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Trials Manager's Report

I must say a really big 'thank you' to the superb group of members without whose help I couldn't run this trial. They are as follows:

Tracklayers Les Theobald, Gary Martin and Mark Lewindon (who got the day off as so many entrants had scratched!) (TD), Colin Diggins and Alan Wright (WD), Colin Diggins and Brian Martin(UD), Stewards Eric Nichols (C&A), Adrian French and Caroline Dewsnip (TD), Jane Clarke (WD) and Nick Brunner (UD)

Escorts Jane Bartlett, Brian Martin and Derek Stansfield

General duties: Pam Stare, Jane Clarke, Caroline Dewsnip and Jane Bartlett.

Many of the above were multi-talented and were also there to help with the setting up and clearing away - for which I am extremely grateful.

Another thank you must go to all our judges with whom it was a pleasure to work - Dorothy Bowen (CD & C&A), Maeve Weselby (TD nosework), Paul Morling (WD nosework) and Norma Ansell (UD nosework).

Entries were down quite a bit this year (probably because we clashed with ASPADS Enfield Championship) but it was great to have eight new people entered in Open CD. I hope you enjoyed your experience as newcomers to trials and we look forward to seeing you all in a higher stake next year!! Lastly to all competitors - thanks for being such a nice bunch of people and helping to make Iceni such a nice trial to run.



C.D. Stake - TD/WD/UD control and agility


Steward: Eric Nichols

Thank you to Iceni German Shepherd Dog Club for the invitation to judge the C.D. Stake and TD/WD/UD control and agility at this trial and to Frances Ball for running a well organised trial. The evening meals in the pubs were also excellent. Thanks to Eric Nichols for stewarding for me, Colin for acting as marshall for the CD stake, the ladies in the kitchen for the lunch boxes and Lil for writing the certificates.

There were only four qualifiers at this trial. One in CD and three in TD. In CD the handlers were all inexperienced but capable of qualifying with a bit more training.

CD Stake: 8 Entries

1st           Louise Fitzpatrick with BARKING MAD BONZO GSD (D) 87.5 Q. A well deserved win and the only qualifier,

2nd         Amanda Berry with STARFORD WARRIOR GSD (D) 76.5 NQ. The sendaway let you down today but the rest of the control was good.

3rd          Lynne White with FOR THE LOVE OF EDDIE XB (D) 76.6 After a run off with the above. Agility let you down today but the control round was good.

4th          Sharon Webley with ARRANBANKS SPOTTA BOVVA WSD (D) 74.5 NQ. Heelwork good.

UD Stake Control and Agility: 8 entries

1st           Caroline Dewship with BINTIBIN ARDESSIE BC (B) 169 NQ. Full mark agility.

2nd         T. Neesome with DISA MICA OF AQUACADIAN Lab. (B) 162 NQ. Good retrieve. Handled by Joyce Neesome.

3rd          Joyce Cashmore with DASHING HANDSOME JAKE Lab ret. (D) 156.5 NQ. Good control round but did not attempt the scale.

4th          Angela Gourd with NICKILA RED Terv (D) 150.5 NQ

WD Stake Control and Agility: 4 entries

1st           Mr & Mrs Hardaway with GEMMA FOSTERBOOTH OF BURNAWAY GSD (B). 172 NQ. Failed the agility. Good control round. Handled by Bill Hardaway.

2nd         Penny Bann with JENNALINE‚ÄôS MUCKIN FUDDLE GSP (D). 101.5 NQ qualified in the control and agility.

TD Stake Control and Agility: 16 entries

1st           Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY WSD (D) 207.5. well deserved win. Full mark agility and excellent control round.

2nd         Jill Carruthers with JASUETER RED GARNET GSD (B). 195 well done.

3rd          Pat Middleton-Smith with SLIEVE CLINKER BC (B) 183 Well done. Full mark agility.

4th          W. Wright with CAMPBELL BLACK BC (D) 197 NQ Failed the down stay.

Thank you to all the competitors for making my time judging you so enjoyable. Good luck in future trials.


UD nosework

Judge: Norma Ansell

Tracklayers: Brian Martin, Colin

Squares: Nick first time well done and thanks

Thanks to the society for asking me to judge. With a small entry I had a very enjoyable, relaxed day. Four dogs out of six qualified the nosework, but sadly for various reasons, failed the control so no overall qualifiers.

1st           Mrs C.M. Dewship. BINTIBIN ARDESSIE BC 169. very competent little bitch won't be long before you qualify. Good luck in the future.

2nd         Mr & Mrs Neesome DISA MICA OF AQUACADIAN Lab. 162 one of 2 super labs working today. Handled by Joyce Neesome. Dog brought four out of square but handler lost one of them - lesson learnt. Good luck next time.

3rd          Ms I Cashmore. Lab, 156.5 very strong enthusiastic tracking. I understand this Lab has a jump problem. Hope you sort this out.

4th          Mrs A Ground NICKILA RED. BSD terv. 150.5 galloped round the track really nice to watch but sadly preferred eating the corn found 2 articles but only brought one out. Very frustrating for handler and judge!

Tracking was on fairly lush corn, weather cold but dry. Thanks again for a lovely day.

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