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Square and C/A Steward: Riona Kilbride

Tracklayers: UD: Jenny Hickey, Caroline Woods and Jeff Poole; WD: Steve Fearon and Len Newman; TD: Jeff Poole and Steve Fearon.

Many thanks to the Border Collie Club of Ireland for the invitation to judge this trial, we had an enjoyable weekend, weather was cold but for the most part dry.  Well done to Jeff for all the hard work as Secretary and Manager, everything ran really well.

Thank you to Riona for stewarding all the squares, the C/A and the CD stake, and to all my tracklayers - Jenny, Caroline, Jeff, Steve and Len - I couldn’t have had a better group of helpers.   UD tracking was on really good grass, WD and TD on winter wheat, there were a few ponds in places that dogs and handlers had to negotiate but the dogs really applied themselves and we saw some super rounds. I always enjoy watching dogs work, thank you to all the competitors for taking part and allowing me to judge you dogs.


(3 Entries – 3 Ran)

1st Caroline Woods and PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, 87.5, Q CDEx.  Well done Caroline and Lyra on another CDEx qualification and first place.  Most marks lost today for extra commands in heelwork, made up for with a full mark sendaway and really good nosework and agility.

2nd Lé Newman and STARDELL LEDA, BC, 78, Q CD.  Well done Lé, Jonty (aka Jointy – blame my steward for that one!!!) is great, such an enthusiastic boy.  If he had just contained himself and stopped on that sendaway the marks would have been a bit different.

3rd Edwina Dunne and FALK VON KONGISHOF, GSD, 76, Q CD.  Alfie’s head wasn’t in it for heelwork today, extra commands were costly.  Very good sendaway and solid stays, nearly there, keep at it Ed.


(3 Entries – 2 Ran)

1st Bernadette Digges and KALIYON JASPER, BC, 174.5, NQ.  Lovely track and square from Jasper, followed by good control round but then his head went on the jumps.  So nearly there, Bernadette, good luck in the future.

2nd Lé Newman and STARDELL LEDA, BC, 160.5, NQ.  Best Track, and it was a super track from Jonty who lost half a mark - and Lé lost 2!  I bet you won’t do that again soon.  Well done.   Sendaway and clear jump were the costly ones this time - it’s always at trials they decide to come up with something different!


(5 Entries – 4 Ran)

1st Jenny Hickey and Ch HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 165.5, Q WDEx.  Also Best Track, well done Jenny and Gabby, it has been worth taking her out of trials to get her fully fit again.  She didn’t think much of the sendaway today but everything else was solid enough to qualify.

2nd Samantha Rawson and BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, 165, NQ.  Another nice track and lovely square followed by a good control round with full mark sendaway.  Costly lesson learned today on the scale, handler and dog forgot to stop as they approached. 

3rd Caroline Woods and PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, 164.5, NQ.  Lovely track from Lyra and good square; sendaway and heelwork were too costly but she finished with a super agility section.

4th Jenny Hickey and HA’PENNY KELTICMAGIC, Jun.Ch, CDEx, UDEx, 132.5, NQ.  Maddie really tried hard on the track but lost it about two thirds of the way round; super square followed by good C/A, nearly there, keep at it.


(5 Entries – 5 Ran)

1st Miriam Lyons, WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 203, Q TDEx and Green Star.  Well done Miriam and Abbey, lovely track and super square put you in the lead after the nosework and that’s where you stayed.

2nd Len Newman and SALLY BELL, WSD, 193.5, NQ.  Sally worked really hard to sort out her track, followed by a good square.  No speak today was too costly on the control, but the only dog this weekend to get full marks on the jumps.

3rd Miriam Lyons and KALIYON CAOIBHE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, 192, NQ.  Another lovely track and super square, good jumps and best sendaway in TD, then Keva decided to break the stay!  Apart from that, a great round - well done.

4th Jenny Hickey and Ch & Int Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 186.5, NQ.  Best track, well done Jenny and Guinness, first go at TD and he worked hard today.  Good jumps and control, just a few things to work on, but then, like Keva above, decided today to have a scratch to break the stay.  

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