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Tracklayers: Steve Fearon, Bill Richardson, Caroline Woods, Miriam Lyons

Steward: Riona Kilbride

Trails Manager: Jeff Poole

It is always a pleasure to judge at an Irish trial, and this trial was no exception.   From the moment we arrived we were looked after so well.  Judging here, due to smaller entries, is at a more leisurely pace, but nevertheless, everything ran like clockwork due to Jeff and Judith’s organisation.

The weather was very good for the time of year and the dogs tracked really well.  As usual, the jumps were the main problem in the lower stakes.

A big thank you to everyone who helped at the trial, especially Steve, who isn’t working a dog at the moment, and Riona, who is an excellent steward.


5 entries.

1st Janette Hickey’s BC bitch, HA’PENNY KELTIC MAGIC, CJW08, CW08, Jun Ch, 92.5, Qual Excellent.  A super little bitch.  Well done.

2nd Caroline Woods’ GSD bitch, PARAVEL ILLUSION, 80, NQ.  Jumps were the problem; other than that a very nice round.


6 entries

1st Judith Owens-Poole’s PWD, bitch ShCh FIRCROFT BELISIMA, Jun Ch, CDEx, 192.5, Qual Excellent.  Not the easiest of dogs to work, but expertly handled by Judith.  A pleasure to watch.

2nd Jeff Poole’s GSD, FIRCROFT CASHEL, CDEx, 189, Qual Excellent.  A search article cost you a higher place.  Another very nice round.

3rd Caroline Woods’ GSD bitch, PARAVEL ILLUSION, 182.5, Qual Excellent.  Qualified on the Agility in UD, which was first.  Well done.

4th Janette Hickey, HA’PENNY KELTIC MAGIC, NQ.  Not enough on the nosework.  Good luck in the future.


6 entries

1st Miriam Lyons’ BC bitch, KALIYON CAOIBHE, 189, Qual Excellent.  Another one on the way to the top for Miriam.

2nd Janette Hickey’s BC dog, Ch & Int Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, 175.5, Qual Excellent.  A dog with brains as well as beauty.  Well done.

Best Track – Marjory Briggs Ir Sh Ch Weimaraner dog, TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN.  Rarely fails to get best track.  Well done.


3 entries

1st Judith Owens-Poole’s BC bitch, Ch & Int Ch, WTCh FIRCROFT DALWHINNIE, CDEx – TDEx, 201.5, Qual Excellent.  What a dog!  What more can she achieve?  Well done, Judith.

2nd Miriam Lyons’ BC bitch, WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, CDEx – TDEx, 194.5, Qual Excellent.  Another very nice round.  Well done.

3rd Jeff Poole’s GSD dog, LATCHETTS BOSS, 184, Qual Excellent.  Boss’s usual enthusiasm cost him a few points.  Well done.

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