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Trial Manager’s Report

Entries were so low this year that we ran the trial on only one day. It’s a shame because the land at Iceni in the spring is always good.

I must say a really big ‘thank you’ to the fantastic bunch of helpers without whom I couldn’t run this trial – Les Theobald, Gary Martin, Brian Martin, Chris Theobald, Caroline Dewsnip, Alan Wright, Nick Brunner, Estelle Hook, Eric Nichols and last, but definitely not least, my other half, Colin.

Another thank you must go to all our judges with whom it was a pleasure to work – Val Upton (C&A), Christine Stewart (UD nosework), Ron Jaques (WD nosework) and Penny Bellis (TD nosework).

Lastly the competitors – thanks for being such a nice bunch of people and helping to make Iceni such a nice trial to run.



Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Chris Theobald and Caroline Dewsnip

Steward: Nick Brumner

Thank you Frances and Iceni GSD Club for my first judging appointment.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  What more could I wish for?  Good company and food, and even better weather, a lovely sunshiny spring day.  It was a pity the entry was low.

Thanks to Chris and Caroline for laying my track pattern - Caroline’s first time also.  Nick did a first class job with the search squares and keeping me fed and watered – thanks.

Tracking was on winter wheat, with the ground drying out as the day went on. Of the 5 entries, only 1 completed the track. 

1st  Wendy Suggers with ISLA – the only competitor to get round the track.  Well done.

2nd  George Harding with SOPHIE – Sophie is very laid back and decided not to track today.  Did a super search square.

3rd  Colin Diggins with BRUNO – a headstrong dog who was not committed to tracking today.

4th  Julia Ferguson with DIGGER – Digger set off on the track with great enthusiasm and I hoped he would get round, but not to be today.  Went on to do an excellent search square.


Stake: WD nosework


Tracklayer. Brian Martin

Steward Paula Jaques

Thanks to Iceni for the invitation to judge, and to Frances Ball and helpers for running the trial.

We only had three entries and all three ran. Tracking conditions were good slightly windy, and all tracks expertly laid by Brian. Thanks Brian. Thanks also to Paula for laying the squares. Only one dog qualified the nosework - Sandra Lewindon with India, but unfortunately went out on the C/A.

1st           John Lambert with JACK. 92 NQ. Lovely dog keep on trying.

2nd         Angela Gourd with TARN. 75 NQ.

Best WD Nosework trophy went to Sandra Lewindon with India. Well done Sandra.

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