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22 - 24 November 2013

Painestown, Co. Meath





I would like to thank Anne for the wonderful accommodation in her beautiful home, Diana and all the willing helpers at this lovely trial. Giving up your free time to help in any form is brilliant and especially so to those members who don’t even work a dog in Working Trials - you are all amazing, kind and dedicated, I fully appreciate your company and help.

Marjorie, you are a gem, opening up your home for us all; you are an earth Mother looking after everyone’s welfare, thank you.




Search and C/A Steward: Sandra Meenan


1st NANA’S BILLY BOY, BC, with Neil Lowndes, 93. What a lovely round to witness; Billy thoroughly enjoyed his CD with full marks nosework, superb control, even got full marks for the recall! You were a pleasure to judge, Neil. Congratulations on this win, I am sure there will be plenty more to follow.

2nd TIME TO TANGO, BC, with Cliona O`Toole, 79.5. Oh, just half a mark short. Tango was so close, just little bits here and there. On today’s performance she has such ability and enthusiasm her CDEx will not be far off, Cliona. Very best wishes for your future trials.




Tracklayers: Diana Collie, Anne Collen and Samantha Rawson

Search Stewards: Frieda Barganwath and Sandra Meenan

C/A Stewards: Diana Collie and Sandra Meenan


Worked on Saturday and Sunday


1st RUSTIX ALI, Mali with Vicky Dixon, 187. Wow what a tracking dog! Ali had a full point track, winning the best track rosette. Beautifully handled by Vicky. Ali recovered both track articles and three from the search, followed by a lovely control round and good jumps. Keep up the good work, Vicky, she will go far in trials, congratulations on this win.

2nd THE SUCADOURA, Springer X, with Neil Lowndes, 175.5, NQ. Coco worked a lovely track, recovered both articles and 4 from the search. Neil was thrilled with Coco because she went over the scale, giving her all; she is a star, Neil, and so obviously adores you, all due to your brilliant training.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and supporting this trial, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work. All have such a lovely attitude and lots of potential; keep up the fun training and I look forward to hear about your successes in the future.




Tracklayer: Diana Collie

Search Steward: Frieda Barganwath

C/A steward: Diana Collie


The weather on Saturday and Sunday was fine and dry but cold and overcast.


1st ShCh ACHOUFFE FANTOME, Slovakian Pointing Dog, with Anne Collen, 176.5. What a fantastic tracking dog Purdy is, she went round the WD track as if it had just been laid, recovered both track articles and three from the search - a joy to watch, also winning the best track rosette. With good control and agility a well-deserved win. Congratulations, Anne and Purdy.




Tracklayers: Diana Collie and Anne Collen

Search Steward: Mary Dolan

C/A Steward: Diana Collie


The weather on Friday looked fantastic with brilliant sunshine and cool breeze, but the dogs found the tracking difficult, so what do we really know?


1st Winning the "Green Star" FIRECROFT CASHEL, GSD, with Jeff Poole, 195, Q. This was a very experienced handler getting the best from his dog. Cash never gave up on the track, recovering 3 and 4 - a true partnership, also winning the best track rosette. Good control and full jumps, congratulations to you both.

2nd RYAN’S DAUGHTER, Collie/Spaniel X, with Samantha Rawson, NQ. Sassy will quickly gain in experience and confidence with Samantha’s superb attitude. A full point search, good control and full agility - she is on her way, Samantha!


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