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5 - 7 October 2012



Ah! Ireland!  That green and holy land!  HE must have been looking down on us, 3 days of judging with almost wall to wall sunshine!

My thanks to Blanchardstown and District DTC for the invitation to judge their trial, especially as they cancelled this trial last year when we lost Len’s mother and were unable to go over.

Len and I have been judging in Ireland on and off for the last 12 years.  It has always been a pleasure and the hospitality second to none.  We have now made firm friends with not only the trialists but the local shopkeepers, publicans, farmers and Geraldine the hairdresser!  We fit in dog training plus sightseeing.  This time, from the sublime to the ridiculous, I enjoyed Kamal’s course in Malahide one day and on another, an Irish folk night in the local pub. Brilliant!!

Biggest thanks go to our good friends, Steve and Jenny, who ran the trial from their home in Raharney and where we spent the next fortnight on holiday.  Also thanks to the track layers, Judith, Len and Steve, and square stewards, Judith and Riona. Scribes for the C/A were Len and Riona all of whom were ‘foot’, ‘hand’ and ‘pencil’ perfect over the 3 days of CD, UD and WD.

Sadly, some of the handlers chose to do ‘training rounds’ and did not complete/attempt some of the exercises.  This appears to happen a lot in the Irish trials; I can never really understand the logic.  The jumps took their toll and overall control was a problem for one or two handlers, however the tracking and search squares were of the very high standard we have become used to in Ireland.

There were no qualifiers in UD or WD and as the competitors chose not to complete the tests there could be no places given.


Jeff Poole did a super track and search followed by a good control round but went out on the jumps.  Also awarded ‘Best Track’.


Neil Lowdnes put together a cracking nosework and control round but unfortunately hasn’t taught Coco the jumps.

‘Best Track’ was awarded to Jack Gingell with PB.

The only qualifiers were in CD.

1st Bernadette Giggs with KASPER, BC, 91.5, Q Ex

2nd Samantha Rawson with SASSY, BC, 89.5, Q Ex

Both did lovely nosework and control, very little between them.  Long jump appeared to cause a bit of a problem, with Kasper successful on the 2nd attempt and Sassy, unfortunately, failing.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.  You are a lovely bunch of people and I wish you lots of luck in the future.

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