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Tracklayers: Caroline Woods, Miranda Moriarty, Colin Ball

Stewards: Colin Ball, Steve Fearon and Douggie Tate

Firstly, thank you to Miranda and the Java Trials Society for the invitation to come back and judge at Annagh.  We have always enjoyed judging in Ireland and this was no exception.  Next I have to thank Caroline for chauffeuring Colin and me from and back to the airport and to Caroline and various other helpers for ferrying us around whilst at the trials.  Then there are thanks to Miranda for her hospitality, to Miriam Tate and Marie who supplied the excellent food and to all my tracklayers and stewards.

All the tracking in both stakes was on grass, perhaps a bit flatter than usual because of the earlier snow and heavy rain but still excellent tracking ground.  Miranda must have some good contacts in high places as the weather was fantastic – cold and dry with some sunshine!


5 entries.  I had a variety of helpers with lots of people mucking in.  Caroline laid four tracks and Colin one, Colin, Steve and Douggie shared the search stewarding and Caroline did the C/A rounds (one complete and one partial).

1st Jenny Hickey, HAPENNY KELTIC MAGIC, BC, 172.5.  A lovely track until the last leg when Maddie inexplicably turned the wrong way.  A nice search and good C/A gave her a good qualification though.  Well done.

Best Track: Ger Philpott’s Weimaraner  KASPAR KOCOCO.  A lovely track after recovering from a very serious accident last year.


6 entries, 4 ran.  Caroline laid all the worked TD tracks and Miranda laid the spare, Douggie stewarded the searches and Colin the C/A.  All collars and leads were left at the field entrance and I asked the TD handlers not to use physical control on their dogs, as I feel that by the time a dog gets to TD it should wait when told, sit when told etc..  Prior to leaving their dogs for the speak handlers were allowed say the dog’s name, to tell the dog which position it was to wait in and give a command to remain there.  Anything extra was penalised.

1st and Green Star, Angela Higgins’ LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, 195.5.  Libby worked hard to get round the track and find all three articles.  She recovered three from the search and lost one on the gun but still went in to the C/A in the lead.  Her control was excellent and even with no long jump was a very clear and worthy winner.

2nd and Reserve Green Star, Miriam Lyons’ WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, 187.  Abbey also had to work hard to get round the track.  She also found all three articles but only recovered two from the search. Another excellent C/A round gave Abbey a very worthy qualification and Reserve Green Star.

3rd Vicky Dixon’s BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT!, XB, 163.  Just not your lucky day today, Vicky.  Beena had to work hard to complete the track (in fact had the highest track mark) but unfortunately only recovered one article.  The sendaway didn’t suit her either, but the rest of her work was nice and I’m sure you’ll get that other elusive qualification soon.

Thank you for the present, for a smashing weekend and to all the lovely people we met – to the serious competitors and those who entered ‘just for fun’ and most especially to Miranda and Caroline for all their hard work.




Tracklayers: Miranda Moriarty, Anne Collen

Stewards: Doug Tate, Samantha Rawson, Frances Ball.

Thank you to Java Trials Society for the invitation to judge these trials, and to Miranda for all her hard work before and at the trial, and for putting us up in her home.  Miranda also found time to lay the four WD tracks on Friday morning.  Frances laid the squares and then acted as control steward on Friday.  On Saturday Anne laid the tracks and Doug laid the squares.  Frances stepped forward to steward the C/A for WD and CD and the CD squares were laid by Samantha.  Miriam and Marie provided lovely food and drinks, etc.  Thank you to you all.


1st Caroline Woods’ PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, 68, NQ.  Lyra decided that finding a bone on the C/A field was much more fun to chew than doing boring heelwork!  Full mark sendaway but unfortunately Lyra lay down in the sit stay. Next time?!

2nd Edwina Dunne’s, FALK VON KONIGSHOF, GSD, 61, NQ.  Another full mark sendaway but Alfie didn’t like either of the stays and this cost a qualification


1st Jeff Poole’s FIRCROFT CASHEL, GSD, 185, Qual Ex.  Cash struggled on the third corner and then did a lovely track, locating both articles, followed by four from the square.  He lost just 0.5 in the control but had no long jump.  A very nice round, well done. .

2nd Miriam Lyons’ KALIYON CAIOBHE, BC, 181.5, Qual Ex.  Keva also did a lovely nosework round but missed the first article. She also did very nice C/A. Well done.

3rd Jenny Hickey’s HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, BC, 170, Qual Ex.  Guinness did a lovely track but missed out a ‘V’ This was followed by three from the square and a lovely C/A, losing just one mark.

4th Judith Owens-Poole’s ShCh FIRCROFT BELISIMA, Portugese Water Dog, 148, NQ.  Jorja started the track well but after the first article overshot a corner into no man’s land, and was unable to recover.  This was followed by good C/A but unfortunately was not enough to qualify today.

Thank you all for a lovely three days at your trials – three days which were cool, dry and SUNNY!  I hope you enjoyed the tests.  Thank you for the present and a big thank you to Caroline for chauffeuring us to and from the trials.

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