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Trial Manager Judith Owens-Poole

TD & CD Len Newman

UD & WD Le Newman

We thought this appointment would never happen when two bitches came into season meaning Jeff & Jenny had to go over to the mainland. Then the Ferry was cancelled, the replacement was delayed, arriving in Dublin in the middle of the rush hour. Taking 13 hours to arrive at Jenny & Steve’s. Even on the return trip, because yet again our ferry was cancelled, we had to go to Dun Laoghaire to catch the high-speed ferry. Arriving a day earlier was quite beneficial as it gave time to get over the journey and get used to the uneven roads. The weather was quite good to us with only the occasional shower. With the new base at Lullymore Heritage Park offering excellent facilities for Friday & Saturday and the use of Judith’s home for Sunday, the hospitality in Ireland is second to none. We feel very privileged to have been invited three times. We would like to thank all that help with this trial and made it such a good weekend. Judith made such a good job, would she like to take over Oxford Trial!! Taking home such fond memories of Ireland, even when we were the only three English in the pub and our Rugby team were taking a thrashing! There was one sad note. It was love at first sight between Le and Merlin (Steve’s GSD puppy) but he is not for sale. Le is convinced that Merlin is pining to emigrate!!

CD    4 Entries

1st Angela Higgans, Laetare Sweet Chariot BC, 89 .5 Q

A good round, full mark nosework.

2nd Julie Holmes, Highyews Jaro at Tagnrye BD, 83.5 NQ

The scale, costing a good qualification.

3rd Fintan Doherty Paravel Hannah GSD NQ 

A smart young Shepherd in the making.

Steward Riona Kilbride.

UD     6 Entries

1st Angela Higgans, Laetare Sweet Chariot BC, 190 Q

One to watch! Well handled by Angela.

2nd J Hickey, handler Steve Fearon Ch Ha’penny Kingfisher BC 182 Q

It was such a pleasure to give them this qualification. Great track!!

3rd Samantha Rawson Ha’penny Best To Pele BD, 175.5 NQ also Best Track

Track Layers, Miriam Lyons  & Riona Kilbride. Steward Julie Holmes & Riona Kilbride.

WD           2 Entries

1st Miranda Moriarty Highfield Clytemnestra GSD NQ

Not your day but you have some new ideas to work on. Good luck.

Track Layer, Steve Fearon.

TD          13 Entries

1st and Green Star

Judith Owens, Ch Fircroft Dalwinnie CDex – WDex 204 Q also Best Track 3&4

Lead up to the control, but able to keep in front, besides sweating on the sendaway!

2nd and Reserve. Miriam Lyons, WT Ch Tamerrye Maranello BC 201 Q 2&4

Best sendaway.

3rd Dianne Collie, Colliewood Brown Eyes Blue BC 189 Q 2&4

Missing the end article was costly.

4th Anne Collen, Tessa of Tantrum Cross BC 181.5 Q 2&4. The joys of working a gundog when the birds take off in the middle of the sendaway.


Miriam Lyons WT Ch Kaliyon Sheefra BC 151NQ 1&4 also best control.

 I felt that it was a shame that only 5 dogs return to complete the control section.


Track Layers, Steve Fearon & Rita Mobney.  Squares Julie Holmes & Cathy McCormack.

TD Control Le Newman.

It proves that even at ‘Ticket’ level, you don’t have to have articles that fit into a matchbox. The articles on the track were a two-foot piece of old doweling, stone & a tied piece of leather. Only one dog got 3&4 and 3 competitors walked over the doweling!  The tracking was on winter wheat.

I was impressed with all the dogs in the T.D. control. The standard of obedience has improved, especially the heelwork. The handlers worked their dogs in a natural manner, in my opinion, the way it should be done.

Thanks again.

Le & Len Newman

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