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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 02 November 2003



Companion Dog Stake

Judge: Roger Shrimpton

Steward: Guy Ansell 

I would like to thank Iceni GSD Club for inviting me to judge the C.D. stake at their Championship Trial and Trials Manager Les Theobald for organising the event. A very special thank you to Guy Ansell, my steward for the day. He did a great job for me and the competitors, was good company and a pleasure to work with. 

Of thirteen entries, nine teams took part. The overall standard was quite good, but it is about getting it all right on the day, and sorry to say there were the inevitable disappointments. 

Some of the dogs made the search square look easy but retrieves were not so good. At least two dogs seemed very upset by local gunfire in the background which got them off to a bad start. Heelwork and recalls were al of a good standard but I was most impressed with the sendaway, which was 80 odd paces out to a fence, and all of the dogs did well at this exercise. The agility section was not so good with the long jump and return over the scale causing the most problems. Stays started off OK with all seven dogs that took part successfully getting through the Sit stay, but unfortunately two dogs broke the Dowm. 

I finished the day with two qualifiers, but there were teams that showed a lot of promise that, with experience, will do well. 

1st           Colin Ball with Conneywarren Tucker Box (Lab) 94 Qex. First time out for Colin with his young dog I believe, and both seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is how it should be, although I think Colin was a little nervous. Your dog worked very well indeed in all exercises, and you certainly looked pleased at the end of the day. Well done both of you, and good luck in the future.

2nd         Sandra Dearing with Sheltysham Shepson of Proform (BC) 81.5 Qex. Sonny did not like my sendaway today, and only 2 articles from the search square marred what was otherwise a very nice solid round. Well done and good luck.

3rd         Belinda Chapman with P D Kai of Newcourt (GSD) 85 NQ. A good search square and control round with a very nice sendaway had things looking good, problems on the agility section spoilt your day but I'm sure you will get it sorted.

4th          Michellel Falcon with Laetare Lexical Volume (GSD) 81.5 NQ. Tia was never settled in the Down stay and finally broke which was a great shame as the rest of her work was of a very good standard. Better luck next time. 




Tracklayers:   Marion  Sheilds   &  Mark Lewindon

Search  Steward: Jane Bartlett

C & A Steward: Eric Nicholson

lceni's Trials are always well run and enjoyable  events  whether one  is competing or judging. Conditions can be hard but that makes a certificate from this society even more precious. I was delighted to be asked to judge U.D. and must thank the hard working Trials Manager. Les Theobald. and the Committee for a smashing weekend.

My tracklayers put down the tracks and articles as I  had requested - very accurate- a special mention must go to search steward Jane, who  was performing the task for the  first time. ALL dogs recovered ALL the articles from the squares. which says how good Jane was at her job. Eric was great company and gave clear instructions as C. & A. steward. Before starting to work a dog in trials, l was search steward at a WD open trial for Eric, who was judging, too many years ago! Life goes round in circles.

The weather on the tracking day was windy but dry. the C & A day was very wet. AII but one dog qualified in the nosework, two went out on the jumps and one in the stay.

At the present time my youngest Weimaraner bitch is working at this level, so I set a test I knew she could complete. Congratulations to the qualifiers:

1st          Di  Boxall. BOXALONG BOY  (WS) D. N/w 143.5, C. 35. Jumps 14. Well done. a polished performance with a sensitive dog.  You must be pleased. UDex.

2nd         Frances  Ball.  ALICE ON SPRINGS (Lab)  B.  139.5/26.5/15.  A  well deserved qualification, hard earned by Frances, UDex.

3rd          Yvette  Pitt.  TIRGRAM RATIA OF ALROBI  (GSD) B. 119/31/14.5. A very lucky trial for you! UDex.

4th          Jan  Vallack,  VOMHAUSNYE FERN (GSD) B. 152.5/33.5/5. NQ. Jan was awarded the Best UD track for a GSD (full marks) and Best Nosework by a Club Member Trophy. What a way for your bitch to go into retirement!




Tracklayers: Brian  Martin &  Paula Harvey

Search  Stewards:  (Fri)  Chris  Clement

(Sat) Jane Clarke

The weather was quite kind with no rain during the day but a strong drying wind which contributed to the low success rate. Most dogs applied themselves to the task in hand but were unable to complete the track in the required time.

I would like to thank Brian and Paula for tracklaying and the two ladies who laid the

squares. On completion of the nosework we had 4 qualifiers.

The CIA started on Saturday at 10.30 with the down stay in the pouring rain . The rain continued during the control and agility and may have contributed to the failures that we had. At the end of the day we had only one qualifier.

1st           Mr J Phillip s, JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY (GSD) D.l74 marks Qex. A worthy winner showing great concentration and perseverance in the nosework section.

2nd          Mr G Ansell STARDRIVE ACE OF SPADES (GSD) D. 173 marks NQ.

3rd           Mrs P Stare, KASSIEGER SH EROCCO (GSD) 0.153.5 marks.

4th           Mrs J Watkins, KINGSLODGE INDIANNA (WSD) B. 148 marks

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge the WD stake and for the gift of a crystal whisky tumbler. I understand that the TD judge traded hers for another year's subscription to the RAC who were only too pleased to "re-lay" her home again.


TD Stake

Judge: Linda Bowden

Tracklayers:  Derek Chaplin, Colin Diggins, Colin Ball, Eric Nicholls and Les Theobald.

Squares Steward:  Frances Ball                    

Control Steward:  Colin Ball 

My thanks to the Society for the invitation, to my very able tracklayers and stewards and to Lil and her helpers in the kitchen, you were a very pleasant group to work with. 

When I spoke to Les at the end of September and he told me the ground had been drilled with winter rape, I was optimistic that the law of averages says we would have had some rain before the trial, and hoped we wouldn't have too many frosts!  Oh dear, Essex seemed to have faired far worse than even our drought prone gravel fields, with not a blade of green to be seen in any of the fields.  With this in mind, I was concerned that if the dry weather continued, the dogs would be tracking the equivalent of a hard surface track and if they were fortunate enough to get to an article, they deserved some reward!  However, overnight on Tuesday it rained!! and the Essex mud sticks in its own way, i.e. instead of having large plates of mud on your boots, you build it up under the boot into a stilt, which from time to time, dogs, handlers and tracklayers lost! causing some very ungainly movement in all at times.  The result of this was that on the first day, you could clearly see the footprints on the fields and every dog tracked and recovered at least two articles!  The next day we woke to a clear sky and fields which quickly dried out again, the first two dogs sailed round and during the rest of the day, only three dogs managed to complete the track.  The third day brought rain and fresh fields, again everyone tracked; on the last day, which was bright and windy, only one dog managed to get more than half way round.  This left us with 20 qualifiers on the nosework from an entry of 39. 

We had 20 dogs including one non-qualifier back on Sunday for the control, 4 of which broke the stays, two failed the jumps, the remainder going out as a result of poor or non-existent speaks, poor or non-existent sendaways and untidy heelwork, or a combination of these, resulting in 9 qualifiers.

1st           Nicky Boyce's JUST DEXTER WSD with 205 marks, not only was this the dog's first ticket, but also his first TDex. 

2nd         Dave Marchant'sMISTER JAKE WSD with 198.5 marks.

3rd         Dave Martin's VOMDERMULE ARNO GSD with 195 marks also winning the trophy for the Best Track. 

4th          S Plumb's MELNOLA SWINGTIME X with 193 marks.

Also gaining TDex

Jean Cooke's WT CH MELNOLA MOONDANCE X with 191marks.

Paul Adams's MOONBEAM SHADOW WSD with 190 marks.

Linda Newbold's LITTLE BRADLEY X, C Brooke's LONGCOPSE CYCLONE Lab with 182 marks.

Alyson Tohme's FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO with 179 marks.

Thank you Colin, your excellent stewarding ensured the test went smoothly and kept us in the rain for the minimum of time.  Thank you also for chauffeuring me when my car's brakes failed (yes, this seems to be a habit it has when I judge at a trial), yet again I had the luxury of being driven home with the car on the breakdown - the RAC's service was again fantastic, the driver of the breakdown even allowing both my dogs in his cab. 

Good luck to everyone in 2004, if I can curtail my young dog's aggression towards other dogs, I will hopefully be competing against you soon.


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