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I was delighted to receive the invitation to judge at this trial and to have the opportunity, once again, to meet with the dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Irish working trials fraternity. This was Heather’s first visit to Ireland and we would both like to thank all concerned with the trial for the warmth of their welcome and the hospitality given us throughout our stay. Special thanks to Miranda Moriarty for sharing her home with us and looking after us during our stay. Also to Eithne O’Kelly for picking us up on Thursday evening and taking us to Miranda’s home. As well as looking after us and her family of dogs, which included 5 gorgeous Cavalier puppies, Miranda was the very efficient Trials Secretary/Manager of this Trial, which was held on grassland in a lovely area and enjoyed dry if cold weather throughout.

Any trial only runs well with the support of a large number of helpers and Java is blessed with great support in all areas.

Tracklayers: Miranda Moriarty, Eithne O’Kelly, Caroline Woods, Miriam Lyons, Jennifer Hickey, Steve Fearon

Search Stewards: Douglas Tate (who did all the searches except CD and therefore walked further than anyone else at the trial), Alan Dixon.

Control Steward all stakes: Heather Hardaway

My thanks to you all, for being so efficient and such good company.

Miriam Tate was responsible for the excellent catering, supported by Marie and Michael Waters. It was first class.

Nigel Tate provided the agility equipment and ensured it was in the right place at the right time.

CD was on Sunday, which was bright and sunny and the least cold of the three days.

1st          RAMBAUDS ORTIE, Pyrenean Sheepdog, B, 27/09/2004, Handler, Anne Collen, 80, NQ. What a little sparkler Tiggy is. We all know Anne likes a challenge and she certainly has one here. A character is an understatement and Anne has clearly used her training skills to great effect. Full marks in the search, recall and agility and good levels in the other exercises were sadly followed by an inexplicable departure at 8min 50secs in the down. One to watch.

2nd        PARAVEL HANNAH, GSD, B, 02/08/2005, Handler, Fintan Doherty, 77.5, NQ. Another good search (19). Full mark recall and agility. Halle is a nice lively bitch, well handled; the sit was the let down today but, they will make it.


1st          RAMBAUDS ORTIE, Pyrenean Sheepdog, B, 27/09/2004, Handler, Anne Collen, 152, NQ. Best UD Track Rosette. A track mark of 81 plus both articles and 25.5 for the search secured first place in this stake for Tiggy and Anne.

2nd        PARAVEL HANNAH, GSD, B, 02/08/2005, Handler, Caroline Woods, 140, NQ. Nicely handled in this stake by Caroline Woods. Halle worked well up to the seventh corner of this eight leg track, where she took a wrong turn, missing the last leg and article. This produced a track mark of 73 plus one article, followed by 25 for the search.


1st          BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, D, 12/02/2005, FDU. Handler, Samantha Rawson, 175.5, NQ. Well handled throughout, Pele tracked well, gaining 79 track marks plus both articles, followed by an excellent search (33.5). With a good control round (30) which included a 9 mark sendaway only the lack of a stay and return over the scale denied the qualification today. Tough luck, but a performance to be proud of.

2nd        HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 18/06/2003. Handler, Jennifer Hickey, 154.5, NQ. This team did a very good track (84.5), unfortunately missing the last track article and two in the search. Full marks for the sendaway and agility would have secured the qualification, sadly another casualty of the down stay. Dog and handler are very much in tune and success will surely be theirs.

3rd         LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, B, 01/05/2003, Handler Angela Higgins. Libby and Angela, following a slightly hesitant start, worked hard and completed the track in excellent style. Followed this with a brilliant Search. Best WD Track Rosette


1st and Green Star          WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, CDEx – TDEx, BC, B, 16/09/2002. Handler, Miriam Lyons, 206.5, Qual TDEx. Excellent track, accurate and well handled, 94 plus three articles. Diligent and methodical search (34) followed by a competent control round and full mark agility. A delight to watch, Abbey and Miriam could have won anywhere today.

2nd and Reserve Green Star COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, BC, B, 11/01/2003. Handler, Diane Collie, 194.5, Qual TDEx. Best TD Track Rosette. Super track by this first class team (96) plus three articles. Crystal covered the square and appeared to be working well, but recovered only two search articles. Competent control round and full marks agility. Well done.

3rd         DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, X Breed, D, -/07/1999. Handler, Janet McGloughlin-Minch, 185, Qual TDEx. Roger was clearly concerned not to pull Janet over. After a slow start he stuck to the task and there was no doubt about Janet’s joy when the first track article was recovered. Handler and dog persevered and the track was completed with all three articles recovered. Three articles from the search and a competent control round with full mark agility secured the qualification. A good display of composed and sympathetic handling. Congratulations.

4th         BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT, X Breed, B, FDU. Handler, Vicky Dixon, 175.5, NQ. Beana is a really busy little dog who whizzed around the track and search gathering three track and three search articles along the way. Track 90.5, search 24.5. Nice to watch. Rather vocal during the control, it was the down that cost the qualification today. Nicely handled, success is within reach.

There was a tremendously friendly and happy atmosphere throughout this trial with competitors joining in and helping and all combining to ensure a successful event. My thanks to all the competitors for good natured and sporting acceptance of my decisions

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