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Trials Manager: Anne Collen

Track Layers: UD - Anne, Diana, Vickie: WD - Anne, Diana, Sandra

Square Stewards: Mary Dolan, Mary O’Donovan

Control Steward: Diana

Catering: Marjorie, Angela.

Many thanks to Anne and Diana and their Society for the invitation to judge.   I had a really enjoyable time and even the weather was kind to us.  The hospitality was second to none and the most impressive part of the organization was the fact that nobody had "A JOB" because everybody applied themselves to all and anything that needed to be done.  The people named in this report did far more than the specified tasks mentioned, as did all the competitors, non competitors and friends who just turned up to help.

A very big, special thank you to Marjorie who opened her lovely warm, cosy home to us all day, every day, and provided food, food and more fantastic food all day, every day.  Angela helped with the catering but also appeared to be here, there and everywhere, and appeared exactly when her help was needed

It was a brilliant trial, relaxed, leisurely, and friendly with time in plenty to talk to people and enjoy their company.   Thank you all.


We saw some lovely tracks from:-

Caroline Woods with her lovely GSD, PARAVEL ILLUSION, (Lyra), gaining Track 83, articles 20,   square (4) 32

Ger Philpott with his very energetic Weimaraner, CASPAR ROCOCO, (Frost), gaining 83.5/20

Janet Mc Dloughlin-Minch with her neat little X breed, DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, (Roger), gaining 85/20/27.5

And a first class performance from the winning dog,

1st Miriam Lyons with KALIYON CAOIBHE (Keva), Track 86, Articles (2) 20, Square 27.  Tracked with total concentration and commitment and followed this with an excellent control and agility round to obtain 186 points and an excellent qualification.   Well done


1st Angela Higgins with her BC, LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, CDEx, UDEx, (Libby).  Track 85/20, Square 35, Control 28, Agility 15, Total 183, Q Excellent.  Worked with purpose and attitude on the track and in the control.  Stylish and very neat, a pleasure to judge.  Very well done.

2nd Vicky Dixon with her Lab, ELECAMPANE WILLOW, (Molly).  84/20/34/29/15, Total 182, Q Excellent.  The marks speak for themselves. Excellent track, square and C/A all performed with confidence and style.  A bit of a slow starter, Vicky, but she is getting there.  Well done and good luck.

3rd Samantha Rawson with her WSD, BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, CDEx, UDEx, (Pele),

Nosework 85.5/20/31.  Had the best track but unfortunately Pele failed the stays.  I know it has been an ongoing problem for you and I really hope you can get it sorted soon.  As the name implies Pele was a rescue from Battersea Dogs Home.  A big strong dog both mentally and physically and your patience and good handling and training have brought him so far.  Don’t give up.  Good luck.

Thanks for your entries and to all concerned for the brilliant weekend in Ireland.

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