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14 – 16 February 2014

Annagh, Gorey, Co.Wexford







My thanks to WTC of Ireland for the invitation to judge at their trial. Having been here before, in 2006, I knew that it would be a fab time and I wasn’t disappointed; great company, humour (required in the rain), hospitality and competitors. It was lovely to see familiar faces from previous visits to Ireland.

To Nigel Tate as Trials Manager – thank you for your organisation and lending out your home as the base; I hope you have maintained the supply of sandwiches to the dogs. Thanks also to Caroline Woods as trials sec, chauffeur and just about everything else; to Miriam Tate and Marie Waters for their hospitality and lovely food, and to my helpers – Caroline, Anne, Miranda and Dougie – you were all fab and great company.

Many thanks to the landowners, Michael Darcy and Larry Donoghue, who offered us good grass fields which didn’t have rivers running through them.

The weather on Friday was atrocious, however it improved over the weekend.

Finally thank you to the competitors, all very sporting, happy with their dogs, which made for a very relaxed and enjoyable time for us all.





Steward: Miranda Moriarty


This stake had an entry of 6, all of whom should have a bright future in trials.


1st Cliona O’Toole and TIME TO TANGO, BC, B, 92.5, Q Ex. This team were still on a high after their UD qualification on Saturday. A very fast, good search, once Tango remembered to present the articles to Cliona rather than throw them at her. Apart from a blip on the long jump, the rest of the round was faultless; Tango worked in a confident, controlled manner with a lovely enthusiasm throughout. Completed the round with a very relaxed down stay – I’m sure she snored! Well done, also winners of the Trophy for fastest search square.


Whilst the others didn’t complete the test, they are full of promise and I’ll mention the ones that aren’t featured in the other stakes. I wish you all the very best with them.


Marjorie Briggs and TRILITE UNIQUE. Lovely outgoing bouncy Weimaraner, which with her energy channelled towards the exercises and a better understanding of them, could do very well.

Mary-Rose Hickey and BESSBOX SOUTHERN STAR. Lovely control of Elli – not the easiest of breed to work (Boxer) but the exercises you have taught him so far has been of the highest standard - barely lost a mark on the heelwork, recall and sit stay. Easily found the articles in the search square; a happy confident dog that just needs more work on the sendaway, down stay and jumps.

Eadaoin O’Gorman and ROXY. A cross boxer/collie this time, again a dog with superb control and a lovely enthusiasm. Very similar to the previously mentioned team, work now on the jumps and sendaway and you will both qualify through the stakes with ease.




Tracklayers: Anne Collen and Miranda Moriarty.

Search Steward: Dougie Tate

C/A Steward: Miranda


1st Cliona O’Toole and TIME TO TANGO, BC, B, 193.5, Q Ex. An excellent track from this enthusiastic dog; very nicely and calmly handled by Cliona when Tango overshot the last corner of the track. Recovered well to complete the track and go on to easily complete the search square. No problems with the control and agility ensured a very worthy qualification. Well done.

2nd Caroline Woods and PARAVEL JUNIPER, GSD, B, NQ. A very driven dog that was surprisingly steady round her track and hardly lifted her head from it. Good search, though work needed on the presentation of the articles. Calmly handled in the control and such is Dekah’s enthusiasm, she should continue to improve with more understanding of what is expected of her. Good agility. It’s all there so enjoy working on her progress; she is very promising. Good luck.


Best track – Angela Higgins and WAGGERLAND ALL SPICE, WSD, B. Cracking track and search square from this team – committed, precise and practically faultless.

Also worth a mention – Miriam Lyons and KALIYON LAOISE, BC. This team was the only team in UD to work on Friday and tracked in probably the worst weather conditions I have ever stood in when judging. Horizontal and torrential rain/hail in strong winds, it was awful. However they just got on with it and completed the track, losing very little despite the conditions. A brilliant effort.




Tracklayer: Caroline Woods

Search Steward: Dougie Tate

C/A Steward: Miranda Moriarty


1st Vicky Dixon and RUSTIX ALI, Mali, B, 166, Q Ex. Tracked very well until just before the end when they seemed to hit a brick wall. Excellent search square and a practically faultless control round ensured a worthy qualification. Well done, I shall watch Ali’s progress with interest!




Tracklayer: Caroline Woods

Search Steward: Dougie Tate


A valiant effort made by three teams in even coming onto the fields in the weather. Conditions made tracking just about impossible so it was an extended lunch break for all.


Thanks also to the Club for the lovely gift, which was much appreciated.


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