend with. What do we know about what a dog should find easy??!!  Things got a bit hairy on the sendaway when Ron disappeared from sight (and did you enjoy your trip?). Well done

(91.5 + 30+35+27+20= 203.5 ) Qu Ex

Also qualifying TD Ex:

Tony Lockyer's WSD W T Ch HARTSHILL ROB 203 .5

Arthur Jeal's BC BRIDGALPINE SPOT  198 .5


Rod Roberts XB LITTLE BART  195 .5


Nick Boyce's WSD JUST DEXTER 191

Linda Newbold's XB LITTLE BRADLEY 191



Qualifying TD only:

Sheren Perez's WSD KAY LAREN 175 .5

Angela Porter's Golden Retriever HECTOR OF CARISBROOKE 168

There were, inevitably, several hard luck stories and disappointments but I should just like to say a very big thank you to ALL the competitors for accepting my decisions in a very sportsmanlike manner. I thoroughly enjoyed my five days and feel privileged that I was able to watch such wonderful nose work. I should just like to wish ALL of you the very best of luck at future trials.

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