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17 - 19 February 2012.

Annagh, Gorey, Co. Wexford




Steward: Anne Collen

Firstly, thank you to the Working Trials Club of Ireland for the invitation to judge CD.  Next, thank you to Caroline Woods for chauffeuring Colin and me to and from the airport, and to everyone at the trials who also chauffeured us to and fro.

Nigel Tate ran another excellent trial and his parents were kind enough to put us up in their home.  The B and B was excellent - thank you, Miriam and Douggie.  Miriam and her friend Marie supplied all the delicious food for the trial as well.  Anne was the first class steward you would expect. Thanks to you all.

1st Judith Owens-Poole’s, BC, FIRCROFT DOMINI, handled by Jeff Poole, 92.5, Q.  A lovely round until the jumps – just made it!

2nd Dennis Conlon’s GSD, REGAN’S BOY, 89.5, Q.  A nice round from this keen young Shepherd, with most points lost for over enthusiasm.

3rd Samantha Rawson’s Collie X,  RYAN’S DAUGHTER, 83.5, NQ.  Another very good round but just missed out on the jumps

Again, we had a lovely (and mainly dry!) time in Ireland.  Thank you for the beautiful glasses and to everyone involved with the trial.




Tracklayers: Caroline Woods, Miranda Moriarty

Stewards: Douggie Tate, Frances Ball, Neil Lowndes

My thanks to the Working Trials Club of Ireland for inviting me to judge at this trial.  Thank you to Nigel Tate, Trials Manager, and Caroline Woods, Trials Secretary, for all their hard work before and during the trial.  Caroline also chauffeured us around and laid all the UD and WD tracks and Miranda laid all the TD tracks, all of which were laid just as I asked.  Thank you both.  Douggie, Frances and Neil laid all the searches between them and Frances stewarded the C/A.  Thank you, too.

Bed and Breakfast was brilliant.  Thank you to Miriam and Douggie Tate for allowing us into their home.  Miriam, assisted by Marie, prepared and served all the good food during the trial.

The UD and WD tracks were laid on local grass fields and the weather was only slightly breezy.  The TD tracks were laid on the side of a hill nearby but found the Jet Stream!  We found it hard to stand up let alone work a dog.  All the dogs managed the first leg but only three struggled past this point.  In the end the weather beat them all.


1st Samantha Rawson’s Collie X, RYAN’S DAUGHTER, 179.5, Q.  Sassy enjoyed the track dropping just 1.5 marks. Good to watch, then three from the square.  With a perfect sendaway in the control round and scraping the jumps this team was able to qualify. Well done.

Best track went to Neil Lowndes and Coco, who lost just one mark on the track.


The Best track went to Anne Collen’s Slovakian WH Pointing Dog, ShCh ACHOUFFE FANTOME.  Purdy only lost one mark on the track and recovered both articles.


1st Samantha Rawson’s WSD, BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, NQ

Thank you for your hospitality and the present.  We really enjoyed our stay in Ireland.

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