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Many thanks to Fingal Dog Club for the invitation to judge their autumn trial.  It was a joy and an honour to come back and meet you all again.  Thank you to Anne Collen for the hospitality in your lovely home, and for driving me around for three days.

A big thank you to all the helpers, all of whom cheerfully tackled whatever job needed doing, all with enthusiasm and expertise.  Special thanks to Neil Lowndes, having his first time helping at a Trial, though you would never have known it, he was so efficient.

The weather over the three days was consistently cold, although bright and sunny on Friday and Sunday.  Saturday, however, which was devoted to TD, was foggy all day, with temperatures hovering around freezing, making conditions difficult for dogs, handlers and tracklayers.  It also made the sendaway, which had been designed the previous day in bright sunshine, very difficult to see, but all the dogs made a very good effort.  Tracking for all stakes was on stubble, at times deeply rutted and muddy, but all dogs worked hard and were successful on their tracks.  The standard in all stakes was very impressive, and I was delighted to award plenty of certificates.


Steward: Neil Lowndes

1st Anne Collen and RAMBAUDS ORTIE, Pyr. Sheepdog, B, 89, Q.  Tiggy worked a beautiful nosework section, dropping only half a mark.  She did both her stays successfully this time, but it was a bit touch-and-go on the jumps.  Well done.

2nd Fintan Doherty and PARAVEL HANNAH, GSD, B, 87, NQ.  Unfortunately Halle only retrieved one article from the search square, but the rest of her work was superb, with almost full marks for the Control section and perfect Agility.


Tracklayers: Diana Collie and Vicky Dixon

Steward: Janet McLoughlan-Minch

1st Fintan Doherty’s PARAVEL HANNAH, GSD, 185.5, NQ, handled by Caroline Woods.  Halle tracked brilliantly, and recovered all her articles from the track and square.  Sadly, an uncharacteristic failure on the scale meant that she couldn’t qualify.

2nd Anne Collen and RAMBAUDS ORTIE, Pyr. Sheepdog, B, 172, NQ.  Tiggy also ran a lovely track, followed by 3 from the square, full mark jumps, and beautiful control until she decided that staying down on frozen ground was not in her itinerary today.


Tracklayer: Diana Collie

Stewards: Janet McLoughlan-Minch and Sandra Meenan

1st Samantha Rawson and BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, D, 189.5, Q.  Pele tracked really well and confidently, recovering all the articles from track and square.  He followed with a near perfect control round, and managed enough on the jumps.  Well done.

2nd Angela Higgins and LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, B, 184.5, Q.  Libby tracked well, with both articles, but left one article in the square, which made all the difference to the placings.  She only dropped half a mark on the control, which was superb.


Tracklayers: Caroline Woods and Sandra Meenan

Scribe: Neil Lowndes

1st Diana Collie and WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, BC, B, 201.5, Q.  Crystal worked consistently well in all exercises, with all articles recovered from the track and search and an excellent control round, giving her a well deserved, though very narrow, win.  Very well done.

2nd Janet McLoughlan-Minch and DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, X-Breed, D, 201, Q.  Roger gave us a few anxious moments half way round the track, but recovered well to finish with all three articles, followed by three from the square.  His control was good, with full mark agility.  Well done, and congratulations on Roger gaining his TDEx.

3rd Miriam Lyons and WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, B, 195, Q.  Abbey missed a small box on the track and left an article in the square, but the rest of her work was almost faultless.   Very impressive.

4th Anne Collen and WTCh TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS, GWP, B, NQ.  Unfortunately, Tessa ran out time with 3 legs of the track to go and then only recovered three articles from the square, which meant that, in spite of a super control and agility round, she couldn’t qualify on this occasion.  She’s done you proud, Anne, and I hope she enjoys a long and active retirement.

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