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Championship Trial

15 – 17 December 2006

Cappanargid, Rathangan, County Kildare


Stakes:  TD, WD, UD and CD


Tracklayers:  Rita (TD), Judith and Steve (WD), Rhionna and Jeff (UD)

Steward: June Hines.  

Firstly, I must apologise for the lateness of this report.  Many thanks for the invitation to judge again over in Ireland, and thanks especially to Jeff Poole for running such a well organised trial in his usual professional manner.  Thanks also to Judith, Jenny and Steve, who not only helped at the trial but also acted as chauffeurs for June and myself.  The tracklayers were excellent and such good company both on and off the field.   

The weather was kind to us on the Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was a washout.  Most dogs coped reasonably well with the test, but there were a few problems with the jumps.  Many thanks to all the competitors who entered;  I enjoyed judging you and your dogs.


1st           HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, (BC), handled by Jenny Hickey, 80.5, Q CDEx.  Two articles from the square and a good control round. Well done, Jenny.

2nd         Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, (BC), handled by Steve Fearon, 77.5, NQ.  Guinness worked well but missed out on the jumps, which was a shame.

3rd         Ch. HA’PENNY SKYLARK, (BC), handled by Cathy McCormack, 71.5, NQ.  Cushla did a good control round with a full point sendaway but went out on the jumps.

4th          LADY FAINNE, (Cross), handled by Cathy McCormack, 66, NQ.  Again, the jumps were the main problem on the day.


1st           Ch. HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, (BC), handled by Steve Fearon, 176, Q UDEx.  Guinness worked well through all the exercises and also won the Best Track award. Well done.

2nd         HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, (BC), handled by Jenny Hickey, 78, NQ.  Bad luck on the track, Jenny.


1st           DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, (Cross), handled by Janet McGloughlin-Minch, 186.5, Q WDEx.  Roger stormed round the track to earn himself the Best Track award.  He also had a full point square. Well done.

2nd         HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, (GSD), handled by Miranda Moriarty, 100, NQ.  Nessa tracked steadily but hit a problem and couldn’t recover.  Bad luck.


1st           COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, (BC) handled by Diana Collie, 205, Q TDEx.  Awarded the Green Star and also claimed the Best Track award.  A good all round performance with this young dog. Well done, Diana.

2nd         WTCh FIRCROFT DOON, (BC), handled by Judith Owens, 196, Q TDEx.  A good track by Brodie but left one article in the square.  Another good control round. Well done, Judith.

3rd         WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, (BC), handled by Miriam Lyons, 188, Q TDEx.  Lost a few marks on the track but a full point square and good control.  Well done.

4th          WTCh KALIYON SHEEFRA, (WSD), handled by Miriam Lyons, 171.5, Q TD.  Only two articles from the square and no long jump made it hard for Sheefra.  Bad luck, Miriam.

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