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Steward: Sandra Meenan

Thank you to Fingal Dog Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake; it was ably run by Anne Collen and her wonderful enthusiastic band of Irish helpers.

I was superbly fed and watered by Angela - it was definitely a ‘moment on the lips and a life time on the hips.’  Janet’s home made soups were delicious and not to be missed.

I must thank Sandra Meenan for stewarding in appalling weather; she kept the stake flowing and put the competitors at their ease, making my job a lot easier.

I set a straight forward test.  The search articles comprised a dolly peg, a six inch piece of knotted brown felt and a two inch square of green pan scrubber.  Ten teams had entered but only six ran.  Of these six three teams recovered all three articles, two recovered two search articles; on the whole the retrieve was executed to a reasonable standard by all.

The control commenced with the sit stay, then heel on lead, recall, and heel free, followed by a 30 yd sendaway to crossed poles in the hedge; agility was next and we finished with the down stay.  Due to the very wet conditions only one dog achieved qualifying marks on the jumps.

1st KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, handled by Miriam Lyons, 96, Q.  Miriam’s experienced handling showed, losing just 2 points on both the nosework and control, with full mark jumps.  Very well done.

2nd HAPENNY KELTIC MAGIC, BC, handled by Jennifer Hickey, 82.5, NQ.  Lost 0.5 on the nose work, 1.5 on control, but unfortunately due to the soggy ground Maggie had a problem with the jumps.

3rd FALK VON KONGISHOF, GSD, handled by Edwina Dunne, 76, NQ.  Achieved qualifying marks in the nosework but again the jumps took their toll.

4th KALIYON JASPER, BC, handled by Bernadette Digges, 75, NQ.  Jasper lost just 1 point on the nosework, did a good control round, but the scale and conditions proved too much for him.

I would like to thank you all for entering under me and I hope that you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging you and your dogs.  I am sure that in the future you will all have successful trials careers.




Tracklayers: UD/WD, Diana Collie; TD, Caroline Woods and Ger Philpott

Stewards: Mary Dolan, Jenny Orchard

I would like to thank Fingal Dog Club for inviting me back to judge.  Anne Collen was her usual efficient self, ably assisted by Diana Collie as secretary.  As a judge nothing was too much trouble and everything ran like clockwork thanks to their efforts.  Diana Collie was an excellent host and the club entertained us extremely well, making for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed setting the tests and it gave me a great opportunity to think about the graduation between the stakes.  Although the weather was atrocious the dogs worked extremely well, particularly when it came to the control and agility on waterlogged ground.  The dogs that did well were obviously highly motivated and therefore not too bothered by conditions.

All the helpers did their jobs brilliantly and their friendly approach created a great atmosphere.  Jenny as usual did a great job stewarding the searches and C/A for me, when not judging the CD stake.  The tracklayers got every track down perfectly, giving all competitors a fair chance, as did Mary Dolan with the search squares, so a very big thank you.

The refreshments were excellent and the home made soups were to die for!  So thank you to everyone involved.


1st HAPENNY KELTIC MAGIC, CJW 08, CW08, JUN Ch, Jennifer Hickey, 165, NQ.  An excellent track, unfortunately missing the first article, was followed by a 33 mark square.  A 32 mark control round bodes well for the future, a really good performance.  No clear or scale today but conditions were not good and I am sure you will soon get it together.  Also won the Best Track. Well done, a worthy winner.

2nd ROCLARE AURIOLE ATHENA, Susan Hanson, 97, NQ.  Shame only got half way round the track, but a very capable tracking dog; just lost the angled corner.  34 for a very good search.  In better conditions things would have been very different.  Another competent control round but only a clear jump.  Keep working at it, you are nearly there.  Well done


1st KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, Miriam Lyons, 180.5, Q.  A very good track, but lost marks on corners due to the very wet ground.  Very well handled, retrieved both articles - a good team performance.  All four articles were recovered from the search, which was no mean feat after a hard track, with a mark of 33.  Dropped odd marks on the retrieve and heelwork, but with a very good sendaway and full mark jumps earned a very worthy qualification.  Winner of the Best Track award.  Congratulations.     

2nd BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, Samantha Rawson, 83.5, NQ.  Struggled to get going on the track, but what an impressive search.  A very good control round - brilliant sendaway.  Just missed getting full mark jumps due to the scale.  A really good attempt - I am sure you will do well in the future.

3rd    Ch HAPENNY KINGFISHER, Jennifer Hickey, 60.5, NQ.  Again tracking conditions beat you today.  A competent control and agility round.  Good luck for the future.


1st WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, BC, Diana Collie, 189.5.  An excellent track, just missing the first article, an experienced team coping well with cold wet conditions.  Then able to find all the search articles, dropping just 1 mark with 34.  A good control round meant a qualification and well earned first place.  Expertly handled - congratulations.

Best Track was won by Vicky Dixon and BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT, X Breed.  Well done.

I would like to finish by thanking all competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.  The way you all obviously enjoy working your dogs was a joy to see.

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