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Trial Held: 04 January 2004




Thank you Vicky and Alan for the invitation to judge at this trial, very well organised trial.  Everything ran smoothly, even the weather was kind to us.  The fields were perfect.  Ideal nose work conditions.  I would like to thank all the helpers without them no trial can take place.  To Alan, Trials Manger very good trial, well done.

Tracklayers : Steve Fearon, John Templeton, Ann Collen, Diana Collie

Square and control steward : Michael

1st           Vicky Dixon’s Elecampane Willow  LAB (B) Very nice track 87.5 with 2 art. 3 arts from square 26, control 18 and jumps 20  sat up in down.  Congratulations I am sure this team will do well.  Best of luck. 171.5 N/Q Won the Breeze Memorial Plate.  Best UD track.

2nd         Karen Milliken’s Willowdale Fyrie  GSD (D) Good track 83 with 2 art, 3 art from square 24  control 23 and jumps 20.  have to work on the control  171 N/Q well done Karen.

3rd          Marjorie Briggs Irish Cham Trilite Private Ryan Weim (D) Another good track 85 with 2 art.  35 for square, control 20 jumps 7.5 167.5 N/Q

Judges special, Vicky Dixon’s Blink and You’ve missed it  X-Breed (B)Plenty of enthusiasm, should do very well.  Good luck.



Tracklayers : Ann Collen, Diane Collie

Square and control steward : Michael

1st           Janet McGloughlin – MINCH’S DUBLIN CITYSPECIAL  X-Breed (D) Roger put it altogether today, very good track 88 with 2 art.  4 art from square 34  control 29.5 and jumps 20.  191 .5 Q/Ex

Also get the Hanky Panky Cup for Best in Trial Members only.

Charlie and Tess Trophy for Best Nosework Members only.

Judge’s Special, for perseverance.  Congratulations young lady wish you the best of luck.

2nd         Miranda Moriarty’s HIGHFIELD QUO VARDIS GSD (B) Good track 84 with 2 art, 3 art from square 22  control 28.5, 19.5 jumps.  174 Q/Ex

A little work on the square and you should do well, congratulations.



Tracklayers : John Templeton

Square and control steward : Michael

1st           Steve Fearon’s FIRCROFT IDAHO UD EX GSD (B) Ellie worked her heart out, good track 89 with 3 art, 3 art from square  23.5. Control 28.5 jumps 14.5  185.5 Q/Ex

Its all there Steve, just needs a bit of work here and there, should do well, I’ll be looking out for her.  Congratulations and best wishes.

2nd         Jennifer Hickey’s BEESTING WICCA UD Ex B/C(B) Not Teegan’s day.  Found the angles a problem.  Missed the first art. Track 24, square 32, control 24, jumps 10.Keep at it.  Best of luck.

3rd          Judith Owens FIRCROFT SHEELIN CD EX UD EX B/C (B) Taylor also found the angles a problem.  Judith’s keen eye found the first art.  Track 26, 5 art, 26 square.

A little more work I’m sure you will get there.  Best of luck.

Thank you Michael for your company over the 2 days, and to you Vick for the day out on Monday.  I really enjoyed it.  To tracklayers, many thanks.

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