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Trial Held: 02 November 2003

CD UD WD & TD Stakes


Judge: MR. J. R. WYKES

Tracklayers: UD – Miranda Moriarty, John Ward, and Kate Wykes.

WD – Anne Collen, Caroline Woods.

TD – Caroline Woods, Kate Wykes.

Stewards: UD - Squares: Douglas Tate, Scribe: Kate Wykes

WD -  Squares: Douglas Tate, Miranda Moriarty, Scribe: Kate Wykes

TD - Squares: Douglas Tate, Scribe: Kate Wykes

CD - Steward: Finthan Doherty.

Thank you to the society for asking me to judge, I felt very honoured to be invited. It is a wonderful place to be asked to judge at, a very relaxed atmosphere and fantastic people. I was extremely well looked after by everyone. Nigel ran a very good trial ably assisted by Caroline. His parents Douglas and Miriam put Kate and me up and their hospitality was second to non. The weather was extremely variable with the heavy rain on Friday not helping the nosework at all. Having said that over the duration of the trial I saw some very good tracks, squares and control, unfortunately some handlers good nosework was spoiled by poor control.

C.D. Stake

1st           DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL (X BREED) (D). Handler: Janet McGloughlin-Minch. Q.89.

A very good all round performance by this pair, and experienced handler getting the best out of the dog.

2nd         COLA (BC) (D). Handler: Mary Grogan. NQ. 81.

Very well handled despite the nerves, inexperience being the downfall but one to look out for in the future.

3rd          OCEAN STAR (LAB-RET) (B). Handler: Liam Ward. NQ. 73.5.

Enthusiastic dog and handler let down by C & A.

4th          PARAVEL GABRIELLA (GSD) (B). Handler: Caroline Woods. NQ 68.5.

Sit and stay and poor agility causing the problem today.


1st           XANDOAS DARGO (WSD) (D). Handler: Caroline Woods. NQ 165.

A good all round performance by this pair unfortunately the dog decided not to do the send away, bad luck.

2nd         OCEAN STAR (LAB) (B). Handler: Liam Ward. NQ 155.

Lack of experience I feel let this pair down, sort the agility out the rest will come. Don’t despair.

3rd          BAYLEY (WSD) (D). Handler: Bernadette Dicces. NQ 153.5.

A reasonable nosework was spoiled by poor control.

4th          LATCHETS BOSS (GSD) (D). Handler: Jeff Poole. NQ 145.5.

A young dog very well handled. One to watch for in the future.


1st           FIRCROFT IOAHO C.D.X. U.D.X. (GSD) (B). Handler: Steve Fearon. NQ 90.

Unfortunately the weather totally ruined the WD tracking. Good C & A from this pair.

2nd         DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL (X B) (D). Handler: Janet McGlouchlin-Minch. NQ 79.5

Another to fall foul of the weather. C & A not bad.


1st           GREEN STAR FIRCROFT DOON C.D.X – T.D.X (BC) (D). Handler: Judith Owens. Q 208.5.An exceptional nosework on the worst piece of ground followed by a good control round gave us a worthy winner and subject to confirmation I believe an Irish W.T.C.H. Well done and congratulations.

2nd         KALIYON SHEEFRA C.D.X. – T.D.X (WSD) (B). Handler: Miriam Lyons. Q. 197 Another good nosework round with a reasonable control round. A good qualification, well done.

3rd          FIRCROFT SHEELIN. C.D.X. – T.D.X. (BC) (B). Handler: Judith Owens. Q. 178.5 A reasonable all round performance, did enough to qualify, well done.

4th          RICHTA REBEL ROUSER (DC) (D). Handler: Diana Collie. NQ 141.5 Not Diana’s day today.

To all those who helped run this trial whether track laying, stewarding or helping in the kitchen, thank you, it was a fantastic event. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope everybody else did, well done.

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