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Stake: CD


Control Steward: Elaine Ford

Search Steward: Adrian French

Thank you ICENI for the invitation to judge the CD stake at you Championship trial and to Les Theobald for running the trial in his usual efficient manner.

There were 19 entries of which 10 worked on a nice grass field. The agility appeared to cause the main problem today with no dogs gaining full marks.

1st           Tony Lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL. A nice round by this experienced handler. Full mark square and retrieve. Well done Tony. 90.5

2nd         Sharon Webley with ARRONBANKS SPOTTA BOVVA. Very close marks on the agility. Well done. 84

3rd          Felicity Boulderstone with UTHYR DRAGON. I am sure you will qualify next time. Good luck. 77.5 CD only

4th          Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNESAWAY. The down stay and sendaway were very costly today. I am sure you will sort them out. Good luck in the future. 71.5 NQ

Finally a big thank you to my stewards who all did an excellent job; search steward Adrian French, control steward Elaine Ford and Estelle Hook for ensuring all competitors arrived at the right place on time. All first timers at stewarding at a trial.


Stake: UD


Steward; Paula Jaques

Tracklayers: Colin Diggins and Alan Wright.

Thanks to ICENI for invitation to judge. Thanks to tracklayers Alan and Colin for super job.

Thanks to Paula for stewarding C/A and squares.

8 entries 6 ran.

All work in one day starting with C/A. Control of very good standard in general with some super Sendaways. All dogs qualified jumps and stays.

Nosework on winter crop . Weather very good.

All but one dog qualified nosework, some lovely tracks all dogs getting at least 3 out of square.

1st           L.Davies with ZEKA. (crossbreed) Qex on 192. Super sendaway and lovely track and square. Only dog with 20 for jumps. Dog has lovely attitude and should go far. Well done.

2nd         N. Boyce with KATY (WSD) Qex on 190.5. Very good control, only no return over scale let you down. Best track only losing half mark. Super little dog. Well done.

3rd          F Boulderstone with YUTHYR (lab ret) Qex on 178.5. again 10 mark sendaway and super track. Lovely big dog . Well done.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Brian Martin and Sue Ashby

Search Stewards: Pam Stare and Jason

Control Steward: Frances Ball

Thank you, to Iceni for the invitation to judge and to everyone who looked after me. Brian and Sue laid all my tracks with their usual precision. Pam laid squares for me on Friday, and Jason, who had not helped at a trial before, on Saturday. Thank you both very much. Francis was my control steward and I forgot to mention you at the presentation, thank you!

Tracking proved very difficult although the ground looked reasonable, crop with some growth but the ground was dry and there was quite a strong breeze.

1st           Chris Stewart with BELDORM DUNCAN St. Poodle (D) 182 qualifying WDex. Duncan went slowly round the track checking quite a lot but got both articles, followed by a good square and a lovely control round. Well done.

2nd         Pearl Rigg with FRONSAC KRUGAR GSD (D) 169 NQ. Bad luck Pearl especially as you had got round the track but your control let you down.

3rd          Ann Wright with CARISHILL CHESTNUT G/Ret (D) 86.5 NQ

4th          Roger Shrimpton with GRELGANNA KIRI BC (B) 86.5 NQ


Stake T.D.


Steward: Kate Wykes

Tracklayers: Gary & Mark

A big thank you to the club and to Les Theobald for asking me to judge, I had a wonderful week at this well organised and run trial, Les and his band of helpers did their usual good job of making this trial such a good event. My two tracklayers Gary, who laid all the earlies, and Mark, who laid the rest, did a wonderful job and every competitor had the same chance as all the tracks were laid superbly, exactly as I had wanted, thank you both very much indeed.  To Kate who laid all the squares and scribed for me on control day, plus kept us all in order, thank you for once again doing a superb job.  The weather was extremely cold and windy, but we were very lucky and only had a very small amount of rain, however the cold weather obviously affected the way the dogs tracked as most of the nosework qualifiers came from the two days when it was slightly, very slightly warmer and we finished up with 22 to go forward to the C & A.

19 of the qualifiers turned up for the C & A on Sunday morning with one non qualifier, the control field took its usual toll of the competitors and we finished up with 9 qualifiers overall, however we still managed to get two of them on the same mark, so, a run off for the winner, this was a track which most of the people there came to watch, the result of which was

1st           & CC LITTLE BART CDex TDex PDex Crossbreed (D) handler Rod Roberts, a competent all round performance from this experienced handler got the best out of his dog, and, subject to Kennel Club approval makes his dog up to a Working Trials Champion, well done Rod. 206 1/2 Q ex

2nd         & res CC WT CH WAGGERLAND FLOSS BC (B) handler Ann Fowler, another very good all round performance from this pair put them up there but a missed article on the run off track cost them today, hard luck Ann. 206 1/2 Q ex. p.s. Well done on winning the KCCs

3rd          LITTLE TARKA OF HARTSHILL CDex TDex GSD (D) handler Tony Lockyer, a good all round performance, but not your day today. 199 1/2 Q ex

4th          WT CH JOLLY JILL CDex TDex WSD (B) handler Pat Herbert, another good all round performance. 199 Q ex

Also qualifing

TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY CDex TDex BC (B) handler Margeret Robinson 196.5 Q ex

WT CH LAETARE DAY JAVU CDex TDex BC (D) handler Barry Gilbert 191 Q ex

GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL CDex TDex BC (B) handler Wendy Beasley188.5 Q ex

WT CH BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL CDex TDex PDex BC (B) handler Wendy Beasley 184.5 Q ex

ALICE ON SPRINGS CDex WDex Lab Ret (B) handler Frances Ball 180 Q ex. First one well done.

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