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I had a lovely weekend judging all 4 stakes at the above trial.  The weather was bright and windy with occasional showers.  The land for CD and UD was grass with WD and TD run on stubble that had been dragged, apart from one TD track run on stubble with a good amount of green undergrowth. 


The land looked like it would promise good tracking performances.  Unfortunately this proved not to be the case and the first three TD dogs struggled to get going, only Diana Collie’s dog getting to the 4th leg.  The next day we had our only success with Miriam Lyons dog working nicely until she went the wrong way on the last corner.  However she followed up with a full point search to be the only nosework qualifier.

1st WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, Miriam Lyons.  Followed the nosework with a very competent control round until a failure to go over the last jump, the scale, cost them the qualification.  Nevertheless the best performance by far in the stake.

2nd HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, GSD, Miranda Moriarty.  Came back from a disappointing nosework round to show some good control and agility.


In WD our first dog, Marjorie Briggs’ TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, Weim, proved the track was possible on the first day, but the other 2 dogs worked on the Sunday and found it much more difficult, only getting part way around the track.  Marjorie won the best track trophy but declined the C/A.


2nd BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, Samantha Rawson


1st Anne Collen with her Pyranean Sheepdog RAMBOUDS ORTIE.  Tiggy did a lovely track with 2 articles, followed by 4 articles out of the search square. Full mark jumps, lovely control and then failed the down!  I know how you feel.

2nd Caroline Woods with PARAVEL HANNAH, GSD.


The last stake to be judged was CD on the Sunday afternoon and this produced the only qualifier of the weekend.

1st Fintan Doherty with PARAVEL HANNAH, GSD.  Handled well to qualify in all groups and gather enough marks on the way to qualify excellent overall.

Trophy for the fastest search went to Miriam Lyons’ BC CALIYON CAOIBHE with 3 articles in 1min 44 secs.

I would like to thank Nigel Tate for managing the trial and Caroline Woods for organising not only the event but also my travel arrangements.  Very special thanks go to Miriam and Doug Tate for their hospitality and accommodation.  And not least the very conscientious tracklayers and stewards: Ethne, Caroline, Doug, Diana, Miranda, and Anne.  Good luck to everyone in the future.

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