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What a super trial this is. Anne Collen, Trials Manager and all her helpers made sure the trial ran smoothly. Thank you for your hospitality Anne which made our stay in Ireland so enjoyable. .Marjorie (caterer extraordinaire) does a grand job creating lovely food in a horse trailer which is used as the base. To Anne, Miriam, Marjorie and Janet many thanks for the evening meals and to the Society for the treat on Saturday night. .We were really spoilt.

Each afternoon when the trial ended we had to go to the pub across the road for a “yarn” where I was also introduced to “hot port”

Tracking for all the stakes was on good pasture land. We were fortunate to have some sunshine during the days after frosty nights.


Tracklayers: Sandra Meenan

Pete Hodgkins

Search steward, Angela Higgins

1st           Anne Collen and TESSA OF TANTRUM (CROSS)  Tessa did a fast track in 8 mine with all articles, and 3 out of the square. .This was followed by a good solid C&A with the highest sendaway mark. Congratulations Anne and Tessa...a well deserved Green Star.200.5

2nd         Diana Collie and RICHTA REBEL ROUSER (BC) Robbie made the track look easy and was awarded Best Track. Articles 3 and 2.Another polished C&A round .Well Done Diana and Robbie 199.

3rd          Miriam Lyons and W.T.Ch KALYON SHEEFRA

A good track, articles 2 and 2. Articles made a big difference today for Sheefra she lost a bit of concentration in the search square. .Nevertheless a good qualification.184


Tracklayers: Sandra Meenan, Diana Collie

Search steward...Pete Hodgkins

1st           Jeff Poole and LATCHET’S BOSS Boss recovered well after a hiccup on the tracicHe was the only dog to complete the track. Full agility but the sendaway was a problem todayl69.5 NQ

2nd         Jenny Hickey and BEESTING WICCA C] Tracked well until the 9th leg with 4 out of the square.A good CM .1 I4NQ

3rd          Janet McGloughhn Minch and ROGER{CROSS BREED} A happy little dog Full marks on the square, sendaway and jumps.111 NQ


Tracklayers: Miriam Lyons, Anne Collen, Sandra Meenan

Search Stewards: Pete Hodgkins, Alan Dixon

1st           Bernadette Digges and BAYLEY~WSDI Very steady track{Best Track] from Bayley with 4 out of the square.I know you were thrilled with this qualification Bernie.Congratulatioris,182

2nd         Vicky Dixon and ECLAMPANE WILLOW~LAB] Molly is such a busy little lab, not easy to read on the track. Good luck with your training Vicky and Well Done l69.5

3rd          Caroline Woods and PARAVEL GABRIELLA What a shame about the down stay. Ceryn sat up at 9 mins. All other exercises she did well.166.5 NQ

Finally a big THANKYOU to all the tracklayers, search stewards and C & A steward {Pete} for your help and for being such good company out on the fields. The competitors who were mainly helpers too were a great bunch.




Steward ..Diana Collie

Many thanks to Northside Dog Training Club for inviting me over to Ireland. On the Sunday, due to cancellations we were down to just 2 entries in CD. I was pleased to help in all the other stakes each day. Thank you Diana for stewarding CD.

1st           Caroline Woods PARAVEL GABRIELLA (GSD). A good search and retrieve 19/20 and 9/10.qualified CM but a pity about the down stay. Hope you soon sort it out.77.5 NQ

2nd         Samantha Rawson STARFAEL BLACK LEGEND~BSD]. Not quite ready yet. Very good control but only one article from the square. This dog has a super attitude so with a bit more training I am sure you will qualify.

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