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Stake: CD


Stewards: Nikki Maher (Searches), Anne Collen (C/A)

My thanks to the committee of the Working Trials Club of Ireland for the invitation to judge the CD at this trial. Thank you to Trials Manager, Nigel Tate, ably assisted by secretary Caroline Woods, for running a good trial and especially Caroline for transporting us around Ireland. Also a big thank you to Nigel’s Mum and Dad for their hospitality.

Nikki came along and stewarded all the squares, her first time. She did a very good job and was good company, so I am sure she will be helping and/or competing at future trials. Anne Collen stewarded the C/A and also did a very good job. Thank you both.

1st     Fintan Doherty’s GSD, PARAVEL HANNAH. The only dog to get three articles from the search and a full retrieve. Also winner of the fastest search trophy. Unfortunately no return over the scale and no sit stay cost a qualification today. 78.5/100, NQ

2nd   John Ward’s LabX,   STAN BY YOUR MAN. Mouthing and dropping two articles and an untidy retrieve today – but Stan enjoyed his day! 69.5/100, NQ

3rd   Julie Holmes’ BC, HIGHYEWS JARO AT TAGNRYE. Good heelwork and recall and then no sendaway, sit stay or return over the scale (all costly), let Jaro down today.             69/100, NQ

Thank you for competing. I hope you all enjoyed the test and working your dogs. This was a lovely trial with a relaxed atmosphere, smashing competitors and helpers. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with you.


Stakes:   UD, WD, TD.


Tracklayers: Caroline Woods, Eithne O’Kelly, Miranda Moriarty, Vicky Dixon, Jeff Poole, Judith Owens-Poole.

Stewards: Douggie Tate (nosework), Colin Ball, (C/A)

Thank you very much to the Working Trials Club of Ireland for the invitation to judge the UD, WD and TD Stakes at this trial, which was extremely well run by Caroline Woods and Nigel Tate. A special thank you to Caroline for collecting us from and delivering us to the airport and to Douggie and Miriam Tate for their hospitality in putting us up in their home and chauffeuring us around while there.

Miriam supplied all our breakfasts and lunches and the evening meal on the first night, Douggie stewarded all the searches and Colin stewarded all the C/A. Thank you all. The weather was variable but quite good for this trial, I understand. Nevertheless I managed to get quite wet at times.

UD Stake:

Tracking was on lush wet grass and all the dogs did very nice tracks.

1st     Fintan Doherty’s GSD, PARAVEL HANNAH, Handled by Caroline Woods. A super track but no articles!! No return over the scale, but otherwise a nice round. I’m sure a qualification is just round the corner. 158/200, NQ

There were no further placings as no other dogs attempted all the exercises, but the Best Track went to Liam Ward with his Labrador, SUE SEPTEMBER.

WD Stake:

Tracking was on stubble and the only dog to complete the track, Marjorie Briggs’ Weimaraner Orion, was entered ‘not for competition’.

Miranda Moriarty’s GSD, 109.5/200, NQ

Jennifer Hickey’s BC, Ch & Int Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, handled by Steve Fearon. 80/200, NQ

Jennifer Hickey’s BC, HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, 68/200, NQ

TD Stake:

Tracking was on stubble and I saw some lovely tracks.

1st     Diana Collie’s BC, WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE. A very nice track with all three articles, three from the search and lovely C/A – especially as we had to take a short break when the heavens opened with wind and hail just as Diana was about to work.          201.5/220, Qual

2nd   Anne Collen’s GWP, WTCh TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS. Another lovely track but with two articles and four from the search, and again, another nice C/A round. 195/220, Qual

3rd   Miriam Lyons’ BC, WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO. In the lead after the nosework with a lovely track and three and four. Not your day today, Miriam – shame about the down and the jumps. 187/220, NQ

4th    Judith Owens-Poole’s BC, Ch FIRCROFT DALWINNIE. A good nosework round on two and four – shame about the jumps. 185.5/220, NQ

Thank you all for a lovely weekend (and to Jeff for the loan of his waterproof socks).

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