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Tracklayers: UD – Jenny, Jeff; WD - Steve; TD – Steve, Miranda

Stewards: UD and WD – Riona Kilbride; TD – Buzzby

Thanks to the Society for this judging appointment, and also to Jeff and Judith for the accommodation – I had a brilliant time.  Thanks to all my tracklayers, you did a brill job.  Thanks also to my stewards – you did a fab job and were good company.

The weather was very cold, with windy showers, but the dogs coped well with all conditions.


There were no placings; the jumps were the main problem


1st B Digges, KALYON JASPER, BC, 187.  A nice track in the wind.  Well done.

2nd D Conlon, REGAN’S BOY, GSD, 183.5. Did a fab track (best track) and will do well with more experience.  Well done.


1st J Hickey, Ch HA’PENNY KELTIC MAGIC, BC, 195.5.  Got stuck at one point on the track, but then just took off, and then got a full point C/A round.  Well done.

2nd C Woods, PARAVEL ILLUSION, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 182.5.  Had a few blips on the track, and only 3 from the square.  Well done.


1st J Hickey, HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 203.5.  A bit slow on the track, but managed to complete it in time, then a good C/A round.  You had a good weekend, Jenny.  Well done on your first Green Star.

2nd J Owens-Poole, ShCh FIRCROFT BELLISIMA, Portuguese Water Dog, 203.  Worked well throughout the test – shame she was eating grass in the down stay.  Joint best track.  Well done on the Reserve Green Star.

3rd S Rawson, BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, 200.5.  Did well in the wind, and a good C/A round.  Well done.

The other joint best track was by J Owens-Poole’s FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, TDEx, BC.  Well done

I had a brill time, with good company of a great team to work with.  What more does a judge need?  Thank you very much and good luck to you all in 2012.

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