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Stakes: UD, WD and TD Nosework


Tracklayers: UD - Alan Sword and Jane Clarke; WD - Jane Clarke; TD - Sandra and Mark Lewindon

Steward: Tess Shoolbred

Many thanks to ICENI for the invitation to judge the nosework for the UD, WD and TD stakes.  Special thanks to Tess for laying searches in all three stakes and her daughter Harriett for the overnight accommodation just five miles away.  Always easy to unwind when surrounded by young children.

UD Stake:

1st           John Phillips, HUNDESCHAFER CADEN, GSD, 187, COM.  A very young dog, well handled by an experienced handler.  John worked him well when he begun to tire in square.

2nd         Elaine Mills, WILLOWRISE HONEY, Labrador, 176, COM.  Worked well despite handler’s nerves in square. 

3rd          Jill Kevis, BUMBLERIDGE’S NIGHT STAR, CDEx, Bearded Collie, 175, NQ.  Good tracker but worked too fast in square.

4th          Sandra Wright, FLEECE WISPERIN IN THE MIST, WSD, 173.5, NQ.  Tracked and searched well.

A special thanks to Eric Nicholls, who had mentored many of the local dogs and handlers in this stake in club training sessions.  Pleased to see so many enthusiastic local handlers in the stake who had done their bit to help others prior to them competing.

WD Stake:

1st           Mrs Pam Davies, MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, UDEx, GSD, handled by Pete ROSS, 176.5, COM.  Jet, the only qualifier, tracked and searched well, deserving his qualification on the excellent tracking conditions, lush winter corn that had been drilled by a tractor and spreader costing £360k!  Whatever happened to the grey Fergie?

TD Stake:

1st           Kate Peyton, ASTLEY FLEET, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Border Collie, 208, COM.  Fleet was a worthy winner of the stake, losing only four marks throughout the nosework.  Dog and handler on the same wavelength, a joy to watch. 

2nd         Margaret Robinson, JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, 206, COM.  Tracked well but slow to settle into search. 

3rd          Manda McLennan, GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLINDT, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, 199, COM.  Well worked nosework from committed team

4th          Sheila Tannert, TARNEDGE WISP, CDEx, UDEx, WDEX, Labrador, 198.5, COM.  After missing the first track article she tracked well, but Sheila had to work hard to rally her tiring dog in the square.

Also qualifying COM:

Wendy Beasley, STARDELL VENUS, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Border Collie, 187.  Tracked and searched well but another that tired in the latter part of the track.

Ann Ketteringham, PADDYPAWS AT COALWAY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Cross, 187.  Tracked steadily with nose well down but spent more time tracking than searching in the square.  Still well worth returning to your homeland for worthy qualification.

Finally my thanks to the ICENI team for keeping my tracks to time and keeping us fed and watered throughout the weekend, all capably managed by Frances and Colin Ball.  The tracking land was excellent throughout the weekend and very consistent in growth – that expensive tractor must be doing something right!  Thank you, Mr Farmer.


Stakes: CD Stake, UD, WD and TD Control and Agility


Stewards: Jill Kevis - Fri/Sat, Dave Self - Sun.

I wish to commence by thanking ICENI DTC Committee for asking me to judge. It is an honour to be asked and always enjoyable.  Frances and Colin Ball were running the trial in their usual professional manner - thank you for all your hospitality and good company.  The club members did a sterling job, with Elaine and Julie in the kitchen on Friday and Saturday and then they both worked their dogs in UD on Sunday.  Graham and Jackie took over the kitchen on the Sunday.  Thank you to you all for feeding me so well.  Jill stewarded on the Friday and Saturday, then also worked her two dogs in UD on Sunday - Dave stewarded on the Sunday - both were very competent in their work, but also put the competitors at ease.  I much appreciated your help, it made my job a great deal easier.

The competitors were a friendly happy crowd, working their dogs in a manner that was a joy to watch.  Julie's Weimaraner and Jill's Bearded Collie are two that certainly I won’t forget – Julie received a round of applause at the end of her round!  Thank you all for entering and accepting my decisions.

CD Stake:

2 entered, 2 cancelled

UD Stake:

7 entered, 7 worked

1st           John Phillips and HUNDESCHAFER CADEN, GSD, D, 187, COM.  A lovely big black Shepherd, who worked beautifully with a very competent C/A round.  Only hiccup was the long jump, but full marks in other exercises ensured this first place.

2nd         Elaine Mills and WILLOWRISE HONEY, Lab, B, 176, COM.  A very good all-round performance AND Elaine was in the kitchen the first two days of the trial.

3rd          JiII Kevis and BUMBLERIDGE'S NIGHT STAR, Bearded Collie, D, 175, NQ.  A wonderful dog to watch working, very good in every exercise but uncharacteristically went out on the scale.  Jill also stewarded for me the first two days of the trial and also worked her Springer Spaniel in this Stake.

4th          Sandra Wright and FLEECE WHISPERIN TN THE MIST, WSD, B, 173.5, NQ.  Sadly went out on the stay, which was the first C/A exercise, but went on to complete a competent performance.

WD Stake:

4 entered, 2 worked

1st           Pam Davies’ MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, GSD, D, handled by Pete Ross, 176.5, COM.  Full marks for heelwork, sendaway and retrieve, just needed 2nd attempt on the long jump.  A solid, professional performance by handler and dog.


18 entered, 13 worked

1st           Kate Peyton and ASTLEY FLEET, BC, D, 208, COM.  A quietly handled professional round which was a joy to watch. Full marks for all exercises except the sendaway, which is a work in progress.

2nd         Margaret Robinson and JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, D, 206, COM.  A very competent pair at work only losing 2 marks on the C/A.  It was a privilege to judge you both.

3rd          Manda McLellan and GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLINDT, GSD, B, 199, COM.  Bailey has now earned her second TD COM in the space of a week, qualifying her for Ticket.  Not an easy dog to work, especially as she was rehomed, but handled well by Manda.

4th          Sheila Tannert and TARNEDGE WISP, Lab, B, 198.5, COM.  The most outstanding C/A, round with Shelia and Inca only losing half a mark.  Thank you for giving me the chance to see you both at work, l'm sure you will do just as well in Ticket.

Also gaining COM:

Wendy Beasley and STARDELL VENUS, BC, B, 187

Ann Ketteringham and PADDYDEPAWS AT COALWAY, XB, D, 187

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