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1 - 3 Feb 2013

Annagh, Gorey, Co Wexford

Judge: GRAHAM REANEY (England)

I would first like to thank the Working Trials Club of Ireland for the invitation to judge their championship trial.  As with most trials, many other people are due thanks - I will apologise in advance if I inadvertently miss anyone.

First thanks go to Trials Secretary and Trials Manager, Caroline Woods and Nigel Tate, whose respective titles implied little as to the jobs they did and effort they put in to ensure the trial was a success, and I personally was given everything I could have possibly wished for.

Thanks go to my tracklayers, Caroline Woods, Anne Collen, Diana Collie, and Judith Owens-Poole - all did a first class job, giving the competitors the best chance possible.  Thanks to my square steward, Douglas Tate, who laid squares in all stakes and once again did a first class job, and was constantly excellent company throughout my stay.

Thanks to my C/A steward, Nigel Tate, who did a first class job and once again was excellent company.

Thanks to Miriam Tate and Marie Waters, who both made every effort to expand my ever increasing waist line - I think with some success!

And finally thanks to the competitors, who all in their way helped to make the whole experience a very enjoyable one.


1st Vicky Dixon and RUSTIX ALI, Mali, 91.5, CDEx.  Sadly the only qualifier, but certainly done in style.  This team worked in a stylish and professional manner and will, I imagine, soon be moving up the stakes.   Well done, Vicky.


1st Edwina Dunne and FALK VON KONIGSHOF, CDEx, GSD, 168 NQ.  This team did the best track, and should be soon moving up the stakes.   


1st Judith Owens-Poole’s FIRCROFT DOMINI, CDEx, handled by Jeff Poole, 190, WDEx.  A good round by this experienced handler –it was a pleasure to watch. 

2nd Samantha Rawson and RYAN’S DAUGHTER, X-Breed, 181, WDEx.  Another nice round from this team gave them second place. 


Sorry folks.  Sad to say the judge in this case needed a second attempt, so the following is after a run off.            

1st Samantha Rawson and BATTERSEA`S BEST TO PELE, CDEx – TDEx, X-Breed, 200.5, Q TDEx.  Strong in all areas, a well deserved ticket after the run off.  I believe this makes this dog a Working Trials Champion, subject of course to Irish Kennel Club confirmation.

2nd Judith Owens Poole and Int Beau Ch. FIRCROFT BELISIMA, Portuguese Water Dog, B, 200.5, Q TDEx. Obviously another round strong in all areas from this very experienced handler, but not quite as strong today in the run off.

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