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Tracklayers: Jeff Poole, Arthur Jeal and Steve Fearon

Steward: Riona Kilbride

Many thanks to Border Collie Club of Ireland for inviting me to judge - I had a super time with superb accommodation at Judith and Jeff’s lovely home.  Thanks to Jeff for all his hard work in running a good trial and to Judith who worked hard throughout the trial - the Base being Judith and Jeff’s kitchen.  Thanks also to Judith for all the lovely meals.

Thanks to my tracklayers, Jeff, Arthur and Steve, and to my steward for all the stakes, Riona (the bag lady!) - you all worked hard and were good company.


I started on Friday with WD. There were 5 entries, and 4 worked.  Tracklayers were Jeff and Arthur.  It was a sunny morning but with a cold wind, it then clouded over and we had a little rain in the afternoon.  There were three qualifiers after the nosework, but unfortunately two went out on the control.

1st Miriam Lyons with KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, B, 181, Q.  Keva did a good track with both articles and a good square with 4 articles.   A good control round, well done.

2nd Caroline Woods with PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, B, NQ.  Lost a few marks on the track as Lyra decided to alter the track pattern a little!  A good sendaway but jumps and stays were costly. 

3rd Jenny Hickey with Ch & Int Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, BC, D, NQ.  Guinness started the track in a positive manner.  He got to the third leg and unfortunately lost the track.  A lovely control round with full marks on the jumps.

4th Marjorie Briggs with IR ShCh TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, Weimaraner, D.  A lovely track getting the Best Track Award.  Well Done.


TD was on Saturday; there were 4 entries and 4 worked, and Steve laid all the tracks.  It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky, but it was also very cold and frosty.  There were 2 Qualifiers after the nosework.

1st Miriam Lyons with WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, B, 188.5, Q.  A good track and a good control round.  Best Track Award.  Well Done

2nd Judith Owens-Poole with Ch & Int Ch & WTCh FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, BC, B, 170, NQ.  Unfortunately, only one article off the track.  A good square with 4 articles, a very nice control round and full marks on the jumps. 


UD was on Sunday.  There were 6 entries and 5 worked, and the tracklayers were Steve and Arthur.  A very cold frosty dull morning, and then before we started there was a covering of snow.  3 dogs qualified on the nosework, and these 3 also qualified on the control.

1st Jeff Poole with FIRCROFT CASHEL, GSD, D, 193.5, Q.  A lovely track and search followed by a good control round.  Only blip was the long jump, which Cash managed on the 2nd attempt.  A worthy winner.  Joint Best Track with Jenny Hickey.  Well Done.

2nd Jenny Hickey with HA’PENNY KELTIC MAGIC, BC, B, 188.5, Q.  Another lovely track and search.  Neck and neck with Jeff after the nosework.  A good control round, but no return on the scale was costly.  Joint Best Track with Jeff Poole.  Well Done.

3rd Judith Owens Poole with ShCh FIRCROFT BELISIMA, Portuguese Water Dog, B, 188, Q.  A good track and search followed by a good control round.  Gorja worked well and just needed a 2nd attempt on the clear jump.  Well Done.


CD was after lunch on Sunday.   By this time the snow had disappeared and the sun had come out, although it was still very cold.  There were 5 entries and 3 worked.  My steward for the squares and control was again Riona.  Thanks again, Riona, for transporting me about and looking after me!

1st Edwina Dunne with FALK VON KONGISHIF, GSD, D, Q CD.  You qualified in each section and had Alfie done the sit stay, you would have got the Ex.  Well done on the rest of your work. 

2nd Caroline Woods with PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, B, Q CD.  Again qualifying in each section but not enough marks for Ex.  Heelwork was expensive today.  Well Done 

Both of you should keep trying and I am sure it won’t be long before you get your CDEx.

Thank you once again to all the helpers and to the farmers for allowing us to use their land.  Arthur and I had a very enjoyable time during our stay with you and we wish you all every success for the future.

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