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Control Steward: Diana Collie

Many thanks to Anne Collen and Fingal Dog Club for the invitation to judge again at their November trial.  I have loved all my visits to the Dublin area, and this was no exception.  All the members of the club are very friendly, and they all muck in and help with everything, as well as being the most sporting of competitors.  Many, many thanks to you all for all your invaluable input to the trial, and a special thank you to Marjorie for the wonderful refreshments and warm, indoor lunch breaks.

All the nosework was on one huge corn field, which was muddy in places, and fairly heavy going underfoot.  But the reasonable growth made for good tracking conditions, and most dogs took full advantage of this and tracked confidently and accurately.  The control rounds were also mainly of a very high standard, particularly the sendaways, but for some reason, maybe the wet ground, the jumps caused a few problems, so there were not many qualifiers.  But everybody can take away encouragement from the enjoyment with which all the dogs worked.


Tracklayers: Samantha Rawson, Anne Collen, Diana Collie

Search Stewards: Sandra Meenan, Caroline Walsh

1st Neil Lowndes and NANAS BILLYBOY, CDEx, WSD, 152, Q UD.  Billy completed about three quarters of the track almost perfectly, and then seemed to run into a brick wall.  In spite of working his socks off, he couldn’t recover.  But a full mark square and a superb control round gave enough marks to give him a UD qualification.   Well done, Neil, Billy’s a credit to you.

2nd Neil Lowndes and THE SUCADOURA, Springer X, 183, NQ.  Coco’s nosework was nearly perfect; she tackled both track and square with enthusiasm and skill.  Likewise, her control round was only a mark short of perfection.  But unfortunately she finds the jumps just a bit too big for her, and although she did her very best, she couldn’t quite manage qualifying marks in the agility section.  But you should be very proud of her, Neil.

The Best Track award went to Caroline Woods and PARAVEL JUNIPER, who only dropped 1.5 marks on the track – very impressive work – but sadly Dekah decided that the scale was not for her today.


Tracklayers: Diana Collie, Sandra Meenan

Search Stewards: Sandra Meenan, Caroline Walsh

1st Vicky Dixon and RUSTIC ALI, Mali, NQ.  Ali’s nosework was excellent, just leaving one article in the square.  Her control round was superb, but unfortunately she had an uncharacteristic blip on the jumps which denied her a qualification.  She’s lovely, Vicky – I’m sure she’ll be at the top very soon.

Anne Collen’s ShCh ACHOUFFE FANTOME did a stunning track and near perfect square, but Purdey has a problem with the gun, so Anne wisely decided to skip the gun test, and thus didn’t complete all the control round exercises.


Tracklayer: Anne Collen

Search Steward: Mary Dolan

1st Samantha Rawson and WTCh RYAN’S DAUGHTER, Collie x Spaniel, 197.5, Q TDEx, and Green Star.  Samantha and Sassy are really on a roll at the moment; they have, I think, won every Green Star available in 2014!  And I could see why – they hardly put a foot wrong in any exercise.  But do listen to the judge’s instructions, Sam – if you’re not sure, then ask!!

2nd Miriam Lyons and KALIYON CAOIBHE, CDEx – TDEx, BC, NQ.  Miriam and Keva looked to be a real challenge to Sam and Sassy, with very good nosework and a particularly impressive sendaway.  But uncharacteristically, Keva failed to get enough marks in the agility section.  But very professional work from both of you, Miriam – you must be very pleased with her.

My special thanks go to Anne, who not only managed the trial and competed in WD, but offered me and Skye very comfortable and friendly accommodation, not just for the duration of the trial, but for a few days holiday afterwards, and introduced Skye to the sea.  He loved it!!  Thank you very much, Anne.

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