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Tracklayers: Jeff Poole, UD and WD; Jenny Hickey, UD; Steve Fearon, WD and TD

Search and C/A Steward: Riona Kilbride

Trials Manager: Jeff Poole.     

Base and Catering: Judith Owens-Poole

My sincere thanks to Blanchardstown and District DTC for the invitation to judge this trial in Ireland.  Not often there is a need to fly to a trial but fly I did, courtesy of Ryan Air - just a 40 minute hop across the Irish Sea to Dublin.  I was met at the airport by Jeff Poole and from that minute on it was the most wonderful experience.  I was invited to stay at Jeff and Judith’s home and could not have been treated better from start to finish; food, accommodation and company were excellent, thank you.

It is a different experience judging in Ireland in that all the stakes are judged.  Quite a logistics problem trying to assemble articles etc. that will not worry the person on the X-ray machine at the airport.  I almost managed it but my tape measure caused a worry so I had to unpack my carry-on bag to show what it was.  Quite a challenge to explain working trials in a very short time.  However all was well and I was allowed through.

Everyone pitched in at the trial which went very well and was testimony to the planning which had gone before.  I was impressed by the way all the competitors approached their particular stake.  All were very accomplished in the etiquette of our sport, even if the actual work did not go as well as hoped in some cases.  Everyone entered in a terrific spirit…..well done.

All the tracking was on grass which seemed to track very well.  There were some excellent performances at all levels and a few disasters with the less experienced dogs and handlers.  My congratulations to everyone who entered and to those who gained qualifications. The first place in TD was a particularly good performance and earns the dog a Green Star, the equivalent of the Challenge Certificate here.


8 entries, 6 ran

1st Cliona O’Toole with TIME TO TANGO, BC, B, 89, Q CDEx.  A very solid round throughout, only the long jump to work on.

2nd Miriam Lyons with KALIYON LAOISE, BC, B, 88, Q CDEx.  A missing article in the square and no return from the scale were the only problems this time.  Otherwise the round was excellent.


7 entries, 5 ran

1st Miriam Lyons with KALIYON LAOISE, BC, B, 175, Q UDEx.  Also Best Track award.  This team put together a very good all round performance to be a worthy winner and qualifier.


3 entries, 3 ran

Best Track award: Vicky Dixon with RUSTIX ALI, Malinois, B.


5 entries, 4 ran

1st and Green Star, Samantha Rawson with WTCh RYAN’S DAUGHTER, Collie X, B, 213.  Also taking the best Track Award.  A very polished performance, worthy of the top award for this trial.

2nd and Res Green Star, Miriam Lyons with KALIYON CAOIBHE, CDEx – TDEx, 206.  A very accomplished round put together by an excellent team.

Well done to all the qualifiers and a big thank you to everyone who entered for being excellent handlers and competitors.  The spirit you all brought to the trials is be commended and a wonderful advertisement for your sport.  THANK YOU

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