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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 22 February 2004


TD and CD Stakes


Tracklayers:Jeff Poole and Rita Maloney

Stewards:TD Searches Mary Owens, C&A Rita Maloney, CD Riona Kilbride

Firstly, thank you very much for the invitation to judge the TD and CD at your trials, then I must say a really big thank you to Jenny Hickey for collecting us from and delivering us to the airport and being our chauffeur for the weekend, also to Jenny and Steve for their hospitality before and after the trials. Next, thank you to Judith Owens for all the hard work as Trials Manager and to Judith and Jenny for all the lovely food.

The weather for pretty much the whole weekend was dry and sunny but with a bitterly cold wind.

TD Stake 8 entries, 7 ran

All the TD’s were on Saturday and the land, winter wheat, was similar for everyone. Jeff laid the first four tracks, Rita the other four and Mary laid the searches. Thank you all for your expertise. As I knew there was to be one competitor with three dogs I instructed the second tracklayer to ‘mirror’ all her tracks. Five dogs completed the track, a further one ran out of time at the second article and one only managed the first leg. All the dogs recovered at least three search articles.

The control round started with the speak. Heelwork at normal and slow was used to get the 150 yards or so to the ‘send from’ point and incorporated the obligatory left, right and about turns. The sendaway was approximately 150 yards at an angle to a fence post in the hedge, with the redirect somewhere in the region of 150/200 yards to the left along the hedge. The fast pace was done in a straight line back to the jumps. Rita thought that was a good idea till it dawned on her she would have to run too!! Many thanks for that, Rita, - you did brilliantly! At the end of the day I had a run off (a search square laid by Colin – thanks Colin) for the Green Star between the first two dogs.

1st           and Green Star Judith Owens’ border collie FIRCROFT DOON

The third of Judith’s dogs to work, but the only one to have a mirrored track pattern. A very tidy track with all three articles followed by a nice search with three articles. Pulled out all the stops with a near perfect round of control and agility. Won the run off with all four recovered from the run off search. Congratulations and well done.(98+30/28/34/20) 210/220 Qualified Ex.

2nd         Miriam Lyons’ Working Sheepdog W T Ch KALIYON SHEEFRA

In the lead, the only dog on ‘three and four’ after the nosework. What a lovely track and search. No redirect and anticipation on the return on the scale cost first place today, but the remainder of your work was superb. Well done.(98+30/34.5/28.5/19) 210/220 Qualified Ex.

3rd          Anne Collen’s German Wirehaired Pointer TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS

Yet another top quality round even though you thought the track was ‘horrible’! Just a few seconds too late with the last search article – what a difference a couple of seconds made and what a different story it might have been! (92.5+30/ 28/33/20) 203.5/220 Qualified Ex

4th          Diana Collie’s Border Collie RICHTA REBEL ROUSER The down stay spoiled an otherwise nice round. (95.5+27/26.5/ 31.5/20) 190.5 NQ

The standard of the dogs was extremely high and I thank you all for allowing me the privilege of judging them.

CD Stake

The four CDs ran on Sunday and Riona did a great job stewarding them through their paces. Thanks very much, Riona, for your help and company. As in most CD’s, some dogs were more ready for the stake than others.

1st           Caroline Woods GSD PARAVEL GABRIELLA A really good all round performance from this very nice shepherd. Well done. 90/100 Qualified Excellent

2nd         Mary Grogen’s Border Collie COLA A promising newcomer to trials – keep at it Mary and keep it fun. Very well done. 84.5/1000 Qualified Excellent

3rd          Sharon McGee’s GSD PARAVEL FIANNA Sendaway and jumps were your downfall today but she’s a lovely shepherd and I’m sure you’ll get it together soon. 56/100 NQ

Thank you to everyone involved with this trial, whether as a competitor, helper or organiser, for giving us such a smashing time this weekend and also to the society for the beautiful glasses which, I can assure you, will get plenty of use! I hope you enjoyed the tests.

Frances Ball


UD & WD Stake


Tracklayers           Frances Ball, Steve Fearon, Jenny Hickey, Jeff Poole

Stewards                Search – Judith Owens and Julie

C & A – Frances and Julie

Many thanks to the committee of Blanchardstown & Dist DTC for inviting me to judge the UD and WD Stakes at these trials. Special thanks to Judith, Jenny, Steve and Jeff for all your hard work organising the trial and for your hospitality and chauffeuring. All my tracklayers, Frances (WD Friday), Steve and Jenny (UD Saturday) and Jeff and Steve ((UD & WD Saturday and Sunday) laid all the tracks as I asked. Thank you. My search stewards, Judith (Friday) and Julie (Saturday and Sunday), whilst keeping Ireland tidy with poles upright and placed in the corners of the squares, did a good job each day. Thank you. Also Frances (Friday) and Julie (Saturday and Sunday) stewarded the control round with perfection.

Tracking was on winter wheat with nice growth and the weather, although cold, was dry and breezy.

UD Stake

1st           Caroline Woods GSD PARAVEL GABRIELLA Ceryn took a little short cut but managed to recover and continue the track. Recovered all the articles from the square. A good sendaway saved the day on the control field. Just managed to qualify with a grand total of 16 1marks  161/200 Qualified

Best track was shared between Diana Collie’s Crystal and Miriam Lyons’ Abbey.   Crystal did a slightly better track but lost marks for the indication of the articles, so both finished up with 106/110. Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed their tracks and were a pleasure to watch.

WD Stake

1st           Jeff Poole’s GSD LATCHET’S BOSS An overshoot on one corner took a little time to recover from, but if you have 20 minutes to do a track 19 minutes and 59 seconds is inside the time limit! A good lively dog. Well done. Now for TD! 177.5/200 Qualified

2nd         Janet McGloughlin Minch’s Xbreed  DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL Roger and Janet got stuck on a 45 degree turn and couldn’t recover which was a shame – another two legs of the track would have seen a qualification. But Roger enjoyed his day! 145/200 NQ

3rd          Jenny Hickey’s BC BEESTING WICCA Tegan worked well until she decided that the tracklayer should have gone straight on instead of turning left. The rest of the work was good so another qualification will come soon. 138/200 NQ

Best rack was done by Marjorie Briggs and Orian who made it look easy, taking just 10 minutes to complete and losing just 2.5 marks. Well done. A pleasure to judge.

Thank you all for competing. It was a pleasure to come and judge such good dogs and handlers and to be a part of such a lovely trial. A special thank you for the present – much appreciated.

Colin Ball

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