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Stakes: CD, UD, WD, and TD

Tracklayers: UD, Jeff Poole; WD, Judith Owens-Poole; TD, Rita Moloney

Steward: All Squares and Control: Riona Kilbride

It was with great pleasure that I received a second invitation to judge this Irish trial; it was also a surprise that the rain that normally accompanies this trial failed to materialise. However, like before, it was very cold and windy, which unfortunately did not make good trialling conditions.

A big thank you to Jeff and Judith for another superbly run trial; with such a small support team it is magic that they do so well. I would also like to thank Jeff and Judith for my accommodation and for looking after my stomach.

As mentioned above the weather was kind to us from the rain point of view, but with a very icy wind this made the nose work quite difficult when it came to three hour old tracks, which were on sparse winter wheat. The other stakes were on grass and with less time fared a little better.

I would like to thank all the above tracklayers, with Rita probably drawing the short straw, as most of her articles were retrieved by herself. Also a big thank you to Riona for her company, and braving the cold on all the days of the trial - if I am ever lucky enough to be invited another year I would be only too happy to have Riona steward again.

Well done to all the competitors who qualified under these conditions, bad luck to those who did not; however, from what I saw as their standard it will not be long before you’re qualifying too.


1st          Samantha Rawson, BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, 88.5, Q. A superb all rounder, just one small hiccup on the jumps that needs to be sorted, then you will rise quite quickly up the stakes.

2nd        Julie Holmes, HIGHYEWS JARO AT TAGNRYE JD, BC, 91.5, NQ. An absolutely exquisite round bar the scale, once this is sorted this will be the dog to beat.


1st          Fintan Doherty, PARAVEL HANNAH, (Handler Caroline Woods), GSD, 181, Q. A very confident round - the dog made up for the handler’s nerves. Keep calm and the dog will get you there with ease. (Best Track)

2nd        Samantha Rawson, BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, 177, NQ. As in CD, just the jumps to be sorted. The rest of the round was very good.


1st          Miranda Moriarty, HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 177.5, Q. This came as a surprise to Miranda, but to anyone watching this round it was superbly executed and a pleasure to watch. (Best Track)

2nd        Jennifer Hickey, Ch. & Int.Beau.Ch. HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, BC, handled by Steve Fearon, 116, NQ. I feel this was one of our victims of not completely coping with the weather. Other than the hiccup on the track, a good round.

3rd         Jennifer Hickey, Ch. HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, BC, 66, NQ. Not your day today! Better luck next time.


1st          Judith Owens-Poole, Ch FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, 180, NQ. What a cracking attempt, the only dog to cope with the cold, gaining the Best Track. The control round was excellent – but what can one say about the jumps! Except I’m sure you’ll get them right.

2nd        Miriam Lyons, WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, BC, 160.5, NQ. Very close to completing the track, but the weather was deteriorating as the day went on. Made up for the disappointment with an excellent control round.

3rd         Steve Fearon, FIRCROFT IDAHO, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, NQ. A slightly better attempt on the track than on control gave Steve the third position.

4th         Jennifer Hickey, Ch BEESTING WICCA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, NQ. A better control round gave the third position a run for his money.

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