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Tracklayers: Anne Collen, Diana Collie and Lé Newman

Stewards: Lé Newman and Neil Lowndes

I would like to thank the club for the invitation; it is always a pleasure to go to Ireland.  The hospitality and work the small number of people put into their trials is second to none.  I would like to thank all who helped: Marjorie Briggs opening her house to be used as a base; Mary Dolan and Angela Higgins for a super lunch the three days; the tracklayers, Anne Collen, Diana Collie and Le Newman (I laid the first track each day); the search stewards, Lé Newman and Neil Lowndes; and Lé also scribed all the control - it was very kind of you and thanks to you all.  A special thanks to Dianne, who gave us first-class accommodation, and also a guided tour around the countryside of Ireland!!

The weather on the Friday was cold but dry, but in the evening we had the snow.  In Ireland they do not grit or have snowploughs and as you can imagine the hour-long journey to and from Dianne’s was a nightmare.  I can honestly say it was the worst driving conditions I have driven in, worse than the Bloodhound match we had in the borders of Scotland a few years ago.  When we got back to Dianne’s we could not get up her driveway; just what you need when you have been judging all day - snow clearing!!

I was very impressed with the standard of all the tracking in the conditions but the control field was a very testing and it did not help with the hunt going across on Saturday morning. I have some very trying but good memories of the three days but as I have experienced some of these problems before, I was able to cope.

Because of the adverse weather on the Sunday nobody could attend the CD Stake



5 entries, all worked

1st KALIYON JASPER, BC, Bernadette Digges, 168, NQ.  A good all round performance, but the scale was very costly. 80+2, 4/26, 32, 10.

2nd CASPAR ROCOCO, Weimaraner, Ger Philpott, 151.5, NQ.  Good tracking dog, but to say loose on the control field would be a under statement!!  84.5+2, 4/27, 17.5 – 2.5

3rd FALK VON KONGISHOF, GSD, Edwina Dunne, 138.5, NQ.  A good dog with lots of potential.  67+2, 2/19, 23.5, 9.

Best Track ShCh ACHOUFFE FANTOME, SWP, Anne Collen. Track 86.5+2. A quite outstanding track from a young dog


7 entries, all worked

1st FIRCROFT CASHEL, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, Jeff Poole, 189, Q WDEx.  A good round and Best Track.  Who says GSD’s cannot work?  84.5+2, 4/33, 34, 17.5.

2nd ShCh and Int Beau Ch FIRCROFT BELISIMA, Jnr Ch, CDEx, UDEx, Judith Owens- Poole, 174, Q WDEx. A bit tight in the control round but enough to qualify.  83+2, 4/27, 25.5, 18.5

3rd BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, Samantha Rawson, 172.5 Q WDEx.  Well done, good luck in TD.  80+2, 3/25, 28.5, 19.


6 entries, all worked

1st WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, CDEx- TDEx, BC, Miriam Lyons, 206, Q TDEx, and Best Track.  A very good performance in all the sections.  91.5+3, 4/35,31.5, 18.

2nd KALIYON CAOIBHE, CDEx – WDEx, BC, Miriam Lyons, 181, Q TDEx.  The keenness was costly on the control field.  85+2, 4/32, 26, 18.

3rd Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, BC, Jennifer Hickey, 174.5, Q TD.  Worked the last track in semi darkness on Saturday just missing the last two legs, but with the best set of jumps, you were so close to qualifying excellent. 81+2, 3/26, 27.5, 20

4th LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, Angela Higgins, 190.5, NQ.  Quite a challenge on the track with two stray kittens in attendance through out the track and search, but lost the qualification on the scale.  Best control round. 87.5 +3, 4/31, 33, 9.

The two other handlers, Diana Collie and Judith Owens-Poole, both completed the nosework.  Diana gained 89 + 3, and 35, but the dog was lame and did not complete the jumps; Judith’s nosework mark was 92 +25 and 34, but she couldn’t get back for the control because of the snow.

Lastly, thanks to the competitors for entering under me; I really did enjoy this appointment and wish you all success in 2011.

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