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A trip to Ireland is always a terrific experience and this was no exception.  It was so welcoming and friendly, and we had such an enjoyable time.  I’d like to thank everyone involved in the organisation and helping of this trial, especially Judith for all her hard work before and during the trial, Jeff for his liaison with the farmers that ensured we had good quality land, and to both of them for sharing their lovely home with us.

I was accompanied on the trip by Ann, who I felt needed a proper education about the Irish trials, so thanks, Ann, for putting up with me and being kept busy throughout the trial.

We were blessed with good dry weather which made conditions ideal for competing.



Steward: Ann Bedford

8 entries

1st Jeff Poole, FIRCROFT CASHEL, GSD, D, 82, Q Ex.   An excellent and very stylish round from this young dog. Well done.  

2nd Julie Holmes, HIGHYEWS JARO AT TAGNRYE,  BC, D, 90, NQ.  Faultless control and search; such a shame he needed the second attempts for the jumps which proved so costly 

3rd Judith Owens-Poole, ShCh FIRCOFT BELISIMA, PWD, B, 72, NQ.  Cracking little dog - Jorja is a Portugese Water Dog - full of character and bounce which she contained beautifully until the stays when the excitement of it all got too much for her and she bounced just once too often.



5 entries

Tracklayers: Riona Kilbride, Jenny Hickey and Steve Fearon

Searches: Julie Holmes

C/A: Riona Kilbride

No competitors here completed the full test so there were no placings.  However, the tracking was of a very high standard and the best Track went to Ger Philpott and CASPAR ROCOCO (Weim) who did a super faultless track.  Frost worked the track with style and enthusiasm; never lifted his head till he got to the end.  Well done, I look forward to seeing the C/A section next time. Ger!



6 entries

Tracklayers: Ann Bedford, Jeff Poole

Searches: Julie Holmes

C/A: Riona Kilbride

1st Angela Higgins, LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, B, 190, Q Ex.  Nosework was of a very high standard, Libby corrected herself well when she overshot a couple of corners.  Faultless control and just a blip on the long jump meant a very worthy qualification and win.  I hope you work Libby up the stakes now as she is more than ready.   

2nd Jenny Hickey, Ch & Int Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, BC, D, 161, Q Ex.  Jenny gave us a lesson on patience when at the start of the track Guinness looked highly unlikely that he was going to proceed any further. However at the second corner he decided to complete the rest of the track in super quick time and earn his first WDEx.  Well done   

3rd Jenny Hickey, Ch HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, BC, B, 170, NQ.  No problems with the attitude to tracking here but Guinness obviously had a word with his sister Gabby about making things too easy for Jenny and Gabby just missed out on the C/A   

4th Sam Rawson, BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, D, 110, NQ.  Pele overshot a corner on the track and couldn’t recover from it, which was a shame as the rest of his work was good.  Just sort out the rolling in the stay and he’ll progress well.

Best Track: Marjorie Briggs, Ir ShCh TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, Weim, who at nearly 11 years has lost none of his enthusiasm and precision with his tracking.



8 entries

Tracklayer: Ann Bedford

Searches: Julie Holmes

C/A: Riona Kilbride

1st Miriam Lyons, Ir WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, B, 210.5, Q Ex.  Very smart and professional round by this team.  Abbey worked relentlessly during the search and was rewarded with the fourth article just before Julie called time.  Now Julie understands why she had her back to the search for the last minute!  Congratulations on another Green Star. 

2nd Jeff Poole, LATCHET’S BOSS, GSD, D, 200.5,  Q Ex.  First outing for Boss for a few months and he’d lost none of his enthusiasm and commitment to the task in hand.  The same goes for Jeff too.    

3 Steve Fearon, FIRCROFT IDAHO, GSD, B,  178, NQ.  This was Ellie’s retirement trial and she did so in style, winning best track with a committed and precise performance.  Have a happy time in front of the fireplace, Ellie.    

4th Judith Owens-Poole, Ch & Int Ch & Ir WTCh FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, BC, B, 77, NQ.  An uncharacteristic blip on the track from Guess, but the rest of the work was of the usual high standard.

Many thanks to the Club for the lovely gift. Happy training and trialling to all the competitors and helpers, you were great company.

It has been kindly agreed that I add a P.S.

Once Lorna had suggested that I might like to go to Ireland to steward for her, she wasn’t given the chance to change her mind!!  I had a brilliant weekend and met some lovely people.  I’ve always heard how friendly the trials are over there - it’s all true.  I would like to thank Jeff and Judith for letting us stay at their lovely new house, but particular thanks must go to Judith for the wonderful food she provided throughout our stay.  Hope to see you all again in the not too distant future. 

Ann Bedford.

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