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Intro Stake  Judge: Alan Wright

Steward Sandra Wright

Thank you Sandra for stewarding, this being Iceni first Introductory and sorry to say we only had one entry.
1st Nq Rowena Plumb and Kayla BC 81 1/2
A lovely calm round both handler and dog , full marks search & retrieve and losing 1 mark on control.
Unfortunately Kayla not wanting to jump on the day .
Well done both on your first ever entry .


UD, WD and TD Control and Agility

Judge : John Simpson
Steward: Shirley Simpson
Many thanks to Iceni for the invitation to judge the C & A at their open trial. It was good to meet you all again and a pleasure to have your company for a couple of days. We were well looked after by Frances and Colin and well fed by the ladies in the kitchen, for which we are both grateful.
1st.Eleanor Mestraud and Wolfhart Kindred Spirit. GSD B. Q. The only qualifier in this stake and did a sound control round for a dog so young and inexperienced. Full mark sendaway. Well deserved win.
2nd.Christine Wolstenholme and Tawnyhill Ultra. GR D. NQ. Another young dog I enjoyed watching.
3rd.Pauline Droy-Moore and Kaliazar Dakota. BC B. NQ. Not yet enough control from this fizzy collie.
4th. Carole Brooke and Alfie Cam. Lab D. NQ. A good clear set of jumps but no sendaway was costly.
1st. Ann Trodd and Highglade the Last Waltz for Chelsasa. Beardie B. Q. A lovely control round and full mark jumps. Well done. I loved the movement in the fast pace.
2nd.Jill Kevis and Meadowdale Spider. ESS D. NQ. It must have been the nosework that let this pair down as the C & A was 1 point from being perfect. Lovely to watch.
3rd.Di Assheton Bowtle and The Ashbow Inkspot. Cross B. NQ. A good control round, well within qualifying marks but second attempts on the jumps was costly. It won’t be long .......
4th. Katherine Herbert and Barran Caltums MacMqQ. BC D. NQ. A lovely jumper but not quite enough control.
1st. Mark Lewindon and The Cheka at Bracokeli. GSD D. Q. A well controlled round showed what control is all about, measured and tight, and full point jumps. 215.5 marks overall, a clear winner. Congratulations.
2nd. Sheila Tannert and Tarnedge Leia. Lab B. Q. A sound round of control and agility, well worthy of a qualification. Well Done.
3rd. Sandra Lewindon and Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli. WSD B. NQ. The “blingiest” team of the day did a good C & A round that Sandra was just about in charge of!
4th. Peter Brooke and Pacescott Northern Spy. Lab D. NQ. Excellent control and full mark jumps Nice to watch.


UD & WD Judge: Belinda Spensley

WD tracklayers Alan Sword, Dennis Webb and square steward Pauline Droy-Moore
UD. tracklayers Sandra Wright, Kathy Herbert and square Steward Jill Kevis

Thankyou to the committee of Iceni for inviting me to judge the nosework for UD and WD at their Spring Trial.
Frances and her team are extremely experienced and many of us can learn a thing or two about organising and report times for competitions. Frances had everything covered with helpers in place for every eventuality, all fully understanding their roles and all with the same goal, to ensure the trial ran smoothly. We all know that tracklayers, stewards and ferriers are vital....but so are the ladies in the kitchen who made lovely roles and ‘service with a smile’. Weather was fine and dry....but oh the wind!!!!
I would like to thank my tracklayers for laying the tracks exactly as I asked and for ensuring each competitor had the best chance to complete a successful track.
Jill and Pauline layer the squares perfectly and were lovely company, Thankyou.

U.D. Stake

Of the seven entries only 5 worked with just the one qualifier.

1st Wolfhart Kindred Spirit (Kindy). GSD 190/200 Q
Owned and handled by Eleanor Mestraud
Beautiful track, Kindy didn't lift her nose at all, as a result the wind was no issue for her. Eleanor your experience shows, Kindy is headstrong and keen yet you are calm and that influences her. Just 10 marks lost overall, you must be delighted! Looking forward to watching her progress. Congratulations!

2nd Tawneyhill Ultra (Copper) Golden Retriever NQ
Owned by C. Wolstenholme & D. Moughton. Handled by Christine Wolstenholme
I know you are delighted and rightly so, Copper thoroughly enjoyed himself and just a small glitch on the control stopped you qualifying today. Nosework was fab, track 88 square 35. He's a real baby and you've had a lay off but now up and running, well done!

3rd Kaliazar Dakota (Izzy) Border Collie NQ
Owned and handled by Pauline Droy-Moore
Little Izzy is very young and currently lacks a little confidence. When she started her track we were all willing you both to keep going even when she looked like she was about to give up. You should be very proud of your tenacity Pauline, as a result you gained a track mark of 82 with both articles. Well done and with some maturity, I believe she will love her trials.

4th Alfie Cam (Alfie) Lab Ret. NQ
Owned and handled by Carole Brooke
Alfie is a lovely high drive chap who clearly loves to work. A bit of confusion with the track early on which was a huge shame. Look forward to seeing him again, good luck in the future.

W.D. Stake

5 Competitors

1st Highglade the Last Waltz for Chelsasa (Mattie) Bearded Collie 171/200 Q
Owned and handled by Ann Trodd
I was delighted to watch Mattie track with her long hair billowing around in the strong wind as she concentrated very hard on her job and completed her track gaining 82 marks. How lovely to see a show bred dog working so beautifully, so few breeds can boast they were at Crufts showing at the beginning of the month....and winning WD in working trials at the end! Very well done Ann.

2nd Meadowdale Spider CDex UDex (Ollie) ESS NQ
Owned and handled by Jill Kevis
Well Jill, Ollie is a great little dog and tries hard but the track was too much for him today. His tail keeps wagging whatever and although no consolation.....full mark square!

3rd The Ashbow Inkspot CDex (Inca) GSDX NQ
Owned and handled by Di Assheton-Bowtle
Inca struggled today with the wind Di, another youngster who will benefit from Trials experience and with your help I look forward to seeing her mature. Lovely full mark square!

4th Barran Caltums MacMcq (McQ) Border Collie NQ
Owned and handled by Kathy Herbert
Strikingly beautiful dog, McQ was another casualty of the very strong wind today Kathy, beautiful full mark square!


TD Nosework 

Judge: Les Allen
Steward – Rowena Plumb
Track layers – Dave Self (both days)
Margo Brothwell (Sunday)
Colin Ball (Saturday)

My thanks to ICENI for the invitation to judge the Nosework in this stake, eleven entered and ten competed. We were blessed with dry sunny weather for both days, unfortunately as per normal at this venue it was quite windy making the tracking on the crop quite challenging. My thanks to the team, Dave Self who laid the early’s, which meant a really early start on the Sunday as the clocks went forward and also to Margo & Colin. Rowena did an excellent job of laying the squares and had to recover very few articles as the squares were worked very well. Frances kept both myself and the competitors on the straight and narrow and the (small) team in the kitchen kept me fed and watered and generally looked after me well.

TDSquareTD track

1st – Mark Lewindon with The Cheka @ Bracokeli CDEx, UDEx GSD (D) 215.5 Q. Mark was the last to work on the first day and made the track look easy, it was a pleasure to watch Cheka work at a really steady pace, recovering all the track and square articles. A well deserved first place for this team, first time in TD for this young dog.
Mark won the following trophies, TD winner, best TD Nosework and Jill Richardson Memorial.
2nd – Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Leia CDEx, UDEx Lab (B) 186 Q. Sheila and Leia worked their socks off to complete the track, I didn't think Sheila did running but she did break into a trot at times. Another young dog in very experienced hands who did really well in difficult conditions, unfortunately missed an article on the track and two in the square.
3rd – Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx @ Bracokeli CDEx, UDEx, WDEx WSD (B) NQ. What a little tracking machine Jynx is, completed an excellent track, missing out the last couple of legs, unfortunately missed the articles, it is always easy standing at the pole but she did give a very slight indication but very subtle.
4th – Peter Brooke with Pacescott Northern Spy CDEx, UDEx, Lab (D) NQ. Another very strong tracking dog who was unlucky not to qualify, Quincy overshot the corner on the top leg down into the box, very understandable as the the wind was blowing strongly from behind and Pete didn't work in him back quite enough. Another young dog with a huge amount of potential.

Thanks again to ICENI and the team, I had a great weekend, superb atmosphere, thanks also to the competitors for allowing me to watch and judge their dogs work.

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