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Open Trial
Trial Held: 20 April 2003



CD Stake& UD, TD Control & Agility

Judge : Julia Skipp

Thank you Iceni GSDC for the invitation to judge the C/A and CD stake.

Thanks also to Colin and Francis for the smooth running of the trial and to Eric who stewarded for me.

The weather was unusually good although it was bitterly cold on Saturday.

To all the competitors I hope you enjoyed the test and well done to all who qualified, to the rest your day will come just keep at it.

CD Stake

1st           Nicole Greville with Kaliden Great Reaction CoM 81.5 Well done.  Extra commands and shuffling around cost you a few marks.

2nd         Angela Gourd with Nickila Red NQ 63.5 Very good control round Sit stay and long jump need a little work.

3rd         Jenny Kew with Terverley Pinky NQ 63 Stays proved to be a bit too much today for Smudge

4th          Alan Wright with Cambell Black NQ 62 Cambell can do the agility.

UD Stake

1st           Jan Rex with Ivymoor Misty CoM 171 Well done Jan.  Lovely sendaway.

2nd         Sharon Carter with Ivymoor Kalypso Katie CoM 171 Shame you didn't get to the runoff

3rd         Wendy Beasley with Glenalpine Phoebe of Stardell CoM 167 Full point sendaway.

4th          Alan Wright with Cambell Black. NQ 181.5 The down stay was very costly

WD Stake

1st           Jean Howells with Glenalpine Jed NQ182.5 The sendaway cost this team the qualification bad luck.

2nd         Judith Owens with Fircroft Sheelin NQ166.5

3rd         Eleanour Mestraud with Wolfhard Ylgr NQ 161

4th          Yvonne Filleul with Rustic Fox NQ 158.5

TD Stake

1st           Jeff Poole with Greater Manchester Police, Manpol Robyn CoM 188.5 The only dog to qualify well done, glad he did the speak

2nd         Paul Beasley with Grelganna leo of Stardell NQ 167 Good sendaway and redirect.

3rd         Bob Cook with Barrows Mystere from Steinmetz NQ111.5 Full point agility

4th          Paula Bridge with Kingslodge Jezeabelle NQ92 Good speak


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